Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Transfers] Week 38 - I'm now training Elder Hall!

Holy shnoz, I can't believe today is the beginning of transfer #7 and coming up on 9 months. WHAT?

Well crap, where to start. Sunday we got transfer calls and President called us and told Elder Auva'a that he's being transferred to Central Tucson and is now comp's with a BYU Rugby Player. SICK. Then he asked if I could train! So I'm now training Elder Hall. He's from Boise, Idaho (quite a change from Samoa haha) and is so stoked to be out here. We didn't find out until this morning who our companions were and then we had a 4 hour meeting after that, so we're stoked to be in this companionship. Will be doing my best to train Elder Hall. We'll be doing the 12 week program and see what we can make of it!
Had no idea who I was training until this morning, his name is Elder Hall and he's a stud. AWE YEAH.

Sooooo...there's an investigator in our apartment complex who is Penecostal and believes to pray in 'tongues'. One night, we said a prayer with her and then she started chanting stuff and then told me to 'pray in tongues'...I looked at her and was like "uhhh....I'm good! We can say a prayer in English!" so it was..different. Nothing against her at all and she's a really nice and kind lady. Crazy things happen on the mish. haha. 
Elder Ta'Ofi is from Australia! Not Utah. He calls me Eminem.

There's times while on a mission when you just do or say something really sudden and randomly....last week while biking to an appointment, we past a guy was walking on the side walk. Usually we say something to them and if they respond at all...we might talk with them! The guy whose name is Nick was walking down the sidewalk and looked at us, and then I randomly asked, "Do you need any help?" He said, "Yes, maybe later?" We went over a couple nights later, taught the Restoration and set a baptism date with him. AWESOME! The lesson went really well. Right after, he said he was going to go talk with his mom....we haven't followed up with him since, but I hope she didn't bash us to him..if he's prepared, he's prepared. If not, we were able to plant a seed. Can only hope for the best.
This is the usual group that played Football every once in a while on Saturday nights with investigators. WHADDUP.

One night our ward mission leader and us put together a 'Family Home Evening' for anyone who could come. One of our investigators John showed up and had been sober alll day...but then showed up and was hammered...in the middle of it we took him outside and literally almost carried him home because he pounded some Vodka right before he came over. Man. Freakin' Satan. He recently broke up with his ex, then called up his other ex from California who then showed up a few days later and is now living with John....and apparently they're engaged....wow. Little bit of a REBOUND, but hopefully it's God's plan! I might wait a day to introduce my comp. to John haha. Hmm...we hope to plan a date for them both, and get them married in the oncoming weeks.
ELDER ROMNEY! We hung out yeeears back a few times and was in the same ward as him for a while, while living with my mom. He's a 'Visa Waiter' and will be here for a while. It was a sick surprise hahah.

"Elder Hales, you have 3 seconds to make up a word!"
".......Kadonga!!" hahah. 

It's crazy to think I've had my call ONE YEAR. Dang. 
Elder Kunz! He's going home! He ran the same leg I did at Wasatch Ragnar which was awesome.

There's a ton of change that has happened within our district and our zone, but things are good! Time to go shop, change laundry, find somehow to get somewhere to buy my comp. a bike, and then try to get to the Stake Center to drop off a bike for a Sister. Got to love the mish. life! 
East (SIDE!) Zone

D&C 45:35
D&C 52:4, 14
Moroni 7:16 - we've been teaching quite a few lessons about the "Light of Christ" and how it's the influence we all have to do good in this life. It will often help us know what is of the spirit and what is of the "natural man" within all of us. Boom.
Stay real everyone. Love to hear from all of you. Nothing is as awesome as getting letters. 

Love you all!

-Elder D. Hales

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 37 - It truly is THY will and not MY will.

Hope erryone's doing good! :D This past week was quite the week, pretty weird too.
some missionaries in our zone. There was an awesome Stake BBQ which we could go to...so we did! Always is awesome to be around a ton of people.

A couple Sisters in our district had their apartment FLOOD this past week (they blamed it on me for praying for something funny hahah), like hardcore haha. Then their bike was stolen, and then her new bike broke. Got to love being on bikes. My comp's brand new bike just got a flat too. Bleh. Whatevs.

