Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 99 - "Merry Christmas Elders!! She's not a member. Go for it."

So done. There's no snow anywhere here!! :D It's pretty rad. Most people don't like it, but it's legit. This week is going to be crazy with the things that are happening for New Year's and MLC. Last Christmas, I came down with a bug. The same thing happened to me this year...hmm.. I wonder what God is trying to teach me? What am I not thankful for??
At the Passey's on Christmas with the missionaries they had over for dinner.
Let's start with some sweet miracles!! 

Kelly is a referral, who is just amazing. Holy cow. Her father is a member with dementia and her mother is not a Kelly wasn't sure if she was a member or not....we contacted our clerk who contacted some dude in SLC to find out if she was....while Elder Teichert and I were in a meeting with Pres., I looked down and read: "Merry Christmas Elders!! She's not a member. Go for it." SWEET!! Kelly was also excited knowing that she'll get to see her own baptism at 29 years old and remember it well. Kelly is one who read about the word of wisdom online at and quit alcohol, caffeine (going the extra mile) and coffee. Holy cow. Who does that? People that have been prepared!! So far we've taught her the Restoration and Plan of Salvation and her understanding is mind-blowing. We teach each other! Last night in our lesson we all couldn't stop smiling because of how dedicated Kelly is. She is the most prepared investigator I've had my entire mission. It was crazy to say, "If you know these things are true, and turns out you're not a member, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?" haha it was great. Oh man. Can't wait for January 24!! God has definitely blessed us. Looks like the mission fast is working miracles already.

Adrian is another investigator of ours we were able to work with during Christmas break! Very few YSA's remained in Tucson for the break. Adrian tore his ACL and is scared for a few things in the future. He found the church after a buddy of his invited him to come to a lesson, Adrian accepted to think it was a joke...until he felt something he hadn't felt before. We gave him a blessing to help him in his life and also his knee. Adrian is in the middle of fighting off some temptations that may be holding him back. Gah. Whenever we set a baptism date, we let them know to buckle down. Satan is about to go hard. You know that if Satan is working hard at something, that the pain is only temporary, and the blessings are way more valuable. 
#nofilter Welcome to AZ! 
 Christmas was this past week! Wooh!! We were on the road almost all of Thanksgiving, luckily Christmas wasn't!! We got to call home!! wooh!! It was great to hear my family and their voices! Whenever you don't hear from your family for a while (like 2 years) you begin to think about all the crazy change that has probably happened. Then you talk with them and realize that circumstances have changed, but they're still the awesome family you had before....they just keep growing in size each call home! :] 
Check out the sweet as Christmas tree :D Hint: it has 1000g of Sugar! :D
Something that I've been thinking about a lot lately while in the last chunk of my mish, is not becoming numb to miracles. I saw in myself that because we are always going around do so many different things, that it's easy to just take things as they are and not take time or effort to recognize the miracles around us. You can't become numb to the Atonement! Pretty crazy how important the little things are in life. I'm grateful for this chance to serve. Elder Simpson goes home this Saturday who has been an incredible example to me and has taught me some of the most valuable principles that I still stay close too, such as having confidence in your choices. 

Some crazy events this week are "M.U.D." and MLC. Mission Unity Day is Jan. 1 from 9-3 and is a MISSION-WIDE event. I have the layout right in front of me. Hours of sports, crafts, Sonoran dogs, talent show, and tons of fun with the entire mission. Today we only have a half p-day since Thursday will be most an all-day event. It's always fun to get missionaries the right housing for the night and to work with missionaries with travel arrangements. Friday is MLC. This one will be great!! Elder Teichert and I will be training on "Testifying and Promising Blessings." We're bringing back a basic principle since the mission is becoming young again. 
Meeting with Elders Obray and Gudmundson for a our transferly meeting. The ZL's out here are SO awesome and dedicated.
PMG: "When you testify, you help create an environment for investigators to feel the Holy Ghost confirming your witness of the truth. This prepares them to accept the commitments you will extend."

