Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 3 - Deming isn't exactly a big place.

What's going on reality?? Finally got online after 30 freakin' mins..bleh! So today is my first pday in the mission field and it's definitely starting to feel like a mission now haha. We got to slow start since we opened an area and Deming isn't exactly a big place. Yesterday we have a couple appointments with investigators but had to go reschedule them because my comp. has Bronchitus and a couple ear infections hahah, so we've had a couple days of lots of free time and more to come. While visiting Christene Martinez, we've learned some interesting things about her and her family. We got there and two of her sons were HAMMERED out of their minds and one was smoking week about 1 foot from us, the other was saying how he read about all the "revelation crap" in the bible since he just got out of jail, and then her daughter apparently just got out of jail (pretty sure she broke free) and was supposed to die on the electric chair.....let's just say we have some progress to do with that family. That's a good example of a lot of the investigators and lifestyle out here. We can see the patrol blimp all the time and it's funny to be so close to the border haha.

Two of our investigators have schizophrenia majorly and bi-polar...we talked to our Bishop and he basically told us it's almost pointless to go out tracting in this city and that we need to work through the members. The members love us and we almost have every single person in the ward down by name....maybe because there's only like 50 hahah. Funny to think I've had triple that amount of people at my house hahaha. Anyways, we're going to be teaching about 2 members a night along with contacting and teaching our investigators. Finally we're getting some work to do and everyone says work here is WAY different than Tucson work. Tucson is more of a city feel and definitely not.
There's been some challenges the first week, one is that we don't have a car for just me and my comp. so we have a car share between 4 elders and our mission covers about 80 there's some frustration, but luckily the members here love us and don't mind giving us rides everywhere.

The weather here usually sucks, during Winter season, it basically means cold and a crap load of wind usually between 30-50 mph all the time...tons of dust...and snowed for like a minute yesterday but usually doesn't get cold enough. Summer here is similar to Tucson, just not quite as hot. We're here until May (most likely) so we have to make the best of it and are going to convert the crap out of this freakin' place!

We ran into some J-Dubs (Jehovah's witnesses) and tried to get them to take a BOM. We explained to them that we DO believe in the bible and so we decided to try and make a trade. They left and then turned around and tried to convince us again, she just said she wouldn't read it....okay have a nice day!! There are literally churches on EVERY corner here, baptists, Lutherans, other types of religions, lots of people with good hearts which is what counts because we know that the Lord will open up their heart and mind to us if they have a chance of listening to what we say.

My blessing says "..many nationalities and people's." which fits this mission perfectly...we rarely see white people hahah. Trying to learn Spanish is hard on your own.
Send letters and packages to the main mission address "939 w. Chapala Drive" or whatever and they forward us everything. Send all packages via USPS :]. It takes about 3-4 days for them to get mail to us from the mission it's a little slower, but we'll get it and I'll reply to every letter every PDAY!

It's been a challenging week the past week, finding out about what my brother and my whole family are doing back home makes me feel that I could help out back home. It wasn't a homesick feeling as much as it was a more worthless feeling because work took twice as much effort to get things started down here. Now I'm starting to see 'our purpose' come into play. Guess I'll just have to get used to small town people!

Wow this computer sucks.

It's crazy to know that our Savior knows EVERY single one of our sorrows and pains. You pray like 50 times a day here, but you never feel like you pray enough. Life is different down's probably a mix of Venezuela, and Mexico....hahahah. 

Wow I hope this email sends, it's stupid how slow the internet is here.

Time to go shop at the only place around here....WALMART. It's the 'cool' place to be down here. Since Elder (Flinty-cent) Flint is feeling like crap, we probably will have a couple chill days. Just means more study time.

It's a little overwhelming thinking that it's two years of this, but I know that my purpose is to be fulfilled down here. Two years is nothing for the sacrifice our Savior made for us..


Why should it be easy for us if it wasn't for Christ?

I really want a Monster....dangit. Thanks for everything! Can't wait to hear what people are doing in their lives!

