Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 25 - Last Pday in Deming, yo!

Whaddup ya'll!!
Today is the last pday in Deming! ( Most likely) Who knows what's going to happen next week for transfers, but man, crazy to think what might take place. The lady next to me just asked me how to scroll haha. We went to Tucson on Saturday (road trip!) and went to one of my comp's doc. appointments and we talked to President and Sister Killpack for a few. Pres. asked me how my Spanish was and sort of joked around about sending me down south...oh boy. Lots of stuff went on this past week, so it's crazy to think what change may happen. 95% sure I'm gone, but alwell, the Lord has a plan!
Soo one of our former investigator's, Ashley, moved back to Deming yesterday! Crazy. Third times the charm haha. We'll probably see her tonight and start teaching her again, even though she's been taught everything, then hopefully dunk her soon!

Orland and April are coming along. They are seriously some of the coolest people in the world. The place they live at is freakin' SKETCH. One day they told us a guy named "Careless" was hiding next door because the Mexican Mafia was coming any minute to take him to Mexico and cut him up and kill pleasant. They then told us that the Mafia will shoot anyone they see....awesome! -_- Not sure what happened, but we taught them quick, left, and told them to be on the DL. Crazy. There's also a MJ plant growing outside their place haha.
At Orlando and April's...they always have random stuff going on haha. It was very hot...
Saw this this morning. It's a sidu Scorpion I think? Reminds me of my Sister who loves scorpions to death.
We've been in a lot of contact with a member "Brian" who is a cool guy. He does have some mental struggles, but is such a nice guy. He's been through hell and back a lot, but his foot is remarkably healed this past week after we gave him a blessing and he's walking living it up! He told us, "Because of you guys, I'm coming back to church." Man. So awesome.I went and talked to his neighbor (who's crazy) and I offered her a pic. of Jesus...she declined and started on a rampage about stuff. She said, "If he tries to hurt me, I will kill him." Dead serious too. Brian wouldn't hurt a fly and is such a nice guy. Good ol Deming haha.
While we were in Tucson, I sort of got trunky....for a city haha. Nothing bad against Deming, it's just easier for me to feel the most comfortable when there's a big city and lots of people. While in the Doctor's waiting room, there was a lady sitting in we started talking, and then the doc. called her in too. When they left, Doctor Johnson (who's a member) told me that she was a less active and has been struggling and that our conversation helped her. It's crazy to think how often we're lead by the spirit, especially when we were just talking! Mission work is incredible.
Oh man. Haven't seen a new bmw in toooo long. Thou shalt not covet...thou shalt not covet....:D
Last night we gave a former invest. a large print BOM whose name is John. We read through Moroni10 and the spirit as there. Oh man. He told us that he had a dream where he felt that God was telling him he needed to do more, so while he read, he really felt that this was his answer. He's a really nice guy, talks non stop like most people in Deming, but is a cool guy and has a good heart.
My bro. might be on MTV.
We lost all our dates yesterday since they didn't come to church, but this next week will a good week for us. Have to finish strong. Should pick up a few more BD's this week. Can only do our best.
The scrips I write home are ones that we used the past week. One I really like is:
D&C 130:19:
"And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come."
We're going to the City of Rocks today with our district and hopefully some more from our zone. We'll be on the look out for rattesnakes and keeping in mind D&C84:72. yup. I must be a missionary.
Well this past week wasn't tooo excited. But next week, all sorts of crap will throw down haha. Excited to see what the Lord has in store and will give it all I've got!
We were hunting down a former in these apartments. This is by far the nicest apartments in all of Deming. I had to get a picture hahah.
There's absolutely nothing "new" about New Mexico.
Thanks again and again for all the support everyone has. No matter who writes me, I will reply back haha. :D

Stay real ya'll.
Peace homies.

-Elder DJ Hales

Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 24 - The best 6 months for my life.