Not a whole lot else happened this past week. All I know is how grateful I am for this gospel. I learned that a priesthood blessing combined with a butt load of Vitamin C and a Sauna in the morning at the gym, is the best formula to get feeling better :] I'm grateful for the strength the Atonement gives us. I'm grateful for this chance I have been given to finish strong in this calling and ward! Our ward is so awesome and it looks like God will bless me with 1 or 2 more baptisms before I head home in Feb. I love you all and love hearing from you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR YO!! (feel free to go to my mom or dad's house to party)

-Elder Dallin. J. Hales

Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 98 - "Elders, you're up."

HO HO HO everybody!!! :D Mrry Christmas!

Let's begin with an eye opening miracle that I forgot to include last week.

Elder Dalling and I just got done with exchanges and had a lesson at the institute at 8:30 with Kayla, a recent-convert. When we got there, we were a few minutes late, there was a man laying on the ground with people standing around him...hmm...the man that was lying down was out cold. Apparently he had a seizure of some kind and fell and hit his head really hard. It's happened before, but this time was a little bit more serious. As we walked up, the group around them said, "Elders, you're up." Having no idea what happened, Elder Dalling annointed Todd and I gave the blessing. It was pretty intense giving a blessing to someone who was out cold. What will the blessing say? To be honest, I don't really remember, other than that he would arise "shortly." Almost instantly after we finished the blessing, he fluttered his eyes, and then rolled over. He gained consciousness and then shortly was able to walk to a car to go home, after the paramedics treated him. It was such a miracle! A minute after, we headed on our way to continue with what was planned. I love the priesthood.

This past week, Elder Teichert and I probably spend a solid 5 or so hours in our area. Probably the most tired week of mission (and it doesn't help I cut the pre-workout weeks ago). Waking up at 4 for days in a row has a toll on you! But the Atonement always pulls through. How cray? In those 5 hours of work we actually had, we were able to find 2 new investigators from referrals and also set a baptism date with Megan!! The Lord blessed us even though the whole week we were traveling around the entire mission, and working with transfer things. What a crazy and exhausting week. Holy cow. That's the effect of only a few companionships not getting changed. 
The Ott's!! Sierra Vista miracle couple. 
Adrian and Kelly were the new investigators in that slim amount of time. Adrian was taught up at EAC (woo!) and almost was baptized. He has a couple concerns to work with before he heads out to the military Jan. 20th. Here we go. Then we have Kelly, a referral from the Sisters. She is 28ish, and isn't sure if she was baptized. Her dad has dementia and can't remember either. She had no knowledge until recently finding and studying it. We're trying to find if she's a member or not so we can move forward. She's so solid and has been through a lot lately, and just wants to get closer to God.

Megan is also doing great! Although, she wasn't at church -_- blah. We set a date with her and she accepted with no hesitation. Growing up JW, and not knowing who Christ is aloud us to set good expectations with her and really means she needs the Book of Mormon more than anything. She works 6 days a week from 8-8, so they'll be short lessons. But sometimes those are the best!!

Remember an old companion from Sierra Vista, Elder Simpson? Woot! He spends a coupe days out of the week with us while he's not on exchanges. He's getting us swole and we're having a good time with the work.

Our mission had a mission-wide fast yesterday where all the missionaries fasted to help progressing investigators towards baptism. President Killpack set a goal of 500 baptisms at the beginning of the year. A week or two ago, we were at 480....we might hit it!!! It's well over 100 more than last year's. Wow. So great to be apart of this work. I love being able to work with all the missionaries in the ATM. To see how they're growing and what can be done to help them all out. Next week we have MUD (mission unity day) where the whole mission will come together for sports and crafts, and then MLC the next day where Elder Teichert and I will train. I can't believe how much time isn't left. There isn't any slowing down in sight! There's an MLC the Friday before I leave. I'm excited to finish with all I have left. 
 Saying goodbye to Elder Netane, and Elder Dalling at the airport. This group was such a good group. I learned so much from these two companions, but we'll reunite in the future!
Thank you to all. The church is true and #Heisthegift!! Thank you for all the support from everyone this Christmas season. I love you all!!

Family? I'll talk to you on Thursday!! wootwoot!!