Peace out homies! :]


For my brother James (Jimmy):

“The gift of God is amazing. As people are faced with different trials in this life, they are often looked at differently because their faith is becoming strong. Our duty on this earth is not to judge, but to love everyone. We will strive to push forth, like my brother, to successful outcomes along with the potential of future comfort. If we serve others consistently, our love and tolerance for everyone will grow. There are reasons for trials, just like there is a reason for everything. My Bro Rocks!”

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 2 - Deming, New Mexico!!

Whaddupp erryone!!

So today is the first 'real' day of this mish thing. I'm in Deming, New Mexico!! There are only 6 missionaries here and my comp. and I (Elder Flint the DL) opened a new area so we are basically starting from there's a ton of Spanish people down here which doesn't help since I can barely speak freakin' English haha. Elder F has been a very good missionary and is committed which is awesome. He's been here for 21 months so I'm his last companion til he leaves. CRAZY. We've met with a lot of ward members down here and there's only one church in this entire place, 2 english wards, and one spanish. Deming New interesting. It's a pretty small town, dangerous, very ghetto, and only 30 miles from the border...

The only investigators we have are the ones that other missionaries gave to us...there's like 5 I think. One is mentally disable and is 'suicidal', one has two children who apparently are huge 'gang' members and are in the very dangerous part of town, then others who are super drunk a lot and all starting this whole areas puts an extra challenge on us. We have a Jeep Compass (awe yeah!) between like 80 miles of land we cover between two companionships...we're trying to get another car because we don't street contact hardly ever because of the conditions here. Our apartment....again pretty ghetto hahah. I opened up the window a crack and broke the window handle....the shower nops fell off and barely turn...we found a bong in our room...and lots of things don't freakin' work....but the spirit works in all conditions! Awe yeah. It takes an additional 3-4 days to get mail to Deming because of how far out we are. But we will get it! Hopefully if it doesn't get stolen....crap.

There's a 5am donut shop across the street from us.....they're only 80 cents...and they sell Monsters.....sooooooo tempting!! Missionaries drink mtn. dew and caffeine all the time....didn't think they were allowed too haha. I probably won't drink any because I'll probably abuse it hahah.
MTC Temple Trip
My mission President and his wife are awesome! President and Sister Killpack basically felt family because my fam. already knows them hahah. They've been out here for 1.5 years so we'll see a change in mission Presidents on this mish.

One of the Elders in Tucson was talking about how he knew someone's dad who worked with the twelve deciding where to send missionaries, and what they said is they're considering taking it down to 18 months for everyone....if they do, I bet they would soon. I'm sure it wouldn't effect me. We were also talking to this one guy who had his son sent home a month early  because of how many missionaries were there....the fact there's only 6 missionaries in this area, I'm not sure anything will happen to me.

Here's an example of contacting on the street: We start a simple conversation and then tell them we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder day Saints. We then continue to ask questions and get to know them. We carry around lots of BOMS so then we get to the point of trying to get them to read it. We practice it a lot so I'm pretty comfortable with approaching people. Then you have them read the last two paragraphs (often) and then.

It's crazy to be out here viewed as a missionary of Christ. I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed in how we started out because of the lack of missionary work we've done. We haven't taught one lesson yet or talked to anyone about the church and we've had multiple opportunities least I believe we do. Elder Flint is pretty sick and he's a very good teacher. Every morning because of the '12 week program' every missionary has when they first get out here has double the amount of companion study and has a booklet you study from. Things like "let the new missionary invite the first person to be baptised" and things like that....there's quite a few things that I definitely don't agree with nor do I think I ever will, but if we follow the rules that we may not understand the Lord will bless us....sounds pretty sick to me.
There's no nice cars here....there's no bass's definitely taken some adjusting and yesterday morning got me down a little bit because we didn't do much. We met with a bunch of members and introduced ourselves to the ward and we are doing that most days, but we've had a complicated start, but we have some leads and some appointments (finally) later today....we have to go buy a map at WallyWorld (Walmart is the 'cool' place to sucks) because one of the Elders has a gps...but it doesn't pick up most of the stuff here hahah. This place is in the middle of no where. We see border patrol cops ALL the time haha. Literally everyone here is either retired, works at the mine, or is a cop. It sucks because it's a small town here and I wished there was a ton of people since I love big cities, but is all good yo. The weather here is nothing like Tucson either. It was like 70 degrees in Tucson on Monday when I was there and it's only like 40-50 in almost snowed last sucks!