How's errybody doin'? :]
So this past week was a....week haha. Mike and Krystena (been spelling her name wrong the whole time) were baptized and confirmed! Wow it was such an incredible experience to be a part of that. Le go.
This is Carol, Krystena, Mike, and Matt. They are such a solid family. They all have sweet accents haha. It's been such a cool experience to see them progress. They now have a house with lots of furniture, and they lived in a tiny camp trailor for two years and were once livin' on the streets. This Gospel truly blesses families.
We gave a blessing to a member named Ralph who was sick and hasn't been able to come to church in a while. It was awesome, as afterwards he felt the spirit so strongly and felt better. The power of the priesthood is just mind blowing.
Remember the dude that kidnapped a former investigator, Ashley? Yeah, he's back in town and we've had more trouble with him haha.
One of the trailor parks we visit to teach some peeps. It's such a SKETCHY park. Drugs everywhere, guns everywhere, pretty trippy.
Since my brother is gay and I now have the knowledge about some people going through those trials on this life, I feel I'm going to be faced with many people on my mission with that trial. This past week, we 'coincidentally' ran into a guy who is a less-active. He went on and on and then turns out...he's bi-sexual. Whenever I tell these people that it's a trial that God knows you can face and then tell them that the church is supporting my surprises them greatly. Gay? Mormon support? Yup. Suck it Satan. Just follow the commandments.
-It's important to look at the past to gain an even greater appreciation for the present whie preparing for the future that holds all of our potential.
-Separate the influence from the world, close the gap of incosistency, and focus on what you've learned from experience.
-If you want to progress, never be content.
I thought of those randomly during church yesterday....felt I should write them home to the blog. Hope's there's a purpose.
Just gettin' out of a District meeting. Woot.
April and Orlando are doing great as we're teaching them the Word of Wisdom tonight....can only rely on God. They love the spirit the Book of Mormon brings to their lives and they say a prayer every time we're there, and they are awesome prayers. They pray about how this has brought their family closer together and peace into their lives. So awesome.
I've said again and again that I have never seen so much influence by Satan's still true. We look back on about the....20 BD's we've had so far, and every single one, Satan has done his job.
Jody-suddenly got a job and moved out of town.
Ashley - couldn't go to church because of a random pain in her knee along with temptation from her surroundings....and then moving twice.
Victor - even after casting out evil spirits, still didn't see much of a difference....other than sleeping better.
Sam/Ernest - went to Disneyland and lost interest.
Linda - moved out of town and now lives with smokers along with so much crap with her divorce.
Danny - one of the Sister's investigators whose sister got in a wreck RIGHT before church.
It's quite ridiculous, no wonder why we push read and pray so much. They must find out for themselves or else we're all screwed!
I'm supposed to do a baptism interview for one of the Sister's investigators....but she doesn't speak English. DANG LANGUAGE BARRIER.
Mike and Krystena's baptism was awesome. The spirit was there and everything went smoothly. It was such a cool experience to see two people's sins be completely gone in the eyes of God. They both said how amazing they felt after and were both confirmed in church the next day by their dad, Matt. It was his first time giving a blessing after being baptized and married just in March of this year. I've seen them get married, baptized, and now, his own son recieve the priesthood. One little experience can keep someone going for weeks. I kept feeling a comfort to know that the rough (almost) 6 months of work in Deming, all lead to this baptism. It's been a test from God to see if I would not give up, and it's been a blessing to have received so much comfort in this place. Ohh man there's been some rough times, but oh man, it's been awesome.
Some dude came up to me and told me I should kick for ASU. hmmm....hah.
We were chased by dogs a couple times this past week. I will kick one if it bites me.
Doin' some service on an exchange with Elder Jenkins.
One of our investigator's beat up another investigator....pretty hardcore. Because of that, that person didn't feel up to coming to church because she didn't feel up to it. Again, Satan in the working.
he "Good-bye's" begin. This is Brian, who has had a life...of hell. Although he may have some struggles with his head and body, he truly loves this gospel.
1Peter4:12 - awesome.
Well, I must go, time's almost up.

So much for a wedding invitation *spoiler alert* hehe.
Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because it was dead.
Thanks again for all the letters and support, sure miss a load of people, but it's awesome to hear how everyone is doing.
Good luck to all those who are bout to serve. Go hard or go home...haha. Literally.
So grateful for this service and how it truly blesses families. It's been the best 6 months for my life so far, there's nothing else I'd truly rather be doing. My testimony of how this gospel can bless families, has grown remarkably. It's not because I'm out a missoin that may bring blessings to the family, but because of the GOSPEL. I'm so grateful for the connection with my family I have and for the blessings they've brought me. This church is just incredible and bring happiness anywhere at any time if we let it. It's saved my life, and that's the purpose of it, to save people's lives. Sure do love that man above and our brother, Saviour, Redeemer, for his infiite sacrifice that affects us everyday. Name of Jesucristo. Amen.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 23 - One of my goals is to never take a nap on the mish.