First off, this past week I prayed a lot to help me learn how to become a better teacher. I've learned a ton the past couple weeks. One of the things I've learned is that when you learn something while you're teaching, you're teaching by the spirit. One day, I learned 1)Disobedience can mean a lack of trust. 2)Recognizing weaknesses is a sign of being humble. 3) Doubt is temporary. Faith is eternal and is something we work our entire life work. Why doubt it?
Out going to appointments with a member. 

Anyways! One night while I was on an exchange with Elder Roney, we were flooded with people calling and asking for Priesthood blessings. One was from a  member who offered one to a non-member who was about to have surgery, another one was from a member for someone who was delirious in the hospital, and the other was for a member who was in rehab from surgery. The blessings went well and Elder Roney hasn't been out 3 months yet so it was a cool experience. One of the blessings was for "Betty-Lou" and older lady who talked randomly about random stuff even if no one was there....random. Although, earlier that day, she asked someone for a blessing and kept telling people she had "visitors" coming amongst all the craziness she was saying. Elder Roney anointed her head with oil, and she went silent....but then started talking quietly through the blessing....cool things were said in the blessing. We were confident she knew we were there. The church is true!
Brother Awa! He's from Hawaii and is one of the nicest people I've ever met. He calls me Elder Ha-Lays which means "many homes" in Hawaiian apparently. SOOWOO

We've had some craziness the past 2-3 days....one night we got done with an appointment with a member and were headed to another one...but then I received a prompting to go visit "John" who hasn't been visited for 5 days or so because he was struggling and wanted some free space. After knocking on the door, they let us in. John and Kim (John's gf and also an investigator) said we always seem to come at the perfect time as they were deciding if John should go to Texas with Kim who was moving the next morning. They asked for our input, so we let the scriptures give the input hahah. I shared with them Mosiah 7:33 I think. The next morning we went over and John said he was leaving too....it sucked, but we hoped the best for him. John got some pictures with us and then said bye...that sucked hardcore....but then the next morning...Sister Wilkinson came up to me and said, "Did you see Johnny?" I said no and started running to find him haha. John got in a fight with Kim's kids and wasn't doing so hot. Man, it sucks to see these people you work with down in the dumps. John said something told him to go to the church. He found some members and then started talking with us. We took him inside and sat down with a couple members and also gave him a Priesthood blessing. Crap I'm runnning out of time. John is doing good now after we walked with him a couple miles and chatted with him. One of our members, Chad Johansen is awesome and went on a walk with him yesterday. So many coincidences happen when someone is in need, but of course they aren't coincidences at all.
John. Can't even describe this awesome dude.

These two BoM's were sent to me by a couple young woman in my ward back home. I prayed to see who I should give them out too, and was able to give them both out in the same day. What an awesome idea. Thanks again!!

This is John and Kim. I felt to give one of the copies of the Book of Mormon to her. So we wrote our testimony in it and gave it to her! The other one that has a picture of my good buddy Elder Wolfley's little sister in it, I gave out two nights ago after a lady who "spoke in tongues" to us knocked on our door and asked for one! Woah. Crazy. Will try to get a picture with her too since she lives in our apartment complex.

Then, our former progressing investigator, Barbara from Germany, dropped us this past Saturday...bleh. After having NO contact with her kids for years, her daughter came down and is now living with her and they're getting along great!! YES! We talked with her after it seemed like there would be nothing to stop her from getting baptized, she said having her daughter living with her was the answer to everything. Barbara said "you did your job." She really did seem happy, but it was still rough to drop someone just like that after working with them most days. Alwell. Sometimes God wants us to plant seeds because maybe they're not ready for baptism. It truly is THY will and not MY will.
This is the only pic. I have at Barbara's place. Her dog was insane.

I've also learned, that if you think you're good at something, that you're not living up to your potential. 

This past week's District training included patience - something we will never perfect. I've learned a TON about patience lately, as it is something that has a huge influence on so many things. 
 Picking up some people with our Ward Mission leader for lunch! 

-Trials will often start by testing your patience.
Alma 17:11
Alma 26:27

Well time is up! Keep being rad yo. Can't believe next week is transfers. Both of our minds are BLOWN....maybe I'll get sent to Deming....hahah

"The only problem in life is thinking there won't be any." - our ward mission leader who is a BOSS. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 36 - Sometimes all we can do is plant seeds.

