Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 55 - #lifeofamissionary

Well, I guess there's a first for everything. I learned a lot this past week, about myself, and how much I hate to throw up.

But first...the important stuff... ahem.

Yesterday at church we had the most investigators at church I've had since being transferred here. All of them stayed the whole block, and are all doing awesome! It was the best Sunday to have investigators at church. Ah man. Too awesome.

Ashley is an investigator who's husband is a member who fought in war and is one of the most chill dudes out there. She comes from a Jehovah's Witness family, and she is a former JW as well. While her and her husband went through hell at various times in their lives, it's so cool to see where they are now. Ashley doesn't have much family support because of some things that happened and it not seeming acceptable within her parents' religion. We've taught her a couple times, and previous missionaries have gone over there for a while now and done more of a Q & A type deal, and last night we taught her the Plan of Salvation. It went reeeally well, and the members helped a lot. She took it all in and I'm not sure I've seen someone want to know so much about the Plan of Salvation to help answer questions. At the end we asked her how she was feeling and she said anxious, because "I know what's there and I know what I have to do." After that, baptism was talked about a lot. Her husband's hilarious and always throws out comments like, "I told you from day one, we'll get married, have a kid, you'll get baptized, and then we'll get married in the temple." in a really joking way hahah. Afterwards, her eyes seemed to be opened to many new things. She'll have a BD soon enough! :]

Loretta's baptism is planned for this Saturday! Although there's a temple dedication this coming Sunday, we've got the go to have her confirmed at the baptism. She went to Mexico this past weekend (and hopefully went to church) and says she's ready. She's in our prayers!!

A set of Sister missionaries called us one day to go and give one of their invests. a blessing because her ex had been practicing witchcraft crap on her......nice. That stuff is scaringly real. Satan blows. We went over and she explained how her dreams have been influenced by Satan and she feels 'hooked' by Satan, and her kids tell her that her eyes look possessed in the morning....hmmm. I've come across almost that exact situation a few times on my mish., and Itzel wanted a blessing. She asked me to give it, and it was a very peaceful blessing. I love to see non-members feel God's love in a large amount. The blessing made sure nothing would hold her back anymore. We haven't followed up with her yet, but I'm sure things are better for her now. 

Half of our zone were in a ward's talent show! (On video!)

Jeremy and Amanda are two of our invests. Amanda has a more 'agnostic' view, but it AWESOME. They are both AWESOME.....AWESOME. They both came to church too! We could probably set a date with Jeremy, but we'll see what happens.

Kendall also came to church! She's 10 and really happy. Her parents are going through a divorce and seem to be in the more ugly stage of it. Elder Simpson and I both came from split famillies, so it's times like these we feel that it was inspired for us to be here.

Today is Elder Simpson's bday. HAPPY BDAY ELDER SIMPSON!!! One day you'll read this. He's the big 20. Tonight, members are taking good care of him :] *cake face SMASH* we're taking him out to eat too.
Elder Simpson pushing Calian around. This family is moving to Layton a week from today! (They may or may not show up at your front step on

I remember in the MTC praying for a better understanding of the Atonement, and having my eyes opened a little bit by bit. I've done that for some time now, and this past week...I was sick....the first time I've been sick on my mission, and man it suuucked. There's nothing more miserable than being sick on a mission. You can't do anything, and the work is paused. IT SUCKKS!! It made me realize more, that in all times, the Savior does know how you feel. No matter what. Even when there's no one (or drugs) to turn to. I had 1 meal in over 2 days, and threw it up. It sucked. Regardless of me being sick, we still went out everyday and we were able to have a decent week. I learned a lot and feel it's helped me grow. It just sucked. I got to taste Chilis twice though :D The members are taking great care of us out here.
Playing war with Nathan! He's mentally disabled, but seriously one of the funniest kids around.

The past few days we've had a 'mini missionary' with us. Basically someone that stays with us and does everything we do for a day or two. It's been great! His name is Laeke and he's working on going on a mission.

