Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[Transfers] Week 68 - FAMILY!!

TRANSFERS!! Elder Netane and I are the only ones that didn't' get changed up in our zone. So we'll be here until at LEAST July. Woohoo! Time to set this place on fire.....with work!!

Crossfit this morning! Crazy awesome workout. 

Quick update, Elder Hickenlooper (one of the assistants now! He went to Davis High whaa?) called us and told us what's going down with transfers. 2 sets of Elders are getting "pink washed" (replaced by Sisters) and then 3 other companionships are getting switched up. CRAZY! President threw us a curveball. We went from a strictly Elders zone, to 1/3 of it getting pink washed. NUTS! We will miss the last zone a ton, we got along so well. The new zone we have now is going to be awesome and we're excited to see what miracles will happen this transfer!

At our zone lunch/pictures yesterday. We brought a bunch of delicious food for everyone :D

Elder Chu-Shing!!

Interviews with President Killpack were this past week where he simply asked us what he can do to help us. President and Sister Killpack will be missed SO MUCH, but President Pasey and his wife will very much welcomed of course. The interviews were incredible as the last ones with this mission President, and very motivating for what is to come..

District Meeting's were on using the right language. Guess which ones I said? hahah

Last Tuesday on the mission-wide "The Day" our zone met together, had a chant and prayer along with what the focus was one, and we all went on exchanges! I went with Elder Lowe, so we did one of our favorite things.....appointment with the Lord. We prayed about an area we just tracted/contacted a few days earlier, but felt it was the one...on our way out there right on time...we decided to drive through the area first, and there it was....a UHAUL MOVING TRUCK...empty :D YES! Wow. God answers prayers very plainly at times. We instantly stopped and went over to them. The lady was crying because she was overwhelmed with what needed to be done, and the dad couldn't get the trailer to work. We simply told them that our prayers led us to them after looking at a map...Chris (lady crying) told us that she had been in her living room that day, praying for someone to come help move. And man, good thing too, they had a ton of stuff. We basically filled up both the truck and Uhaul with their kids running around. They were not members, but have seen missionaries before. They were moving to my old ward in East Tucson, so we gave the ZL's a call over their to arrange a move the next day because they had to have the truck in the afternoon. Man. Prayers were answered. We placed a BOM before they headed out and got all their info. Time to follow up :D

Our appointment with the Lord one exchanges that led us right to this house. MIRACLE.

Elder Hearn and I. wootwoot!

Over half of our zone was transferred today. Studs.

Our zone had a rough week, but everyone seemed to pull through. The focus on transfers coming up sometimes drains missionaries. It sucks.

Elder Merrel, he was put in as zone leader!...in Safford 

Anthony was in town for a little while until he bopped over to Vegas for the weekend. Uh oh O_o haha Anthony is a STUD. I have never had someone ask so many sincere questions about our purpose. It was hard for him to understand why we left everything to come on a mission. It does make you think, but the answer that comes, is clear.

"We don't burn bridges, but we do cross mountains." - Anthony

Making some Otai for FHE and our zone at Bishop's house last pday!

My mind has been a racing lately (surprise) and I've thought a lot about you can see if someone is listening or not. My patriarchal blessing talks about me knowing those who 'listen' and you can tell by what questions people have. Sometimes people ONLY look for questions, instead of answers for their questions. Life goes no where without proposing a question, but without finding answers, we often become lost. The spirit gives the answers! That's why we must teach by the spirit and not ourselves, so the spirit can answer questions that us very imperfect humans can't :] IDK..hmmm.. I might use that in a training...

Out here we have the 'Beach House', 'Cript House', and the 'Hottie Hut' haha all pre-named. The joys of living in the YSA.

One night, while comp. was in the bano, two names came to mind randomly that Bishop Bluth has wanted us to try and get ahold of. So before our appointment, we headed over to Mani's place where both Hannah and Brooke were there! They were cleaning and didn't even live their anymore. What a coincidence. They are doing great!

If stress comes with no results, your hope may be lacking. RT - Random. Thought.