-Elder Dallin Hales 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[Transfers] Week 97 - I can't believe I already have a new companion

Constant phone calls/texts. Organizing. Teaching. Traveling. Meetings. Trainings. It's been another eventful week of the #missionlife! Elder Dalling is up in Gilbert at the temple with all the missionaries that are going home tomorrow morning. We'll be taking them to the airport. It's going to be very hard saying bye to this set. 26 of them are going home, including about 3 of them whom I've been companions with and have learned so much from. Oh boy.
Picture spot. Welcome to Tucson!!
Meanwhile, we're still teaching people! Last week we were able to finish transfer board with President. Wow. A huge transfer with movement and closing areas. A while back, we were at 286 missionaries, and we are projected to be at around 200 in the oncoming months Helloo! Amongst the choas, we received a referral from a recentish-convert who fell away from the church for a while...she called us and asked us to go see her roommate! We headed over there and found Megan. She has been going through a lot. Growing up JW and not reading many scriptures in her childhood meant for a good Book of Mormon lesson. She has recently tried to end her life, but now is the time to really begin it. We have had 2 lessons with her and will set a BD with her when we're able to teach her again. The peace that you could see came over her after the lesson was amazing. When we went back another day, she was much happier. Both of them will be coming to church this week and are excited to be back in gear.
 Kayla (left) and Kirsten (right) celebrating Elder Dalling's bday!
While in a lesson with Lindsey, a member, she said "Listen for understanding, not response." The power of listening has stood out so much recently!! Not too often to we realize how much we're listening to someone, when in reality we need to! Talking is nothing without listening :D

A cool testimony-building experience from transfer board happened. After one day, being almost done with the board, President prayed (like usual) on his knees asking about the transfer, if it was right and to help know who may not be in a good spot. I remember very well looking up at the board and seeing all the pictures of the missionaries, and seeing them with none of their problems coming to mind, no negative things being brought to my thoughts, only seeing them for who God sees the becoming. When you see missionaries with that look, you can know where they need to go to find God's elect. It went in my journal. :D
#Christmascard. We love the Passey's. They are incredible people. 
We average about 5 hours of sleep each night. Holy crap.

Two days ago, I sang in sacrament meeting in a trio! It was our first time singing it with one of the guys, but it went well! 

Man. This next week, it's time to travel around the mission once again! We'll be visiting with all the Zone Leaders going over a few things from last transfer and some more goals and other things. Gila Valley, Deming, Sierra Vista, and St. David here we come! Then next week is a little bit more less-traveling.

The work is progressing out here and I'm grateful for it. I can't believe I already have a new companion, Elder Teichert, and that Elder Dalling leaves tomorrow morning along with 25 others. I'm grateful to be able to work with God's children and to see them more and more as God does. No problems happen, when you see others as God does. Too bad I'm just a stubborn punk! I love the gospel and the chance to share our testimonies. I know that if we continue to always wake up at 6:30 no matter when we fell asleep, that God will give us the strength for that day. The new missionaries that have come in have so many things ahead of them. I sure am jealous. 
Right after running with the new missionaries up to the Mormon Battalion, straight from the airport! 
Thanks to all who have sent me Christmas cards and letters along with packages. My heart is full yo!!
Good luck to my friends who are going home already!
Love you all mucho mas. 

-Elder Hales

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 96 - The power of fasting is real my friends.

"Holdin' on my mission.
All the people that I'll be missin'.
Brother Blake, Todd and Ashley were so sincere.
One day we'll have no more fear.
Eye to eye at the bar, we will stay.
And He will say....

My son, thank you for your service.
You left to find a purpose.
To come back with no regret."

Hello. :D There's a song I wrote a couple nights ago while waiting for calls. It was a great week! From MLC, New Missionary Trainer meeting, and Spanish conference, it went super well and the Lord blessed us in all trainings. The power of fasting is real my friends.
Our MLC group!! 
First off, our mission is having a mission unity day on Jan. 1, 2015, aka  "MUD" (guess who came up with that one :D) the whole mission will be coming together to have a fun day of sports and crafts and a brief training. Can't wait! Another mission-wide thing we're doing is a mission fast on Dec. 21 so we can reach 500 baptisms by the end of the year. We're suuper close!! At MLC we offered the idea to do a fast and they all liked it. wootwoot!!