Happy bday to ma bro! Woot!

Well, another week is done...it's insane how fast time is flying by. Another week of being persecuted, blessed, and lots of funny moments.
haha we came out and the Sister missionaries locked Elder Auva'a's bike up....so after we found out their comb...we put Sister Marsh's bike in a tree and locked it. :D hahah 

A week ago today, we went to a couple people who weren't home so then the prompting came to call a less active. So we did and a lady answered randomly...I was like "HI! We're the missionaries! Who's this?" Then the member shortly after invited us over and told us to come over asap. Got there in a few minutes after biking 4 miles, and met a girl name Gina. Apparently her son was killed, supposedly suicidal, the night before and she was having a hard time. (Can't blame her). Gina and her family were raised in a Jewish background religion and all that, so she had little to NO knowledge of Christ, and any sort of after life. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she very kindly accepted a baptismal date. AWESOME. She kept talking about the good feelings she had while we taught her. Things went awesome and we gave her a blessing the next day.....unfortunately, Satan still has influence. Gina over dosed yesterday before church and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and then wasn't welcomed to the members home anymore for some things she did...well....sometimes all we can do is plant seeds...and sometimes that's all we're supposed to do.

We were out street contacting (one of our favorite things to do) and felt an impression to chase down this guy on the street. Turns out, Robert is a member who is now homeless because of some drinking problems so he lost just about everything. We got an appointment with him at the church!....but he never showed. Meh. Lame.
This one's for Ben. Awe yeah.

We picked up a new investigator whose brother pointed a gun at one of our members..well...he's pretty cool. Crazy.

Last week, the ASL Elders have been going on blitz (where they both come to your own area) in hopes of finding deaf people which is awesome. On our blitz, we did an appointment with the Lord where we felt impressed to go tract down these apartments where I did my best to contact deaf people. Elder Van Noy did a deaf knock on this one house (where you stick you foot in the bottom of the door and bang on the door so it shakes the house) and he answered! They talked away...or signed, and got a return appointment. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to get his attention to answer the door yet, but soon enough! Let's blame it on Satan.
Yuup. Pet pig.

Why doesn't Angel Moroni on top of temples play the drums?

In one lesson, our investigator started singing to us....really awkwardly hahah. 

This past week we were able to get more member present lessons than either of us have ever gotten before by DOUBLING our goal. There was 'high hopes' for getting investigators to church, but even after having 3 committed to coming, ....zero showed up. BUT, we did have a member who hasn't been to church in over 10 years come! Anyways, John found out he has to pay $300 child support which is almost as much as he makes at the moment, Gina over dosed, and then our lesson with Barbara the previous night told us she wasn't coming. It was truly disappointing when people tell you that, even after you feel they are SOLID. Barbara has been going through a lot, and we are going over there everyday until her baptism to ensure she's doing okay. Barbara has come a looong way, and has her sights set. Hoping, praying, and fasting for the best.
Waiting for Robert to show up at the church...

Ever heard of CPS? They are literally taking EVERYONE'S kids down here...it's ridiculous.
After we took this pic., a guy opened up and accepted some help moving haha. Later...we were yelled at by the management for being on their property...and all we were doing was helping someone move.

"Don't demand yourself perfection - something that we won't have until Heaven, but demand yourself improvement and be patient with yourself." - Russel M. Nelson

Thanks again for everyone's support, it really does go a long way. If you write me, I WILL reply.
On exchanges with the ASL Elders.

Keep pushing on erryone. God loves us all, the more we can realize that, the less pride will come across.
Will have more pics. with people next week I sware haha.

Stay real.

-Elder D. Hales

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 35 - Choose To Become

"Choose to Become"

That's our mission motto if you will, and it's something I think is very effective.
Some missionaries are clean haha.