 One night with Laeke while he was doing his mini-mission. I took the ground :]

Tonight we have exchanges throughout the whole zone for the mission wide "Day" of which we're focusing on 1 certain thing, asking for referrals no matter the situation. It's stressful to think about getting the rides figured out, but that's the fun of the calling! #lifeofamissionary

Romans 12:2 "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

Well, the church is true. It always is. It's crazy what kind of concerns are out there, but it just means we're doing a good job to make people think about something so deeply. The church is true and I'm grateful to be able to go out and serve the people of Sierra Vista. There's people waiting everywhere. From Deming to Tucson to Sierra Vista. (Deming is ON FIRE right now with work!!!)

Love you all! The support was huuuge this past week. Thank  you all. I love ya'lls face.

-Elder Dallin Hales

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 54 - Today marks the year that I entered the field.

Let's start with a poem I forgot I wrote a few weeks back at the library:

I be chillin' here, hiding low, about to leave, computer's slow.
My fam. is great, the Church is true, come at me bro., we'll baptize you.
One year is gone, but one is left, give it your all, no less than best.
Sierra Vista, #saveasoul, today okay? Don't lose your call.
A super tard, or trunky man, they are out there, at the end.
All the gf's, it's too late, keep working hard, they found the bate.
Obedience, and diligence, try reverence, don't be content.
PMG, in ATM, let's help the world, all over again.

I'm not too sure what was going through my mind at the time, but meh.

Hope all is well to whomever is reading this! :] We were blessed with having a really GREAT week. Man, ah, it was sweet.

To go along with our zone goal of 10,000 push-ups per week, some companionships aren't quite as motivated in doing pu's before 7am. So as a result, Elder Simpson and I have gone to a couple apartments after the gym at 6:30 and either found a way in or just went up to their door, blasting upbeat church music, and then going in, and doing push-ups with them to get them pumped up! haha it is funny as. We all have a good time. 

Crashing into missionary's apartments at 6:30am. We got awesome videos of it, so hopefully they can go on the blog :] (thank you Christy!!)  [Video to come.]

Last Tuesday we taught the Laurel's "How to teach the Plan of Salvation?" It was fun to roll play with teenagers. It's so crazy to think back to HIgh School. Tonight we were asked to go to mutual and present a 5-10 little shpill on our Pre-mortal life (pre-mission) up until now and talk briefly about the work. It's a combined activity for all the youth tonight, so it should be fun. I love to be up in front of groups of people to talk about something so motivating.

Last week, the Assistant's came down and we did a day exchange with them. It was fun! I stayed in our area with Elder Zilles and we went out and taught people about Christ and all that good stuff. In the morning, Victoria was home, a new investigator who's mom is a member (PM family). She's brought up concerns on gays in the church and the church's looks on trans-gender people. All concerns are unique. This time, the question was asked, "Do you have a relationship with God?" She said, "I don't think so." but was suuper open about it. So we taught her about prayer and she prayed at the end! Good things happen on exchanges. It was our first lesson with her. 

Elder Chamberlain's district meeting. He used food as an analogy. YEAH!

Later that night, we contacted two referrals, Jeremy and Amanda. Amanda has a more agnostic view of things but was open about it. With people having those beliefs, we must make sure that you put no pressure on them, or else they may reject it first hand. Jeremy is interested and wants the best for his wife. They were busy for our next apt., but we'll see them tomorrow night! TBA.

Every week Elder Simpson and I do some blitzes, meaning we go and crash another set of missionary's area to help them find. We meet up with them, decide where to go, and head out and then meet back when time is gone. This week it was with Sister's in our zone. During the blitz, no news were found, but potentials were! You must talk with literally everyone that you see, or else you might miss someone. That someone could be prepared for YOU. To put it into perspective. Imagine walking down the street one day, and going up and talking to EVERYONE that you see. It's pretty fun. Awkward situations? Pff. Never. Anyways, those Sisters met SOE this week and killed it out here! Within the next two days, they set 2 BD's! They are rockin' the push-up's too. Gosh the Church is TRUE!
Out blitzing!