Forget greetings.
This past week was good! Lots happened and we're still alive I guess things are great :]
On our way to an appointment, I heard a *crash!*... I turned around, there was my comp. on the ground all wrecked up with his bike. He tore his shirt, G's, jacked up his bike, but was in good spirits. We got a good laugh haha.
Last Monday, we went over to an investigators house to see how she is doing...she was a mess because she broke up with her 7 year bf and had been having suicidal thoughts as she's tried to kill herself before. Man it sucks to see people like that. We talked to her and had a good lesson with her. Then the following day, after promising he would be back, there he was, at the apartment again. We all had a good talk with April and Orlando. They have been reading the BOM and love it. SO AWESOME. Been praying for a stronger testimony of the BOM, this family helped that a ton. Throughout the week, we go over almost everyday and they asked about church and activities that they can go to. annd.....we got 3 BD's with them! Orlando, April, and one of her daughter's Jasmine all accepted a date to be baptized on August 10.....I think that's my dad's bday....COOL. They are such an awesome family. I told them I would be leaving in the beginning of August... definitely won't forget their reaction as we feel like family over there. Will be getting pics. with them tonight because he might be headed to jail tomorrow according to his probation officer....dang that would suck. Been praying hard. They will get baptized, just don't know quite when. They brought a drink out to us which I thought was Dr. Pepper like they've given us was green tea. oops. hahah. Our reaction was great between Elder Allred and I. Gross.
I've learned more about drugs on my mish than I ever have before haha holy crap.
We were walking around one day when I felt to go to a certain trailor RV park...we walked around the whole thing....some dude just coughed in my face....freak. but wasn't sure where to go. I said a prayer in my heart, and the trailor behind us popped into my head. We knocked and it was a 94 yr old man, who really can't quite comprehend our teachings...but wanted a BOM. Awesome.
I've become anti-Walmart on the mish.
I've been in the Zone the longest haha. It's going to be weird to leave Deming, but ready for the challenge.
This is our New Mexico Zone. I had to push a butt load of camera's timers then run to be in it haha. A very awesome zone.

inside out. word
After teaching an investigator who once had a date, my comp. turned to me and said, "When you leave, she is going to kill herself." That made my heart drop. My whole time in Deming I've been praying for humility and to get that close relationship with the people we teach so we can truly care for them. Now I'll be leaving soon, so we have to get members to come out with us to EVERYONE or else I'm sort of scared what might happen. Putting it on God.
This is Mike, probably one of the most trippy/confusing guys I've ever met in my life. According to him, he talked with President Kimball about something who told him to go amongst the saints and see how they recieve him. He had some very very trippy thoughts about how he was a "child of light" from the house of israel and that our church is the true church, but that we need to "wake up" and that our Prophet of God will resign before the second coming....just like the pope did. We had no idea what was going on and had a member who didn't really disagree with him, so we were confused. It clouded our thoughts and put doubts in our head, so after praying a few times pretty hard, our thoughts were clear again. Satan is just insane. He also said the church sent him a letter invitation to "Adam-ondi-ommon" which will happen before the 2nd Good things come from God, and it didn't make us feel good. Crazy. Have to keep turning to God here in Deming.
During interviews with President, the last thing he said was, "A word of advice? There's a barbor in town. haha" hahaha so I'll be getting a haircut today. Interview went great and it's also a boost to the work. President went on to say that this work will bless my entire life to come, not just the mission with starting out in Deming. Apparently Deming leads our Zone with new investigators weekly and dates along with average lessons/week. That made us feel motivated. Let's do work!
Turned our suits inside out....we had the same suit haha. Awe yeah Elder Shakespeare.
While talking to Orlando one day, some high dude came over and offered him some hand-rolled acid stuff from Nicaragua...or whatever. So trippy. He said no confidently. Awesome.
There's an Elder Hickenlooper in this mission and I told Pres. that I knew him because he partially trained my comp., Elder Allred. Elder Hickenlooper's sister dated Sister Palmer's brother haha. Small world. I got a hint that I very well could be comps. with him sometime. Dope.
Crap I have 15 mins left.
One of my goals is to never take a nap on the I'm tired, but can't quit now.
Last night waitin' for calls. Didn't go to bed til late. Ohh the life of a missionary. Awesome.
Here's a poem I write with a few mins to spare about what went on in one day.
"Another Days Work"
Today, we saw a butt, it was truly gross.
My thoughts kept going on, how much was his last dose?
Rollin' weed and smokin' dope, it's what they do, no less.
But yesterday we had someone say "NO I think I'll pass!"
There's also someone else, who struggles to survive.
"Too much on my plate" but God knows you're alive.
"You inspire me to change my ways" the comforter or holy one.
Please pray for your comfort, nothing is said then magically done.
While visiting Enrique, this crazy chick came to us.
"Go away, we're Christian." Surprised she didn't bust.
We also gave a blessing, in hope they quit the smoke.
Afterwards he gave us, all his Marlboro's.
Grateful for this service, and for all of His advice.
Man these days are flyin', wow, it's great to be alive.
At Orlando's with their dog: Daddy. He's a sick dog.
Well time is about up, time to send pics home. Cannot show enough thanks for everything everyone does for me back home. Letters, prayers, or support, it's noticed. Been praying for friends and fam. back home. KEEP ROCKIN' LIFE YO.
Love ya'll! (Sister Hale got us all saying 'ya'll') Oh gosh.
-Elder Dallin Hales