MLC was great! The Lord led us in our discussion. President Passey had to leave for about half of it due to some emergency stuff, so we conducted a good portion of it and gave a couple trainings. We're excited to attend some zone meeting's this week and see how they are all able to take it back to their zones!

Leticia is a recent convert who has come SUCH a long way. The Law of Chastity was a big change for her and her conversion, but now she's that much more close to God and really does have a special spirit about her. 

The New Missionary Training meeting also went well. It was fun to hear all their comments after 3 weeks of their missions gone by. Man, at 3 weeks out, it was a different experience in Demnation! boo yeah!
Getting some training done Monday night!!
Then we had the Spanish conference for 5 hours on Wednesday. Our mission president is fluent in Spanish, and it ran smoothly. Although I was the only missionary there that didn't know how to speak spanish, I could understand roughly 30% or so. I was able to make a couple comments when the spirit was hitting me hard, and they said it fit in very well with what was being said. The spirit is so powerful, whether you understand the language or not.
All the spanish speaking missionaries in the ATM....and me.
"When we invite members to do missionary work, we invite them to do the same work that unifies God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost." - Elder Petrungaro - we went on an exchange and had a very cool experience while campus contacting. After being rejected super hard core, we kept walking and found a girl on the bench that was doing a final. She has been interested in learning more about religion and was very interested in the message of the Restoration. It was inspired that we walked campus. Throughout the week, there's a lot of....non-church approved things happening on campus, but that's why you keep your eye single to the glory of God! Or else nothing will get done. There's a reason that not every missionary will serve on campus. Some days, loads of guys and girls (not modestly ALL) load up on buses and go down to Mexico to get wasted for the weekend. It's pretty crazy serving on a campus of one of the biggest party schools in the nation, but there's still lots of people that need the gospel. This past week we experienced a protest that happened....luckily it didn't delay anything :D
Elder Hall my son! And Elder Gosper on the right. 
Just over a year ago, Elder Hall and I did an appointment with the Lord in East Tucson, with a member. We felt prompted specifically to knock on a door at the end of the street, for some strange reason. Well. We did!! We taught him and passed him off to YSA....guess what?? He was BAPTIZED OVER THE SUMMER!! Heck yeah!!! Oh man, it was so good to see him and how the gospel's had an effect on his life. Not much has come from tracting, but most of it comes later on.
James!!! Who we tracted into a year ago, was later baptized by the YSA missionaries!!
One night, Elder Dalling and I basketball contacted a chinese person (my brother would be proud). The next time we headed over for our appointment, and he wasn't 3 other chinese dudes were! We played a couple rounds of basketball and taught them briefly about Christ!! It was super fun, but they really can't understand much Spanish? Chinese? Let's go!!!!

So I might be singing in sacrament meeting next week...hmmm..

Last night, President called the next assistant. His name is Elder Teichert!! He will be my last companion of my mission for the next 7 week transfer, starting next week. He's a 3 time state champ. wrestler and is from a very small town. This week he'll be with us as we tackle down the transfer board with President in preparation for transfers next week. Can't believe it's almost here. This transfer was only 5 weeks long. Taking over an area, and now training a new assistant seems like a good challenge, but I'm excited to finish strong and see what miracles God has in store for us with other missionaries, investigators, and of course our incredible mission President. I know this church is true and that fasting helps us access the Atonement by putting forth our spirit in front of our bodies. I'm grateful for Elder Dalling and the things he has taught about leadership and ministering unto others. I have learned so much the past month, and am excited to learn more. The church is so true, and God is always good.

Merry Christmas!! Best time of the year. 
Where we're emailing! Sister Burns, the office secretary, made us scarfs! wootwoot
 D&C84:61 For I will forgive you of your sins with this commandment—that you remain steadfast in your minds in solemnity and the spirit of prayer, in bearing testimony to all the world of those things which are communicated unto you.

-Elder Hales 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 95 - happiness comes from living the gospel.