One of our investigator's, Loretta, has a set date that looks like it's the one. March 1st. We've been teaching her and have almost gone through everything necessary before baptism. Satan is working hard with scheduling things the day of baptism, that's why we had to push it back again, but this time she's set and will be ready!

Today marks the year that I entered the field. A year ago today, we were on our way to Tucson from the MTC to meet President and Sister Killpack and then ended the night with testimony meeting at the mission home. President and Sister Killpack go home the beginning of July, man, they will be GREATLY missed, but the Lord qualifies everyone he calls!

Elder Johnson (MTC COMP), Sister Jamieson (same MTC district) and myself burning shirts as part of the tradition for your 1 year mark. 

Every night almost, we have a little study sesh with a buddy of ours named Laeke. He recently broke up with his gf after praying to help get himself on the right path. There's been lots of things happening with Laeke, and now he is quite alone. So, we're in contact with him every night and the ultimate goal is the temple, and a mission! He's 21. He asked us to give him a blessing this past week, and I was fortunate to be able to do that. There's good things in store for him. I'm going to start to write people's names down in my planner of who to pray for at the end of the day....lots of people always say, "Please pray for me" and so hopefully that's one more way for miracles to God's children.

Yesterday right before dinner, Elder Simpson and I had a miracle. My comp. said, "I've never had something like that happen before." and I haven't had one that strong before. Wow. Now that you're all left hanging, here's what happened:

For PDAY sports yesterday, we played bball, 4 sqaure and dodgeball. They were all WAY fun. For some reason, my companion and I decided to leave early, even though we had nothing until 6pm. We left a little after 4, went home, showered and got ready, and I layed on the couch for a few mins. Elder Simpson grabbed the keys and said, "Ready?" I said,"For what?" He said, "I don't know haha." Then he sat back down. Then like 5 mins. later, we both just randomly got up and left....without saying where we were going, or whether we were going to even eat dinner. It was crazy. On our way out, we turned on to Campus Drive, still not saying anything about what we were doing. I waved to a guy that was chillin' on a rock by himself, all alone. He waved back....then up the ways, apparently both of us were thinking about that guy. Elder Simpson made a U-turn.

Me: "Where we going?"

Elder Simpson: "To talk to that guy."

Me: "Yup."

It was inspired, no doubt. When we got there, the guy started walking towards us! We had a really good talk with him, Elder Simpson is awesome with talking with people. I asked "Are you searching for something?" DJ said, "...actually, yeah." We got talking before his ride got there. Got his digits, and address and we'll be seeing him soon. Wow. It was awesome. You get little promptings to talk to people, but this one was very strong. That's why we must talk with EVERYONE, so then we won't have to worry as much to focus on whether it's a prompting or whether it's just us. It would have been very easy to miss this guy, but the Lord directed us straight to him!
Giving out some braclet things my mom sent to me! The kids loved them. The one on the left is Kendall, she's an investigator.

Elder Simpson said, "We've been coming across a lot of people with questions about gays out here!" It's crazy. Pretty weird. That concern is growing like crzy.

I played the drums shortly at a member's, it's been over a year. 

Drums!! Crazy.Felt so good.

Acts 20:24
Acts 26:16-18
Romans 1:9-10
Romans 5:19 "For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous." 

As you can tell, I'm reading the bible.

Well, time to go almost. Thank you everyone for the support. This past week I asked my companion for a blessing as I felt it was the right thing to do. It definitely helped me for some worries I've been having. The Priesthood power is true. I'm grateful for my family. I'm grateful for an awesome companion and zone that want to go out and work. It kills us to see people doing their best in their life, and it seems to come crashing down on them. Why was Christ crucified? For us. The Atonement is REAL!

I wonder what I'll think when I read all of this is many years down the road. Probably the same I do now. Tard.

Love you all! Things are good out here and your prayers are felt always. 
-Elder DJ Hales

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 53 - I found out my grandpa passed away.

Well, regardless that it's been a chaotic past few days do to...a lot of things, the week was an overall good week. Probably our best #'s wise so far this transfer. 

Almost our whole zone last week doing our zone hike!