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 22 - Blessings all around us.

Luckily it only took 15 mins to load email today haha. woohoo!
What's goin on yo!

This past week was a needed one. We were able to teach quite a few lessons and were so close to reaching standards. DANGIT.
Last night, since Elder Allred's bike tire popped, we were out walking. We decided to head to April's house as she just brought up with her 7 year boyfriend. So glad we were guided to go over there when we did, because she has had many suicidal thoughts. She said she kept thinking of us missionaries and it was like a battle between that and doing something to kill herself. She black but speaks spanish and is such a cool person. She went on to tell us how she actually broke down and smoked some weed and some spice because she was so's kind of weird to now think that when people tell us they only smoke weed, that we're grateful it's only weed haha. Anyways, she thanked us so much for what we've done and she just broke down in tears the whole time we were there. They are from 'the hood' and she's gone through some rough times, but we are grateful to do our best to try and help, just hope we can. They showed us their guns, and we disabled them and emptied the CO2, no danger there anymore. We'll be seeing her most days this week, hopefully we can find Orlando.
Mike and Christene's BD changed.. because of scout camp. BLEH. Dang scout camp haha. So now we're shooting for July 20th, can't wait! We're working hard, but man, those two are so ridiculously solid, cannot wait for their dad to baptize them. Wow.
This is the family we're working with, the two younger ones are 'Mike and Christene'. TOTAL studs and are so solid. Their story is truly remarkable. The parents are Matt and Carol, been able to see them get baptized, married, receive the preisthood, go do baptisms for the dead, and now preparing to get their kids together so one day they can be sealed.

Romans 8: 25-26
We went on an exchange from Saturday to Sunday, so I went with Elder Bouwhuis....small world, because he lives 10 mins from me back home and I knew his Sister. He's super chill and it was fun to be on that exchange...he went on and said "No wonder they call it Demnation! Deming suucks." hahaha so awesome. Deming destroys missionaries, it's ridiculous haha.
The craziest yard here. HAD to get a pic. haha
This past week was the 4th of July, although it was weird not being involved with the parade or anything like that, we were able to get a spot at the fairground (thanks to the Sisters) and set up a stand representing our church. It was awesome. PEOPLE were there. We went around and talked to so many people and had a lot of good conversations, but when anything related to religion comes up, it's a quick shut down often. They played loud was so hard not to dance, HOLY CRAP. At the beginning we weren't getting as many contacts as we wished, during lunch I said a prayer to help us be led to those of the 'elect'. After we got back, a non-member came up and talked to us and asked if she wanted us to announce anything over the microphone....uhh YES. Blessings all around us. We'd ask people if they wanted a FREE movie about Christ....many people said they already 'knew' Christ. Well, we're glad you do. haha one of the signs we thought about putting up was "Why is your church wrong?" hahah that would have been good. :D
Our stand at the fairgrounds! So fun and we were there for like 7 hours or so. of the main attractions of the Deming parade hahah. It was very short, and mostly cops/firetrucks.
A less active lady pulled a prank on us....she took us over and then had boots hanging out of a garbage can... I won't lie, I believed it at first because, cmon, we're in Deming. Of course it was a prank haha, we got a couple people hahah.
My family is Lake
..waiting outside.. very hot.
A member invited us over to have dinner with her less-active bro. He's awesome, and made burgers! He's had a wife pass away and has put it all on himself, we really feel bad for him. Apparently after, he broke down and cried after we shared a message. It truly sucks to see people going through rough times, man, you get attached to quite a few people after being there for so long. Everyone keeps joking around with how long I've been here haha.
Thanks again everyone for the support! Love you all, and man, we'll party it up in 2015. Woot!
Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% what you make of it.
3Nephi12:6, 8-10
Helaman 7:29
Stay real.
If you love me, you will send me air heads or war heads. :D
Happy Julio yo.
Nothing else I'd rather be doing.
-Elder Hales

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week 21 - I've lost weight..gosh dangit.

