Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 15 - Probably the fastest week of my mission thus far.

This past week was the first week of Transfer #3...CRAZY how fast time flew by. Probably the fastest week of my mission thus far. We were greatly blessed (and determined) to reach the 'Standards of Excellence' and we worked our butts off.
Ashely moved back from Albuquerque this past Tuesday so we've been teaching her! I called up Pres. and asked about a baptism and she is going to be baptized probably on June 1st or the day before! AWESOME. She's been holding up pretty good, she quit smoking the day we went over the WoW and is golden. A month ago today Todd passed away, so we're glad she's down here for us to teach and to check up on.
My comp's a he pricks his finger a butt load amount of times throughout the day, but props to him as it doesn't bother makes me think back to when I passed out on my bday during an eye exam hahahah. Yup. Still want to be a doc..

My comp. E. Dayley finished probably the grossest sucker was a red chili sucker....mine just went into the garbage can haha.
Our new district is awesome, along with the last one. There's a Sister Hale here, so lots of people call her Sister Hales or call me Elder Hale....good thing there's a gender difference haha.

Our awesome district. Such hard workers. Some lady randomly gave us this pie and thanked us for everything and then left! No idea who she was, but it was awesome. Doesn't happen to often here haha.
While talking to Pres. on the phone about the changes, he said he "Expects Deming to explode." hahah. That's our make Deming explode!.....literally.
We taught Ryan Reece who also has a date for the 1st but will be interviewed by Pres. before final decisions are made. We had a very strongly led by the spirit lesson with him, as he's been going through a ton. Here's a journal entry:
"..and Ryan we went over multiple things. He's been chewing more, but realizes the blessings in his life. He went on about how he feels overloaded w/ not being able to see his 4 kids and that not even his parents acknowledge him. He cares so much for his kids and will start saving money for them. Ryan is such a sick guy. He told us he wan't sure about the committment to the Mormon church. Then Bro. Loutonsky nailed it w/ his testimony. We went over so many things about life. I shared Mosiah 24: 14-16 and "God may not come when you want him to, but he's always on time" and "It wasn't easy for Him, why should it be for us?" -JRH. E. Dayley asked him about getting a blessing. When people are going through trials, it's a blessing that I receive comfort while talking to them. Wish I could remember some things that were said...suck. Such a cool experience. He then asked me for the blessing, lots of directing things were blessing moments are just awesome. To be able to see non-members feel the spirit so strongly means whatever just happened is accepted of God. We've been greatly blessed w/ lessons. On our way to reach the SOE. Feeling the Holy Ghost are often feelings (I believe) from our pre-mortal existence & are accepted by God. No wonder trying to be humble is so crucial. We can't afford to risk anything for people's salvation."
Well there's the just of it..I'll include a journal entry sometimes if it isn't to 'personal' or whatever, but I don't mind sharing things for the blog world haha.

We were invited to a Qunsinllera where it's a huge party for a 15 bday....basically it's as big as a Wedding, but we saw this awesome truck (rims).
We have Zone Conference (5/21) and it's at the Stake Center in Pima. I'm singing with one of the ZL's, Sister Hallet from our district, and then another Sister from somewhere else. There willl be a few zones there so it should be sweeet. We're singing the 'Vocal Point' version of "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul." So crazy to think I'll be near my Sister's in-laws! It's like a 6 hour meeting so not sure what's going to throw down.
BMW X4. Sexy.
Apparently DQ is closing down? SUCK! We're a little behind on the news area, but it truly is distracting. We heard about President Monson's wife, so sad, but at least she passed away peacefully.

Fllipping off (not really....I'm a missionary) the 'University of Arizona' A on the little mountain. Go ASU!!
Being on a mission at this age is a once in life time deal, so we're trying to live with no regrets. Busting our butts off for the Lord. So many prayers are directed towards missionaries, it's incredible. Thank you everyone for the prayers, for all missionaries. There's reasons missionaries are able to have the spirit with them, one being because of the prayers from everyone. There really hasn't been one morning where I'm stoked out of my freakin' mind to be awake early...especially days we have to get up sometimes as early as 3am, but there's never a night where I don't love being apart of this work.

You learn on a mission how much credit you give to yourself when the work was greatly influenced by someone else. We always have to ensure that the credit does not go towards ourselves. Without the man above, nothing would happen. It's an opportunity for diligence.
We've been greatly blessed, and things are progressing. Thank you everyone for the incredible support! Love to hear what's going on in everyone's lives! Sounds like a ton of people are going on missions...awesome. Pretty sure half of Utah will be leaving hahah.
So many things are learned on a mission....blows my freakin' mind.

This is the drunk lady that fell off the fridge last week hahahahah
Yo Tengo Sueno.
Stay real. :]
-Elder Hales
D&C 30:11

Thursday, May 16, 2013

[Transfers] Week 14 - Let transfer 3 begin!

Let transfer 3 begin!
I'm typing faster than the computer can catch..
We just got back from the transfer site where we got our new comps! 4/6 Elders left Deming and so we have a new set of Sister Missionaries (spanish speaking) and then my comp. is Elder Daylen from Idaho and he's a Spanish Elder! Looks like I'll be learning Spanish quicker than I thought. Elder Daylen is also the DL and is a very awesome chill dude....he also has to duck a ton to get into our bathroom hahaha sucks pretty hardcore.
We have BD for 'Ryan' who will have to be interviewed by Pres. before he can get baptized, but things are looking good! Also get to see Ashely later tonight which should be cool.