Something I've truly realized is that true happiness comes from living the gospel. Kayla (recent convert) made a huge scripture chain about happiness about one of our lessons with her and Leticia, another recent convert. The lesson went super well about the importance of journal writing along with a mormon message. They are both very happy and the gospel has healed them both physically and spiritually. Pretty remarkable. 

hahah they say that money doesn't buy happiness....but money does buy a wave runner.....have you ever seen anyone not happy on a wave runner?

haha. Rad.

This past week we headed up to the Gila Valley and Sierra Vista for Thanksgiving. Up there we did some service along with some blitzs! The day was super great. I went on an exchange with an Elder Price up in Safford and was able to find a new LA to teach along with a new investigator who we set a baptism date with in the 10 mins of talking with him! Elder Price was inspired where for us to go that day, and it paid off! Seeing people up in the Gila Valley was SO good to see. I have so much respect for the YSA's up there and miss them all hardcore. The next morning we did a blitz in Sierra Vista and found a bunch of potentials! On our way there, we randomly stopped by a member's home that used to feed us and help teach investigators all the time. Their testimonies were very strong and they were great missionaries. We went over there and apparently they haven't been active in the church and only consider themselves "friends" in the marriage....oh man. We were able to be straight forward with them along with baring our testimonies. The spirit was there. Man. It was sad to see people go through rough times...I know that they'll come back soon enough.

Another inspired move! One of Elder Simpson and I's recent convert's had some very rough times that day. The 3 of us showed up at her door randomly after not seeing her since last April when I left, and she started crying right when she opened the door. It was a blessing to see what the gospel has done in her life since she was baptized. She truly is a testimony builder for many. We were able to share a message and try to bring some comfort to her and her kids and we hope that things will be well with them.

Alma56:47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.
With a new missionary, Elder Coesins!
This past week, Elder Dalling and I went on 10 exchanges in 4 days...holy shoz. It was crazy! We can be honest to say that it wasn't the best week for our area, but the YSA's were gone for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we'll be training at MLC about "The Power of Listening" and will be hitting on many key points that we hope will help the mission, shortly after that, all the trainers and new missionaries will be coming in for their follow-up training, and then on Wednesday we have a 5 hour Spanish Conference for 60 or so case you didn't know, I barely speak English. So it'll be fun. Our training tomorrow will be based a lot on Mathew 14:25-31 and the power of listening. We're suuper stoked!! :D When they know you're listening, they will feel the spirit.
Hmm...contacting on UofA campus during the ASUvsUoA football, this town was CRAZY after the game.
One thing we have talked about quite a bit is being positive....we are faced with a lot of mission problems and things that need to get fixed. It's crucial to stay focused on the positive things no matter what. It's time to have a meeting! I love you all so much and love hearing from the things that are (or aren't) going on wherever you are! 

-Elder Hales

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 94 - fear sin instead of repentance

11 And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you;

12 That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing.

17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
My brain turns to mush more and more each week because of the incredible things that happen everyday! Wow. I have my notebook that I write in during the week to remind me what to write home about....except now I just look at it and can't remember a lot of it happening haha. Pres. told us that if we don't read the Book of Mormon now, we won't read it when we're home. He especially asked us to read it everyday, no matter what. We spent a couple days working on new forms for the missionaries for when they do calls, and it was quite the process. But no one really cares to hear about that shtuff, so let's get to the sweet as.
There's a promise that if you look out the window at the McDonald's near here, that every 10 mins you'll see someone jump the fence to America. hahahah
Kayla, a recent convert, gave a talk last night at a UofA fireside. (my companion is acting as the secretary answering phones haha) and she did awesome! She's one of the most sincere members out there. Every time she reads she takes a full page of notes and retains so much of the things that she learns. Kayla had a brain tumor and slowly went down hill. She has a full scholarship for UofA track and runs a mile in 4:38 minutes! Just insane. She's one of the members that you meet that teaches you many things, as you try to teach them. 

One of our investigators is Elizabeth! She is worried about what her family thinks and also has questions about pets in heaven. Our lessons with her have been great as we've taught L1 and L2. She won't quite accept a date but we know with time she will. 