It started last PDAY right after emailing home. Elder Simpson and I decided to start treating pday's like normal days while out in public - praying for opportunities and what not. After a quick stop to buy some stuff for the zone hike last week, a lady yelled out "Eldderss!!" I looked around (since I was backing my companion) and couldn't see anyone. But then there was this lady in a car who said she had been crying. Well, she was in the middle of making a decision to either go to Houston or Provo. Big change in cities haha. There were things that wanted to her to go to either place, but then she said she'd been looking for a sign and had prayed for one. Then she saw us! :D I wonder what city we reminded her of.....her name is Erica and she wasn't a member. We talked with her for a few minutes and said a prayer with her and that was the last we've heard. 

This morning after faxing. You have to have fun backup somehow!

 "1,2,3, strike a pose!"

We had a Zone Meeting this past Wednesday where we focused on quite a few different things. One of the goals Elder Simpson and I have is to try to use more 'reverent' language, which goes as deep as "awesome, cool, sick" and basically half of my vocab. It sucks. It's hard. Let's just say I'm recognizing it a lot more. My first goal is to use good language in lessons, which is a lot easier than using it while talking to random people. In the Zone Meeting we trained on the 1st vision and the importance of it with helping address concerns. I've learned for me the 1st vision is a setup for a very spiritual moment in the lesson, if we do it by the spirit. While talking about it, I got choked up and made me think of what my dad does (defends Joseph Smith). Then we did a roll play to show what we shouldn't do. Then we did a more spirit-driven one where when the 1st vision started, the spirit was so strong. It brought tears to both of us(me being the missionary and Elder Simpson being the investigator). My testimony of the BOM and Heavenly Father's appearance to Jospeh Smith has grown SO MUCH.

Doing service.

While walking to a member's house, a 10 year old named Kendall came up to us and we started talking....turns out they like churches! We asked if their fam was home and we went back and talked to her Sister! We taught them about prayer and they both said one! Although they weren't able to make it to church, we're teaching them tonight! It goes to show the Lord physically will put people on your path. 

Lunch with the Heckman family. They are recently reactivated. We love the Heckman's. Such goofs.

Our apartment has a Sauna.

Elder Simpson and I have been getting along great. We've had quite a few talks regarding our childhoods because he went through very similar things. It's been cool to have been able to relate to someone, which I don't think has happened before. 

A house other missionaries knew who lived here. Oops.

While on exchanges Saturday, Loretta was at the McCue's house where we taught her the Word of Wisdom! Unfortunately, her date was pushed back to Feb. 22 because she wasn't able to make it to church. But she accepted the WOW with no problem and apparently is already living it. PERFECT! When we extended the new BD for Feb. 22, tears were brought to her eyes. I was thinking crap, we made her sad, but apparently that's the day her mom passed away. "She'll be there with me!" Loretta was happy and said, "I'm ready." Wow, she is so solid. People already thinks she's a member. 

Well, time's almost up. Today we're having to do an ET for some missionaries in our zone, but things are good! The past couple days have been nuts with exchanges, but it's settled and the work will go on.

Back on my bike for an exchange!

One last note. President and Sister Killpack feel that if we send out referrals, the Lord will bless us with some! So, they have asked us to send this back home:

"Who do you know who lives in the Arizona Tucson Mission, who would be willing to have the missionaries come and share a message about the Gospel? If a name came to your mind, please send me an email back and I will have two amazing missionaries go visit them. We are excited to invite you to help us find people to teach and we love the idea of having family and friends more involved with our mission."

If you know of anyone that needs physical, spiritual, or whatever kind of help. Email/snail mail me and we'll get some awesome missionaries over there! :]
(Sister Killpack's FB page should have it on there as well).

Yesterday I found out my Grandpa passed away Saturday. Prayers go out to the family. RIP Gramps. Miss you.

Thank you to everyone with letters and support. I love my friends and family. No doubt yo.

Moroni 8:22
Helaman 6:5

Elder Dallin Hales

Sunday, February 9, 2014

FYI - More posts coming...