We had an experience with an investigator 'Victor' who hasn't been keeping any commitment....loooong story short, we were talking to him and confidently addressing his concerns... then he finally started saying he had dreams of 'falling into hell' and 'fighting demons' and would wake up with scratches and big bruises....even when he was home alone....creeepy. Not to mention his apartment complex is very old and haunted....well anyways, my heart started pounding pretty hard which usually means I need to give a blessing...I asked him if he wanted one and he said sure. We moved away from the swearing and drug smell onto a very creepy porch where I gave him a it, it casted out 'evil spirits' a couple times.....woahh. We felt them leave which was the strange thing! Afterwards he was speechless and said he felt 'good.' I've never had such a directed blessing before, so glad to be able to be a part of this incredible work. The work is hastening! We got back to our apartment where E. Flint asked for a blessing because he felt their 'presence.' that blessing, in the name of Jesus Christ, it casted them out and then we felt so much better after.

On our way to Silver City for a Zone meeting, our transmission exploded....suck. We now have a 2013 Corolla that goes from 0-60 in 14 seconds.....SUCK. hahah.
We've been through 9 baptism dates and haven't had one actually happen yet....there will be in June, I'm feeling good about it. Can't wait to finally get one.

Mosiah 26:38

We've learned we have two prostitutes on both sides of us...and maybe a lesbian of them offered herself to my comp. hahahah. Oh gosh. We heard a really loud bang Sunday Morning and so we went in the laundry room where there was this very drunk lady.....chillin' in the ceiling hahaha. No idea what her purpose was hahah. Then when she tried to get down hahahaha....she tried to land on a table and just completely ATE IT hahaha. She was fine....and drunk. We didn't really know what to do hahah.

Got to skype home on Mother's day! So awesome! CB started drinking a Monster the second I skyped them.....O_o hahaha

We got to play soccer for 30 mins (in church clothes) with the Spanish I miss soccer!

Well time to go! We have our new district, and now it's time to go back to work. Hoping to teach lots over the next couple weeks..

Thank you everyone for the letters, prayers,'s truly helped me along. Another weeks in Deming! :D :(
Alma 1:25
-Elder Dallin Hales

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 13 - My companion is on his last week on his mission.

What's up reality!
This past week was pretty descent as my comp. is on his last week on his mission. Pretty insane stuff.

"Bloom where God plants you." haha we thought this was appropriate.
We got a call from a member who had someone recently get out of jail and wanted us to talk to him that day, his name is Ryan and he's awesome. At the time we had a lesson with a couple other investigators, so I we went on splits with the Spanish Elders and it was very awesome. Their names are Samantha and Ernest and we tracting into them like 95% of our investigators. Sam was actually the one who worked on my teeth down here hahahah small world....or town. The first lesson they didn't open up to much and so I was hoping and praying all would work out. The lesson was very spirit driven and we all had a good laugh and they opened up to us. Being lead by the spirit, we got them both BD's for June 8th! They're going down to Disneyland otherwise we'd have it earlier. Can't wait! They were a house we did an 'appointment with the Lord' and I felt impressed to tract the rest of that street....we talked to Ernest and then finally went back. If you don't follow the promptings we receive, no matter how small, special opportunities will pass....and it blows.
Genesis 31:36 hahahah. I'm mature.
One night we had a LARC see us then go inside, another family who we made eye contact with on two different days then they got up and went into another room and turned off the lights, then having others ignore, it's been a week of learning, just like every week in our lives.
I'm officially 1/15 through the bible....FTW.
I've been on quite a few exchanges with the Spanish Elders, and am learning as much Spanish as possible...although earlier today we had the same girl who had a 5 minute conversation with me in Spanish knock on our door and started going crazy in Espanolo and then gave us some OJ....well thanks! I hope "Mucho gracias hermana! Thank you! *sign 'thank you' in sign language" was appropriate hahah. One day I'll be able to communicate!
Another time we had to translate a blessing I was giving to a sick lady, it was different, but it's just more motivation for learning Spanish. My P-blessing says "gift of tongues" which doesn't mean another language, but I'm hoping I'm helped along the way and know it's possible.
Apparently they do bombing near here in the desert for the military for practice because it's the closest thing to Iraq as they can get hahaha. Go Deming.
Next week's email will be probably on Tuesday because of transfers! Very anxious and stoked to see what happens. We know that at least 2 Elders are being transferred, not including my companion Elder Flint leaving.

Although we counted about 12 active families within our ward, the member missionary work is not really there, but we are doing everything we can. The members love us which we are greatful for and are willing to try things out.
There's things like plants called "jumping choya" that make things interesting...we haven't seen any (yet) but once you get poked by a jumping choya, it attacks you and literally jumps at trippy! "Everything here is either dead or wants you dead." Fair enough.
We also went to the temple last Friday which was 'dope'. It was fun to see places where Christy/Ben lived! I laughed when I saw the Walmart because it was something my sister 'got ready' for because there wasn't a whole in that town hahah. It was weird that people acknowledged us as Elders and liked to talk to us! Safford highest members for an area in our whole mission, so it'll be different when I eventually hopefully serve there!

the only temple in our mission, luckily it was only a couple hours from Deming. So nice to do a session.
We're going running everyday this week!
D&C 122:7 "All these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for they good."
D&C 123:17 "let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power."
Life is good.
Peace out errybody! :]
just fyi
Elder Dallin Hales
Arizona Tucson Mission
939 W. Chapala Drive
Tucson, AZ 85704-4516
Love ya'll!