There's so many things to be learned on a mission. I've learned a lot about confidence along with administering vs ministering. While talking with missionaries lately, I've learned that if you don't express charity while administering, you won't have any respect towards you. If you don't express charity while ministering, nothing will be learned or taught. I can't remember who it was but they said nothing is more important in your schedule than making time to read and pray. It's so true!!
We take turns praying upon the Rameumptom haha
One night, the YSA's took us to a Vegan restaurant. Can't say I'd like to eat it everyday, but it sure was healthy! 

If we fear sin instead of repentance, it allows ourselves to accept the Atonement more frequently. So many people fear repentance. Lame sauce.

Elder Dayley who's home now, sent me this link when we were in Deming over a year ago!! 

Another investigator we have is Alexa! She was a referral! We're focusing on what her desires are (the YSA's at church, or the gospel) but our last lesson went well as she had some good questions from tithing, to caffeine (that's a fun one to teach :D) 

Sorry this week was so short. There's a few things we need to get done today with mr. President! I love you all and pray for so many of you all the time. The church is so true. I know that no matter how many times we read the Book of Mormon, say a prayer, hear a testimony, or think a positive thought, that we can always learn something new each and every time. The 1st vision has such a powerful effect.

-Elder D.J. Hales

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 93 - Elder Dalling and I basically toured the mission.

Man. My adjectives are going downhill pretty quick....awesome.

Well, ah junk. Another week has somehow gone by. This transfer is only 5 weeks total, so there's only a month left! My companion goes home at the end of this transfer too! It does seem like a bit of a load coming on with the big mission events that will be happening, but aye, God makes erry thing possible right? :D

I quickly learned that while we're out staying busy with other missionaries or some administrative things, God always blesses us. Alexa is an investigator whom we've met with 3 times this past week and was a referral while we were working with the new missionaries from last week. Alexa is doing great! ALMOST accepted a date for baptism, but isn't quite there. The 3 lessons we've had were powerful and she says she'd felt much peace and feels good about it all. Her family is all that supportive, which is probably one of the biggest reasons as to why YSA's don't get baptized...I saw it up at EAC in the Gila Valley, and I've seen it here already. Alexa is moving along and will be at FHE tonight.

From Friday to Saturday, Elder Dalling and I basically toured the mission. At the beginning of every transfer, we'll meet with the zone leaders from every zone, sit down with them and talk about a few different things such as goals and missionaries, along with blitzing any areas that may need help. Friday we went to St. David, Sierra Vista, and the Gila Valley (it was like a reunion! :D) and then Saturday morning we went out to good ol Deming New Mexico aka Demnation!! Man. It was so good to be back. The blitzes went great and it brought back memories of trying to teach Spanish people. Gift of tongues be upon us! The touring went great and it reeeally helps with getting to know the missionaries around the mission, which is a goal for this transfer. So many missionaries!! While on the tour, we received another referral!
 In Deming, NM working some missionaries. We stopped by this home because it's where Todd and Ashley used to live when I served out there. Todd past away a year ago last April. Such great memories and lessons learned in this place.
The past week, Elder Teio has been staying with us and being with us as a trio companionship. He's a big 270 Tahitian who is a professional boxer Champion. yeah. He could eat me. He's doing great in lessons! Last night we did splits with members and taught Elizabeth who is another investigator who is slowly coming along. After that we taught Kayla who is one of the most incredibly solid recent converts out here. She's incredible. She had brain surgery two weeks ago and recovered miraculously! She read the BOM before her baptism and took suuper detailed notes. It's people like that that make you want to become better everyday.

While up in the Gila Valley, we taught a few people with the zl's up there. With only a total of about 5 hours in our area last week, there was some cool moments throughout the mission! A recent convert said "A testimony is only words, without love." Boom. It was great to see some people from old areas. 
The Zone Leader's out in St. David! Best housing in the mission.
There's a lady that just walked into the mission office who's indian.
A recent convert and Elder Mariluch right after a baptism
Well everyone I know that the church is true. I'm grateful to say that I KNOW this church is true. I can't believe how much time left and haven't even counted how many weeks are left because it's scary :D I'm grateful to be working with God's children. Sometimes you feel like you meet people so they can open your eyes to new things. Wow this church is so incredible. 