Word up.

Soooo right after we got done emailing last week, we went to Wallyworld and did our shopping. I started talking to an older gentleman who said he's coming out of retired since he feels he is now stronger. I accidently said, "Ohh so you're sick of being retarded??" hahahahah oops. He didn't catch it and thought I said "retired" haha but oh man, was trying hard not to laugh hahah. 

This week is the 4th of July...which for missionaries doesn't mean a whole lot. We are having a stand up at the park since we're a non-profit organization. woohoo! Should be good and an awesome finding idea.
This was a pig cook our ward did. The most amount of people I've seen in one place since I got here hahah. It was awesome. PEOPLE! Oh yeah...that's our bishop chillin' up there.
We heard gay marriage is now legal?...go freakin' government. -_- That will just make things more fun for missionaries.

Last week sometime we did some 'Red Shirt Contacting' in hope to find a new investigator. The impression of 'blue' came to us and we then prayed for it and went to our next appointment. He wasn't there, but then an older man was getting off his bike and going to his apartment a few doors down...we hunted him down and talked to him, taught him, and now have him a date! Guess what shirt he was wearing?.......a pink one. Crap. Jk. 

It was blue. Another awesome experience that we were able to have relying on the Lord for guidance.

I've been praying for a trial on 'humility'. I definitely got it and it made some things difficult. The work progressed, and things are better now. Will definitely be a different transfer, but there's always a reason for it.
Doing service for some members with a lot of the ward!
During Gospel Doctrine class, we were talking about wisdom, knowledge and all that. Here's something I wrote down and thought about for a while:

"Intelligence can be determined by how we use our pre-mortal attained gifts.
Knowledge can be gained by extending our faith towards certain goals.
Wisdom will be used by using our faith with our gifts when we take them into the life to come."

Boom. Inspiration!

Never in my life before have I seen Satan have so much influence on people. I think back to almost 20 baptism dates that we have set here since I first got here, and every single one them, something has happened. Sickness, physical disability, death, and even anti stuff. It's truly remarkable how much Satan is influencing people here. During the lesson yesterday in the 3rd hour of church, Bro. Sokoloff (the New Yooorkerr) at the end said he felt a prompting to ask me a question, he asked. "Elder Hales, I feel a prompting, I don't know why, but to ask you how baptisms have made you feel." I stood up and started talking about how Mike and Christene's is going to by my first, but that I received a witness that they would be my first. To be able to reflect on the same feeling you had at your own baptism through someone else's, is just awesome. People were quite surprised that we haven't had any down here, but everyone down here keeps telling us that they feel bad for us because of the type of work down here. I started choking up and then kept talking. It was a cool experience, along with the lesson we taught Mike and Christene later last night.

We got to their house with Bro. Sokoloff and his wife and taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They were very in tune and receptive to everything, like always! Then we got to the Holy Ghost part of the lesson when Bro. Sokoloff got up and pulled Elder Allred back and said, "Mike? You see this name tag? I just received a witness that you will be a missionary one day." Then Elder Allred started freakin' He then said this was in a dream he had years ago and that he wrote it down. We all started talking about examples of the Holy Ghost and that I knew something out of the ordinary was going to happen in one of these lessons with them. It was quite a cool experience. So excited for their baptism. July 12th at 6! Wootwoot!

I've lost weight..gosh dangit.
This is Elder Allred's... Apparently it's something you burn and then it smells good....hmmm...sketch.
Ohhh I miss making music. Worth it.

A cool scripture for the week:
D&C 121:7-9:
"7)My son, peace be unto thy soul;thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment.
8)And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.
9) Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands."

Not a whole lot happened this past week....crap.
A case I made for my BOM. Thanks to Elder Dayley haha.
Hope erryone is rockin' summer back home and wherever the heck you all are.
Love you all, thanks for all the letters!!

-Elder Hales