This past weekend.... I decided to talk to President Killpack about what he thought if my Sister and Bro-in-law visited....hmmm...juuuuuust in case they came down and 'ran into me.' Well, he said very plainly that he thought it would be okay. Our mission President is seriously awesome. Very inspired. Soo...we were over to my sister's in laws house who live in our stake and very close to our apt....and as we were walking up....I couldn't believe....I recognized a Honda Accord....a dude in a green shirt....and prego lady....and a little skinny dog. FAMILY!! Oh man, it was so awesome to see CB and awesome tard dog. I miss them and my family so much. They were very respectful in being around us, although, Ben, I'm going to pound you when I get home. I'm on reserve mode. Dinner was great with the Buhr's. SO AWESOME! I love those guys and it was great to see them. Some missionaries may get trunky, but it simply motivated me to work even harder! (no not to get you a car or boat - Ben) hehe.

Recognize these peeps? Oh man. What a relief to see them doing great.

The message we shared with them has been one that we've shared with a few families - the rare occasion we eat them families in the YSA. Elder Netane and I have been talking a lot about it, and families has come up more lately than ever in a period of time. Lessons we teach focus on families. Dinner apts. focus on families. It's crazy. Nephi went through crap and back with his family. And 30 years later after leaving Jerusalem, the first thing we have to read about his life was, "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents..." it shows how valued families are in God's eyes. Man, I love my family. My comp. and I have both agreed that we have never felt so close to our families before in our lives, and yet we're far away. Only the gospel can do that. Pretty rad.

One investigator we found contacting on the street doing and appointment with the Lord. She believes in science and feels a lot of pressure trying to lead her family. She is gone until Saturday, but we're really excited to teach her and hopefully her family for our family ward. TBA

It's fun to take over a ward as it brings up new challenges and stuff to do! We've eaten with a few families and are stoked to do work over there. We taught Gospel Principles randomly on Sunday, but it's great to be involved.

1Nephi18:22 - "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, did guide the ship, that we sailed again towards the promised land."

Well it's time to go, because there's still a crazy amount of stuff to do/help for the missionaries coming to our zone. Cars cleaned and fixed, missionaries to be picked up, people to talk to, satan's trash to be kicked. We are so excited and BLESSED to have this transfer ahead of us. The last transfer until a new mission President arrives. Pretty nuts. I love this gospel with my whole heart!! It rocks my face off! I know Christ lives. I know God loves all of us the same.

It's nice when this isn't your stuff :D

Thank you for everything all of you do! :D

-Elder Hales

Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 67 - WHERE'S WALDO!?

We've been playing 'Where's Waldo' up here this past week....Waldo being the people God has found. WHERE ARE YOU WALDO!! This past week Elder Netane and I focused a lot on finding, in any area in our zone. Between us blitzing and on exchanges, we found a good chunk for the zone. It was because God SENT them to us, not BECAUSE of US.

Sweet EAC shot

My eyes are dilated right now....wow. I look like a zombie..good thing I'm not walking around in Deming with my eyes dilated. 

Hello. My name is Elder Hales. I have alien eyes.

Otie. The drink my comp. made that we're making for FHE tonight. SO GOOD!!

You could say 'referrals' was a massive focus for us. Wednesday was commodities and District meetings, Thursday was an exchanges, and then the other days were focusing on other areas mostly. Man. We saw some MIRACLES just yesterday! Along with throughout the week. One blitz's(us working in other missionary's areas to try and help them find) we parked randomly, and talked to the first two people we saw, and both seemed interested, they just have to be contacted again. Other time's we were just out walking and saw people on the side of the street who accepted missionaries to come into their house. Then on Thursday, I went with one of the DL's Elder Davidson into his area to do wuuurk! While planning, he felt to go to the Indian reservation. Of course, that sounded.....fun! Then after focusing, both of us felt to do an appointment with the Lord for that morning to first head out there. 

"Where you going?"
"We have an appointment!!"
"Sweet! With who?"

The first thing we saw was a member, and then walked over to this gentleman in his yard. Everyone is Apache. Rad. A car pulled up where we taught Isiah about families and got an RA! Sweet! Then after that, Jared was blowing up a water tube. He was timid at first, but then opened up like crazy! Jared went on about how he just quit "hell's angels" and that he went to a concert where they were all satanists and he hated the feeling (go figure. Holy crap). Jared told us that he was walking from a field one day when someone offered him a bible which he started to read and feel peace. Elder Davidson and I had prompting after prompting for what to talk about. We talked about baptism, families, and how the Book of Mormon can help him. We set a baptism date with him. "You two looked like angels of the Lord coming up to me." wow. It was obvious that the Lord showed up for his appointment! It was so cool. After that, Elder Davidson said, "I've been waiting for something like that to happen my whole mission." It was so cool, and seemed very inspired!