Future prepared to 'roll play' your life away. As part of companionship study and having your comp. be a District Leader, you will do many roll plays....I hate them. They are frustrating but really actually help. Luckily my comp. is obedient haha. It's crazy how many Elders (almost all of them) get distracted by the fact that UOA was apparently voted the school with the hottest girls or something hahaha. Everytime they saw a hott girl, they freaked out....not me hahah. I just do that when I see a hott car. :D

It's a huge adjustment to make yourself realize that you have to rely everything on the Lord. Literally everything. The Lord is now my Monster, music, and basically everything. He's been watching over me greatly and I'm so blessed to be here and do our best to bring this happiness and truth to everyone.

We had 1 hour of nothing to do yesterday, so my comp. decided we should go back to our apartment. I studied, he slept. Just things like that, that if you sacrifice something you COULD be doing for something you SHOULD be doing, the Lord will bless you and guide you.

I again appreciate all the support everyone has given me, and it's so nice to know this is where I'm supposed to be. I've only been on a mission for not even 3 weeks wtf hahah.

There's not many members down here, and not many leads/referrals at all, but it's just another challenge! 1Chronicles 19:13.

How is everyone?? :)
Letters are amazing!....haven't gotten any yet since we've only been here a few days...but I will reply to every one!

Thank you for everything!!
-If you get lost in your work, your time will become lost.-

We are so blessed, we just have to try and realize the insane amount of blessings and answers we have.

My computer just deleted a lot of this message and won't send......holy freakin' crap. Ghetoo.

Thanks again for everything! This church is true!!

Send letters to the Tucson address on the sidebar and they will be forwarded on to Elder Hales.  Also, send any packages via UPS.  :) ----->

Monday, February 18, 2013

Headed to Tucson - Quick Update

Just heard from Dallin!  He called as he was about to board his plane in SLC, headed to Tucson!  He will head straight to:

Elder Dallin Joseph Hales 
939 W. Chapala Drive 
Tucson, AZ 85704 - 4516

He will most likely be assigned his area immediately, and may even get to his first area tonight!  He was doing really well and said he learned a lot in the MTC, but was ridiculously excited to just get to Tucson.

He really emphasized his love for mail/letters, and hearing from friends and family.  Letters from the MTC will be forwarded to him, and same with the address above.  We will post his new address as soon as we hear from him.  I'm hoping Wednesday via email!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Week Emails!!

Wow so much has happened, especially being the first group of missionaries only here for 12 days....yeah...12 days.
I've run into many friends, and have had pictures taken with them and am excited to send them home.

"So the MTC should be called "acting school" instead. We come here and learn how to role play SO many different situations.
We've taught 3 total investigators and it's been a learning experience, but we're finally comfortable with where we're at.

The spirit is always here, and it's awesome about this place.
I'm so rushed as I only have a few mins to write this.

The showers here suck, and the temperature changes every time the toilet is flushed.
Waking up at 5:30 has it's advantages that's for sure.

I'm sorry this isn't much, but there's so many things to get done before we leave on Feb. 18th. I'm the loving the experience here,
but can't wait to get the 'real' experience. 

The day I came into the MTC was the record day for how many missionaries entered. There was around 800 missionaries that came in
on Wednesday and it's supposed to get up to a 1000. We are the first of the huge 'surge' that is coming......high schoolers....*shudder* hahah jk.

I've thought a lot about my friends and family and I'm so anxious to know what everyone is doing in their life. Letters are AMAZING to get
and I'm so grateful for those that have written me! I write back asap but we're so packed, hopefully in the field I'll have more letter time on 

One thing that missionaries love is letters...when someone gets a's basically Christmas. We put bets on who gets letters in our 
District haha it's pretty great. I'm given the opportunity to be 'DL'.. and one of the responsibilities is to deliver mail! People love the 
missionaries that deliver mail. 

I freakin' love you all and your example you've set on me and everyone. We all are blessed in countless ways, regardless of the situation. 

-Elder Hales

(family please include stuff from the family email to the blog if you'd like, I'm so rushed!)