I love you all!!! 

I wish I had an accent.

-Elder D. Joseph Hales

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[Transfers] Week 92 - University of Arizona YSA 5th Ward!

It feels super weird being in your last area of your two-year mission. I will still have one more companion, but it still feels super weird. I was transferred over to the University 5th ward Sunday night so we could pick up missionaries from the airport yesterday, do many other things, and then also President matched the up with their trainers and we all gave some trainings to them! What an exciting time! :D I love the work in the YSA. I will learn quickly that you can fulfill your purpose other than helping investigators feel the spirit. There a TON of things going on before I go home, so I'll be busy, but doing the Lord's work. 

A quick recap of my last week in the great Butterfield Ward!! :D Man I love that ward to death. 
The Witbeck's!!
I was bouncing back and forth between my area in West Tucson and the assistants area getting trained for future stuff. But we had some awesome experiences! 
Us in the office!
Staci and Mark are doing SO good! Staci texted us two night ago asking some information so she could send me her "baptism invitation." YES!!! Mark and Staci I'll never forget. Mark came up to me at church after he bore his testimony for the first time in 9 years, and had tears in his eyes and said, "Your work here is done. You've done what you were supposed to, so thank you." Saturday we had a dual-ward activity where there was 2 missionary stations that taught about PMG and role playing, and then the last part was where we had Kellie (recent convert) and Staci and Mark all bare their testimonies. After that, our mission President spoke and then it ended. All of their testimonies were incredible. Staci posted on FB on Halloween about meeting us and how it's changed her perspective on her Pagan childhood life. I love seeing the effect this gospel has on families. It's my testimony that this gospel changes families and prepares the for eternal and temporal happiness. And that happiness is available to anyone. Yup. God is good.
Mark and Staci! As soon as their marital situation is good to go, she will get baptized! :D
Kellie is doing SUUUPER well too! She is a part of the ward and is involved! I've always loved Kellie because she says things how they really are and "cuts the fluff." I will miss her greatly. Thank goodness for FB.

I've looked back and have noticed how inspiration plays such a big role in each area. In each area, we've come up with different dinner messages to the members. It's crazy how they grasp onto certain messages.
Sierra Vista: The Lord's Game Plan
Gila Valley: The 1st Vision and the "Willing and Brief"
West Tucson: Preach My Gospel discussion
U5: We'll see! :D
The Rigg's family! This family is incredible.....let's just say we got along well :D I miss them already.
There are some incredible people in the Butterfield ward. The Rigg's, Bekah, Kellie, Mark, Staci, Bishop Harline and family, Price's, Wilson's, Jensen's, Camyle. So many incredible people. The testimonies on Sunday were almost all about missionary work. I've been blessed to be able to look back and see that the member work in the West Stake is beginning to change. Members are having miracles instead of just missionaries. Our Zone Meeting went great on Wednesday. I was sad it was my last Zone Meeting as a ZL to train at. The training's went well and the spirit was there. We were able to cut miles down a TON the 3 months I was there. It's great to look back and see the progress that was made. I'm so grateful to serve.
West Tucson zone!!
One thing that my testimony grew about was the inspiration that mission President's truly do have. I was able to do the transfer board last week for transfers today for the mission. On Wednesday, all the missionaries kept asking where they were going. At the end of our zone meeting, I asked who wanted to know where they were going....and then I bore testimony about the spirit that confirms in President Passey's heart as he prays on bended knee for the missionaries. It's a spiritual experience. You back President up 100% because he holds the keys for this mission. Wow. I'm excited to do it again in December!

I'm trying not to write about a ton of administrative stuff! There is so many things happening, that need to be confidential. But yesterday and today we got to spend time with the brand new missionaries in the mission! They arrived yesterday! We've done a few trainings for them and helped them get excited to be on a mission! Conducting at the transfer site this morning with a ton of missionaries was a new experience, but I know that the Lord doesn't call the qualified, but that he qualifies whom he calls to help that person learn and grow. hah. So true. I'm so greatful for the power of the Atonement. It absolutely blows me away to think of how much pain one person went through. In Mosiah 3:7 it refers to "every pore" compared the new testament where it references "great drops of blood." Another example to why the BOM is true! I love this gospel with my whole heart and can't wait to see what progress is to be made the next 3 months.