Elder Davidson and their goats that they feed twice daily haha. Dumb goats.

Yesterday, after contacting some potentials, we randomly felt to go try another potential. As we were walking across ghostown campus, some dude named Anthony yelled out, "Hey! Come here for a second!" He was on the phone and needed a pen....cool. Simple enough. We were talking after and he just wrecked his car...dang. He said it was a coincidence running into us since his family relies on him for money and jobs and that he hasn't been to a church because he doesn't understand trials. Well, Elder Netane and I applied the BOM to him, and we'll be seeing him on Wednesday! Later that night, a potential wasn't home, but someone else was where we talked about having a relationship with God and set an appointment. People that you wouldn't guess to listen to you, are often the ones that are solid in the gospel.

This is RIGHT before running into Anthony. He's barely not in the pic. MIRACLE

CROSSFIT. A buddy named Aaron hooked us up to go to Crossfit every TuesdayThursday, and Friday's and all we do is help him clean up afterwards on Friday's. Dang. We love it :D

One of the guys we ran into while blitzing someone's area. His name was Veresibiaiodhoapshidf. IDK.

A salesman who had been anti'd came up to us and threw all the classic anti stuff against us....all he had against us was the physicalities and layout of the BOM....and worshipping another God. It's sad that people can get into that stuff, even at 18 years old. I've learned to teach by the spirit, even against those who are anti'd.
Helping out with commodities! 

One of our dinner messages was the Joseph Smith's 1st vision and having Bishop and Sister Bluth think of someone who needs help...after sharing it...he said, "Elders.....you need to go see...." and told us some people along with asking us to share that experience in sacrament meeting the next day. So we did! It was great and the spirit was there. I think 3/5 weeks I've been here, we've done something for church or stake conference. haha. It's awesome to be involved.
President Larsen (President Killpack's 2nd counselor) took us out to this awwesome ice cream place after our Stake Correlation meeting...my sister told me about it days earlier while skyping :D

"It takes guts to do something good, than bad." - Elder Netane

Tonight we are meeting as a zone to do zone exchanges for the mission-wide "The Day" tomorrow where we'll be focusing on finding through service. wootwoot!

Well that seems to be all the time I have for this email :/ My comp. asked me if I'd baptized many people on my mish...I've only been at 6 or so baptisms of those I've taught....but then after thinking, the areas that I've left seemed to have baptisms the following weeks I leave...I feel that I've been sent out here to be obedient as I can, to help areas and hopefully zones get work going.  I've probably had more baptisms that I haven't been at, than those that I have. The church is true yo! I'm so grateful to serve the one who gave us everything.


I love all y'all. Change is coming up here. Transfers are NEXT WEEK so emails will be on Tuesday. Let's see what's in store this time.

-Elder Hales

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 66 - It continues!!!

Wow....sleep never felt so good.

HAPPY MOM'S DAY! It was so dang awesome to skype home and talk to everyone. I can't believe there's only one more on the mission until I'll be home. This past week was hectic with a lot of things, so it was sweet to finish it off with talking to the fam. I hear about all the change that goes on back home, but then I realize that my fam. doesn't change, just their situations...which are changing like crazy with everyone of them. wootwoot!!

Skyping home to everyone! haha my mom looked like a ghost the entire time. 

Last PDAY, right after signing off from emailing home, we got a call from a member that gave us a referral for the next day! It was a great way to start off because little did we know, we had a hecktic week. dun dun dun! 

Saturday morning we got a taste of being a rancher! We altogether moved 28,000 lbs of hay. Holy crap.

President Killpack called us during PDAY sports last week and said, "Elders! We'd like to complicate your day tomorrow?" Well sweet! He asked us to train all the senior missionaries in the mission to fill in for the assistants. We also had Zone Meeting on Wednesday, so it was back-to-back different trainings. We filled the little free time that we had and prepped for it. It went well and had some good feedback. The training was on "How Senior missionaries can help the younger missionaries." The next day we had a well needed Zone Meeting for our Gila Valley Zone. A big topic was 'finding' something our zone has been struggling with lately. It reminds of being in Sierra Vista...where at first, there was not much going on....but in a couple months, this place will be doing great. There's tons of work here...we just have to find it :D

Our talks in church yesterday also went well. I ended speaking for just under 25 mins (felt like 10) and talked about testimonies and families for Mother's Day :D My comp. Elder Netane talked about the Book of Mormon in missionary work. It's sweet as to be involved to try and gain member trust...which is something that is very CRUCIAL for Thatcher. Throughout the week, it was a testimony builder of relying upon the spirit, and not relying upon your self...