Hi family/friends!!  I have been sick for the past couple of months and unable to use the computer, so I apologize I haven't been able to get the posts up in a timely matter.  But I am going to try to get caught up so everybody can see how awesome Elder Hales is doing!  We are officially counting down too!  :]


Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 52 - My bday was this past week.

I have never been so busy before, and done so little missionary work in our area at the same time. Wow. It was a humbling experience.
Looking over a mine that went out a few years ago.

Wrapping up the week of January and the 2nd week of transfers, blessings were given, many miles were used, miracles happened, and good things learned.

Le' go.

Last Tuesday, the Douglas Elders asked us to go blitz their area that day in hopes to meet a goal for finding. Elder Simpson and I drove an hour to get down there and started our blitz! I went with Elder Hernandez and Elder Slimpson went with Elder Tayler. Elder Hernandez and I were dropped off at an apartment complex. It was PERFECT, because everyone was about to have apartments inspections so they mostly all answered the door. YES! Although I don't speak Spanish, we had good success! Twenty or so doors were probably knocked, and in the end, we were able to find 2 new investigators and 8 potentials! AWESOME. In just under 2 hours, we were able to find a ton of people. There were a few people that only spoke Spanish, but I've had a lot of practice with going on Spanish exchanges. Elder Hernandez told me, "You're really good at not having people if you speak Spanish or not, aren't you?" haha. Let's just say I have lots of facial expressions and nada mucho Espanol. All together, 3 new investigators, and 10 potentials were found in under 2 hours. The Lord blessed us there. The power of fasting and prayer are real.

Another miracle happened on Saturday. President called us and asked us to find a car to give to some Sister missionaries in our zone because one of them is sick and they're on bikes. SURE! We just gave them our truck until they called us back. On Saturday, they found 3 new investigators and had solid lessons. MIRACLE. Elder Simpson and I were talking about how we thought that may have been a test to see how much sacrifice we're willing to do for the zone. Good things happen from making sacrifices. Our Zone found more new investigators last week than I've seen while being here. We're sort of starting over, but there's no where to go but up, and that's where our hope is leading us!

Flashin' back to bikin'!

A Sister missionary told me this once when I was asked to be a District Leader in Deming. She said, "Love you Sisters." It just kind of went by, but it's come to my realization a lot more. We were able to give some blessings to the Sisters in our zone this past week. Struggling with various things. President advised us what to do, and things are good now. If you're hard on yourself, it's because you care. I love being able to give blessings. It's my firm belief that obedience on a mission helps you have clarity in your mind while giving blessings. Pretty sweet. 

Two Elders are currently staying with us because their place is infested with bed bugs. This past week we cleaned out our old apartments (nightmare) and filled two dumpsters up with junk. Man. It took a couple days to get everything done. But our new apartment is nice and new and is much more convenient for us. Soowoo!

Elders that are staying with us. They're studs. Elder Mariluch came out together and were in New Mexico at the same time.

Moving to our new place!

"Don't accept weaknesses within ourselves, but accept them through the Atonement." - Bro. Peterson (LHS seminary teacher)
-Jacob 4:7,13

My bday was this past week. Was able to spend it up in Tucson at a Mission Leader Conference. Sister Killpack being the awesome person she is, had every one sing to me haha. It was great. I got part of it on video, so hopefully it can make it to the blog or youtube or something! After some appointments we went over the McCue family where they....decorated the dinner room, blew up balloons, baked a cake, and invited people over for my bday! It was sooo awesome and I wasn't expecting anything. They have traditions, one of them being to 'bite a corner of the cake and try to make it a circle' so I did....they have no mercy.

The McCue and Braun family! They are so awesome and love missionary work. They're really helping with our progressing investigator Loretta who should get baptized a week from Saturday

Bro. and Sis. Braun!

They have no mercy.

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes, letters, emails. This past week was a good week! Can't believe I'm 20. Someone at MLC asked me how old I was, and I said "I'll be a year next week!" hahah. Kept forgetting it was my real bday. 

Love you all! Hah. Heard Seahawks won the Superbowl....there are a few people I know are probably quite upset haha.

Genesis 45:6-8
Alma 31:31 - patience is definitely a virtue.

-Elder Dallin Hales