Last week started off with an exchange with Elder Kunz who is one of our ZL's. We started out the morning by going to an appointment who then told us he doesn't want us coming over unless he calls.....awesome. So we felt the prompting to go back to our place, drop off the bikes, and do a "Red Shirt Contact" which is praying where to go and what color to look for...pretty crazy stuff. We got our apt. and felt the prompting of "yellow"....not sure why, but we prayed about it and went with it. After, the prompting came to walk down to Crafycroft, make our way to 5th street, then make our way back to our place. Again, not sure why. A few people stopped and talked to US but we kept walking the 3ish miles. Then, we looked up ahead and saw a dude in yellow. FTW! We talked to him and he was quite receptive. The only person we saw that was wearing yellow...all day. It's crazy going out and searching and hoping that the promptings you feel are not just...you. It's such a blessing to have this guidance upon us. 

I remember talking about praying for something funny...hahah. So one of our investigators 'Johnny' who has come a loong way and is sober and everything. He does struggle from some things still, but hey, we're human. He was there for our appointment....and he ran out of his ADHD meds...hahahaha holy crap. He was bouncing off the walls, got up and did an awesome dance move, arm wrestled, and everything hahaha. Oh man. We got a little on video, but sadly it won't get home until beginning of next month. God has the best humor. He knows what will be funny for EACH of us, without hurting anyone. Boom.
I kept imagining it biting me then me dropping it to the grown and stomping on it...but it didn't get that far luckily haha

District Meeting last week was on "Revelation through Church Attendance", I found Alma Chapter 6 and based a lot of it off that chapter. Got to get people to church yo.
The random songs that randomly come to my head. Aweee man. Music. "Sacrifice brings the blessings of heaven!"

We taught someone on medical marijuana this past week. He has avoided us before but after he left (after seeing us) he came back and said, "Something told me to come back." Even though he was stoned as crap..."legally". We shared a message about baptism and he said "That's exactly what I wanted to hear!" Again, very high. He's being taught by the JW's, but planting seeds goes a long way.

Mail has been taking a while lately...they say "fwd" on them...whatevs. It's like the government is shut down or something.....that's all we know haha.

One of our investigator's, Barbara, had some rough patches, but it solid! Yesterday we hooked her up with a ride to Conference and we had previously had a lesson about prayer and taking a question to conference and search for the answer. Well, there was some mis-communcation and our member thought she would be waiting outside, but she was waiting inside her house ready to go. Man, we felt awful. We told her she (not anyone else back home or else) can make fun of us for that. She has been coming along. She smiles, laughs, and has input during lessons which she never had any of that when we first taught her. We invited her to pray about a baptism date for the 26th of October, which has relevance to her as that's her mom's birthday who passed away. Yesterday at our lesson, she said she was excited to tell us that that was the day she felt to be baptized. Barbara is aware of satan's influence as good things come about. It's crucial to go over to progressing investigator's home to check up on them "daily nourish" because if we don't, satan will.

Something I've learned a lot on my mission is that the Lord calls YOU where he needs your help, not to be someone else, but to be YOU. Regardless of your strengths and weaknesses, there's always a reason for it. 
Have to keep weekly planning upbeat somehow!

Yup. So we had 10 hours of church this past weekend. CONFERENCE. 
Not too many things are as rewarding as when you find Waldo....
Some quotes and thoughts I liked from this conference.

-"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." - President Ucktdorf

-"We must be 1) Anxious to improve 2)desiring to please God 3)Recognizing our weaknesses" referring to 'meekness' - Ulisses Soares

-"It's impossible to fail when we do our best." - Elder Ballard

-"Faithfully pursue what brings happiness to your life." - Elder Holland

-"Help by being merciful, not judgmental, but kind." - Elder Holland

-"We should not be comfortable with our weaknesses." - President Ucktdorf

-"The adversary confuses us o who we are or what our desires are." - President Ucktdorf

-"Sometimes when questions come, we need patience until they're answered to our satisfaction." - President Ucktdorf

Some of my fav. talks were:
Elder Holland's
Elder Oak's
President Ucktdorf's first one.
President Monson's

Look 'em up yo.'

I picked up a guitar and wrote a verse in a few minutes during dinner on exchanges.


"When troubles hang o'er us, they try to knock me down where I can't get up.
Struggles come o'er us, they try to lead where I don't belong.
So I will try. I will try, to servive, if I tryyyyyyy."


Love you all. Will write some letters today. Thank you for everything! Elder Auva'a and I can't freakin' believe yesterday was our 8th month mark. Just insane.

Stay real!

-Elder D. Hales