Saying bye to some members and invests. after a couple lessons....there's a creepy owl in the corner...

With everyone leaving EAC for the summer, literally, EVERYone, things are getting switched up all up in herr. All the YSA's have combined to ONE WARD instead of 4. There is still work, but the ward (Bishop Bluth's ward) with the most missionary work going on, is...gone. Luckily we're picking up a family ward, so there will always be work to do. It's weird to think of getting a new mission President in July means the mission is starting fresh. I could be here the rest of my mission....or I could be here for 2 more weeks. It's crazy. BRING IT

Saying bye to Kenna, along with many members. She finished in the top 10 for tennis players nationwide. SICK!

Satan sucks.

This past week we worked with Christian and Kobie, two very solid investigators with baptism dates...well...not so much anymore. Christian has had some doubts, which is completely normal for someone in his situation. A couple hours before he left, we got the impression to offer a blessing to him and he accepted with no hesitation. The blessing from Elder Netane was very inspired as there were some tears shed. Christian felt better. He was lined up to do an online chat with Elder Baxter of the 70 tomorrow, but a few days ago, he said we should hold off because he doesn't feel to join the church and says he is at peace. He's in our prayers, and hopefully whatever missionaries are here next semester, will be able to relate to him. Polygamist families are quite interesting. Christian is strong in the gospel, in time he'll be ready :D

Kobie (left) and Christian (right) two very solid investigators we have been teaching. Man. We hope the best for these two. #studstatus

Chillin' on a dirt road.

We got a text from Kobie this morning that said "I won't be joining afterall" which doesn't really sound like him....hmm.. We've talked with his gf who said his family threatened to kick him out and they took away all his stuff if he continues in the church. He's planning on living up here in Thatcher if he can find a job, so we'll have to go from there. Man. He's one of the most solid investigators in the church we've come across. We can only hope help comes, and comes quick.

This week we'll be focusing mostly on other areas to try and help get some work going. We're also praying to have opportunities to give blessings to those that need them. It's been working. It's like God answer prayers or something.

Jacob Yazzi! A member and awesome fellowshipper. He's a stud and will be serving later this year...hmmm.. we used to be able to relate to music...hahah

IT CONTINUES!!! One day while walking to the institute, a lady waves us over....and takes a picture of us! It was Becky Buhr, my BIL's family. haha small town. Ben's brother drove by later that day while contacting people on the street. It's so funny to serve where people know you....it's definitely never been like that anywhere else I've served!!

Walking past dem houses that fam. use to live in! *Ben pose*

This freaky owl followed us. Cool pic. though!

Remember Damian from Sierra Vista? The muslim free mason? Apparently he got baptized last Saturday! SWEET! He's a stud.


Well, the week is over, and there's only 2 more left in the transfer before some changes could be coming. Man. I love to serve the mission! It's weird to be having friends already coming back from their missions. I love you all and love your faces.

Oompah. Loompah. Doompady. Dosom. 

1Nephi11:13-23 - the scriptures that our RC in SV got her testimony of the BOM.

-Elder Hales

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 65 - We can do it!


I told myself that I wouldn't come home until I learned a language...well...I'm learning bits and pieces of like 3 different ones. The perks of poly comps. :D

Chillin' on a hiking spot last PDAY

This past week was sweet as. The Lord is leading us to those who are prepared...and are actually STAYING for the summer. Pretty sure 2/3's of Thatcher leaves when summer comes. Four of our YSA wards combine to 1 for the summer. It's nuts. It's been really cool though. If we find someone that is staying for the summer, we both think "yup! They're prepared!" Because be real. Not many people come to EAC for the summer, there must be a reason!

 Half of the poly missionaries in our zone. Awesome.

With that said, basically all of our investigators, potentials, and members are peacin' out this week since it is FINAL's week (my heart and headaches go out to all those taking finals). So we'll be saying bye to quite a few people. Looking at the past, there really is a good chance of me being here clear until next semester starts. I feel I will be here for several transfers, but pff, I'm just a tard.

Saying bye to Elder Wasden at MLC. He will be missed! I wish we served around each other at sometime. This dude's a stud and was one of the assistants for a few months.

Christian J. is headed out, one of our investigators who's waiting for the 1st Presidency's approval...but he leaves this Wednesday, so his baptism may not happen...he is very faithful every time we meet with him. Man we're going to miss him.