Here are some blurps from his more personal family email!:

"...Last Thursday night we met our Branch Presidency at a District meeting. We were taught a brief lesson and found out that our 1st Counselor served in Tucson speaking Navajo!  So sick!! It isn't a mission anymore, but I'm excited to meet so many different people.

We all went through and said some things about us and then bore our testimony...the spirit was there for sure. For some reason, so many words were put into my mouth as I spoke..then was chosen to be DL shortly after. I've seen so many opportunities where I am able to bring up the mood or trying to do my best as a leader. My District is awesome. We've grown close together, but holy freak I can't wait to get out there.

Being 'DL' I am given the chance to deliver mail! hehehe. We often put competitions on 'what if' someone gets a certain amount of letters, then they have to do something haha. ..."

"...We had an Elder from the Seventy come to speak to us last night and afterwards we have District Devo. Reviews. No one trained me to be a DL so I figured it out and just did most things I thought were necessary hahah. Our Branch Presidency came and Presided the meeting even though I had a back-up lesson planned, but things are going awesome. 

Being the 'mail-man' makes me see who gets's awesome. I got like 8 letters in one day, and it is amazing how much motivation it gives me. Thank you again for all of the letters!  James.....I was so excited to send that "You're stupid." letter hahahahahah. Awesome.

I have many bullet points to I'm going to be pretty random hahah. MEH.

This is our only prep day in the MTC so my next time will be in AZ...not sure when hahah

Snail mail is the way to go unfortunately. ..."

"...I saw (Sister) Maddi Palmer quite a few times and we aren't really allowed to do anything other than talk for a couple mins. when we see each other. So we wrote each other notes since we aren't allowed to write each other either haha. She left for San Diego yesterday morning, so our journey has began. I' had quite a few pictures with her and many things so I'm excited to get my pictures back home.

We have gym time everyday, but our last time is tomorrow because of our crazy schedule. We usually play basketball or can imagine how basketball goes in the's basically playing with 10 year olds hahah. Running is such a relief tho!!

This week I got a big box of donuts from the Wolfleys, a huge fudge brownie plate from mom, and a bunch of cinnamon roles from a lady mom's my weight doing? Hasn't changed. I weighed 137 last Thursday and weighed 150 3 weeks ago...

I've finally have gotten used to waking up at 5:30 and basically have accepted the fact of being tired my whole mission....I can't freakin' wait to get out of here!! Tucson Arizona Babay!

I have the coolest

It's so nice here. Everyone respects everyone, we stand whenever girls enter the room, everyone talks to everyone and the spirit is always here. Newbies are coming today so they all 
have their 'dork dots' hahah. We'll be gone before we know it.

We talked to someone at the temple whose son served in Tucson and he said they sent him home a month early because of how many missionaries are going out....don't think I'll be extending my mission and could possibly serve a little shorter than 24 months..."

"...Thank you so much family for everything you've done. I feel so incredibly blessed for the things I've been able to do and realize. I've born my testimony multiple times and have been overwhelmed with the spirit countless times and have cried more times than the people in my district probably

hahah pretty sure my personality isn't going to change a whole lot hahaha.

Thank you so much family,
I love you all with my whole heart.

-Elder DJ Hales"

We will post pictures once they arrive!!  If you want to write him for FREE, click his address on the right hand side bar!!  I will update the address once he heads to Tucson.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Officially a Missionary!

Tuesday night Dallin was set apart as an official missionary, along with saying farewells to many.
Wednesday, February 6th, he was to report to the MTC at 1:00pm.  He enjoyed a nice family lunch before the curbside drop-off (much different than James' drop off, where everyone watched a movie and got royally sad for the whole hour beforehand).

Dallin was so ready and prepared for this day.  No more days of being "bored," while waiting for February 6th to finally arrive.  Words out of his mouth:  I have waited 19 years for this day.
Dallin will be such a great missionary and the city of Tucson is so lucky to have him.  I cannot wait to hear from him and how he is doing.  After all, it's been 24+ hours since his arrival.  Love you brother!!

If you would like to write him, is FREE and same day delivery if you write by noon.  I know he'd love to hear from you all.  I believe his estimated date to head to Tucson is 2/18, a week from Monday.  Keep ya all posted!!