I love you all! Letters are still amazing! :D Go do some missionary work yo!

-Elder Dallin Hales

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 91 - "Hey are you Mormon??"

Hello therr errybody!! :D

Mark and Staci are doing AWESOME!!! Their story goes:
Our zone wanted to make a zone shirt! Sweet! After we mission "appropriated" it they are done! The first time we went in there, a guy had a sweet British accept who was from the Isle of Man. Legit. He hasn't been to church in years since moving to the states back then, but still has a solid testimony. His record are still back on the Isle of Man where he used to be active and very involved. His wife/girlfriend and Mark both have two young kids. They have had a crazy past, especially her. Before high school she was in the party scene a bit and went through SO many things. They are both very good spirits and you can tell when you walk into someone's home, what kind of values they have with their family. They had a very good feeling in their home! They both live in our area and close to us! On the first night we met them, she asked us about tithing, and that seemed to be her only concern already. Whenever we go over she always turns to Mark and says, "I think this is right for us." or something to that sort. No doubt she feels the spirit drawing her closer and closer to the message we share. We've taught the Restoration and part of the Plan. During the 1st vision, I kept praying that their kids would be silent, and they were! Almost committing to a baptism date too! She has been praying and reading. She wants to feel accepted and doesn't want to be judged for her tattoos and what not...can't really blame her! They came to our ward's Trunk or Treat along with a couple other non-members and they both came to Stake Conference yesterday. We sang in the choir. Woot. Anyways, they are coming along awesome and are an answer to our prayers and definitely feel led to them. Fasting and prayer works! We are always physically led along with spiritually. A family in our ward invited them over to dinner and FHE tonight with them along with ourselves. Can't Wait!!!

Crossfit never felt so good last Tuesday morning at 5:30. AH.

Alma 29:6 really opened my eyes, making me realize there's no reason we should't enjoy the place we are in right now.
 Now, seeing that know these things, why should desire morethan to perform the work to which have been called?

Elder Hickenlooper texted us to do a blitz! #inspired They came out and we blitzed an area. I was with Elder Daniel and towards the end of the blitz time, we saw two sweet miracles! After tracting out a few streets, one man was outside who starting talking with us. He was recently out of jail. Boom! Baptism date! Church commit! Wooh! It was awesome! THEN! The very next house a man opened up and was suuuper open with us about religion and said for the Elders to come back last Saturday and they did! Woah! Miracles often happen when your faith is enduring your efforts.
Out blitzing!
Another cool missionary moment was while walking in our apt. complex, a YSA was walking and I asked, "Hey are you Mormon??" and she said "No, but some of my friends are!" She walked towards us and turns out, she has read from the BOM and accepted missionaries to come over. That is why we must talk with everyone. Too bad we're not YSA.

Last night we had a missed voicemail from President asking for me to call him back, he answered and we had a good chat. He asked me to be the next assistant, so looks like things just got switched up from now until I go home! Transfers aren't until next Tuesday (not sure when I'll even get to email home) but I'm going to a UoA YSA ward where the work is great! Elder Hickenlooper will be missed!!

Today for PDAY we're doing our zone olympics!! We have multiple events planned
and all have our zone shirts! A great way to end a transfer. Our zone meeting will also be this Wednesday....not too sure about timing since I'll be switching areas multiple times this week, but who knows! It'll all work out.

I want to let everyone know, how humbling this opportunity is to be a missionary for God. I am so grateful for this chance to make my main focus of my efforts and worries about God's children and not myself. I've found that when I think of myself, stress comes. So it's a process! When worry comes, it's often because I want the best for others. I know that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration and I know that all of us are missionaries for the rest of our lives. Here, and the spirit world. I can't wait for the joy that will come when we see our brothers and sisters once again in Heaven, converted with all their beliefs towards Heavenly Father.

I love this church because it's true!!

I love you all!!

-Elder Hales