Tracie Sanchez, our recent convert. She is simply a saint. Since she's Apache, her family situations are kind of crazy. She has her butterfly and eagle clan, and then her blood related family. Recently she's had a crazy amount of deaths of relatives, and she normally had set up to get her Patriarchal Blessing tonight and actually invited us to sit in! She called us last night and said she doesn't want to get it when she's recovering from all these things. It just wasn't the best time for her to get it. She is solid as a rock and we've all become good friends, our prayers go with so many people that are leaving.

Elder Bouwhuis! 'Til we meet again in L-Town!

Well, there are so many other people I don't have time to go over. But the Lord has blessed us with people that we feel will progress within the summer heat gospel! :D

A (stud) member Jacob Yazzi brought in a friend to a lesson....we didn't know him. His name is Kobie and seemed interested...so we set expectations with him and talked about what he's looking for with meeting with us. We taught him the Restoration which brought the spirit for us all to feel. After the first vision, Kobie said the feeling he had was something he feels can push him to make the change he wants to see in his life. AWESOME. The lesson continued and we set a baptism date with him for May 31, he's reading and praying and he came to church and bore his testimony yesterday! It's always a little nerve racking when an invest. goes up to bear their testimony....well, his was incredible. Kobie went over how this church has made him happy since he has met with us and how it's something he sees himself joining because of what it can do for him. Wow. While teaching him the first time, Kierra Eldredge walked in during the lesson and sat down next to him...she was in my ward in my last area! haha we made eye contact but we kept teaching. We got her involved in the lesson and I asked, "Sooo how do you two know each other?" She leaned her head on him...got it! They're dating! What a great fellowshipper haha. Kobie is staying for the summer. Summer time in the YSA is a tough one, but we can do it.

We walk into a lot of homes and see a lot of random things.

One lesson we had was with LaKiesha, a native who isn't staying. She has felt intimidated by missionaries (it's the ties), but the lesson we had with her was awesome. She has never prayed in her life before, and she prayed at the end of the lesson and felt the spirit. Seed is planted.

This transfer has been the fastest transfer yet. It's already half way over. What the heck? We're tired 24/7, but the good man above keeps us going.

While out knockin' some houses to work with some LA's, we talked with a lady...she said, "Well I'll have to tell Christy hi for you!" hahah yup. No idea, people have their eye out for us haha.

Another missionary at MLC on Friday asked "Did your dad write a book?"
"Uhh yeah actually!" - me
"well it's in our apartment!"

We're very involved with the Ward and Stake up here. We were just asked to speak in our YSA combined ward next week on Mother's Day. SWEET! Our Zone Meeting is this week as well in which we have a lot of things to go over and hope the spirit teaches as much as possible. Our zone has awesome missionaries. A couple companionship's are looking for a boost, so we'll see what can happen the rest of the transfer. Good things are coming. The hardest thing to change in a zone, is the mindset.

In my prayers this morning, here's an analogy we'll use at ZM. Imagine a sweet BMW (how about a 2015 M4) comes up to the gas station....now imagine a little smart car....and now a big ol truck. The gas represents the gospel (somehow). Some people are willing to pay however much it takes to go as far as possible. Some people aren't quite willing to pay for the full tank. The effects of the gas are the same, regardless of the vehicle. The same for the gospel. All members/non-members needs the gospel, but unfortunately not all are willing to do what it takes to get the blessings. Woot.

As part of a goal, Elder Netane and I have to lay on the ground for 10 seconds every time we say the word "Freak". hahah. I'm winning :D
I'm winning. hahaha

"And again I say unto you, my friends, for from henceforth I shall call you friends, it is expedient that I give unto you this commandment, that ye become even as my friends in days when I was with them, traveling to preach the gospel in my power."

Well, time is up. As crazy as life is, and as much change that comes. The gospel is what keep us able to adjust to new things. It has been the coolest experience of my life to see what this gospel can do for families. Those we teach, and mine as well. I have never seen so much change come among a family before...and yet I KNOW which my whole heart that it is what our Heavenly Father has planned for them. I love this gospel with my whole heart and would serve my whole life if it meant this much happiness coming upon people. We're speaking on Eternal Marriage, or some family related topic next week. Can't wait :]

Our sweet zone after D-MEET's!

I love y'all!!


President and Sister Killpack only have a couple months left. Can't believe it!

I want a Monster.

-Elder D Hales