Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 34 - Rest in peace, Dave.

Another week down, another bunch to go! 

Leeeet's  see where to start with....face.

So this past week we were on foot 5/7 days because my comp's bike is ritarded. But we like walking everywhere and it's better contacting than biking, so it wasn't a problem! I've really learned these past couple weeks that the Lord will put you where he needs your help. Especially on the mish., although it seems that our purpose at a certain place may seem not visible at times, if we work hard and stay obedient, our purpose will be revealed to us.

Yesterday we were supposed to have two come to church...but neither did. It's quite lame when you stand by the door hoping for people to show up and no one does. Freak. One called a member the night before and said she didn't want to go and we haven't been able to get ahold of her....she was doing awesome! Bleh. Then another one was 'John' who we contacted on the street weeks ago who the Sister's have been teaching but we started teaching him....we knocked on his door yesterday morning at like 8:30 before church and...a girl opened up....not really dressed and signs that Chastity was probably broken....we ran into him later, and he's really straight forward (and awesome) but told us that he understands why his baptism date had to be pushed back after he said, "I've been like humpty dumpty." Referring to having sex outside of marriage haha. The girl was standing right there too haha. We will take people that are straight forward over fake people anyday. We got an appointment and will see what happens!

I started a 'trunky music list' from all the random songs that come to my head. It's insane...I don't listen to non-church music, and yet those songs come to my head. Music is probably one of the things I miss most, no doubt.

...on Wednesday morning, my comp. knocked on my door while I was showering and said, "Bishop called...Dave's dead." That was quite the shock. It didn't really hit me until I got out and just sat on my bed thinking about everything...then it hit me hard.
Here's the last picture of Dave. It's so weird to have him gone....he was like a brother to us. In this pic. we somehow got on the topic of blogs, so we then ended up watching my brother's video and he was supportive. Probably one of the saddest times on my mission hearing about his passing, but there's no coincidence that he got baptized and entered heaven with the acceptance of the gospel and being clean as can be. RIP Samuel David Blake.

Here's the story: 

Towards the beginning of August, one of our member's offered a non-member a blessing before he had heart surgery. Dave said yes and we went over, gave him a blessing, and got a return appointment. From then on we went over about every other day until he was baptized. Dave came to church EVERYWEEK from then on, even after 4 days of heart surgery. He didn't miss a week and was faithful. Our mission President said roughly 5% get baptized on the first date that's extended. Dave was one of those. His baptism was awesome. He never had any doubts about the gospel and was the most solid guy I've ever taught. Dave was like a brother to both of us and was one of the most kind people out there. He fed us even with his low budget. 

We saw him on Monday night after he was confirmed Sunday. Then he invited us back on Wednesday to come and share a message with him and see how he's doing. Dave still hadn't had any pain or struggles, he was one tough dude. Thursday morning at about 5:15, Dave passed away from a major heart attack. His poor wife watched a neighbor perform CPR, but Dave was gone right away. We still can't believe it, our Bishop was in shock. We talked with his wife who was really shaken up, and the funeral is this week and we got approval to attend it. I believe it will be an LDS funeral, but we'll see. In the blessing he received I was able to give him, it said many things about "serving others within this gospel"'s crazy to think that's what he is doing. The rest of the week we kept thinking that Dave isn't here anymore, but we know that he's happier than ever and is sharing with people what he recently accepted. Dave is and will be missed by many. There's no coincidence that he entered heaven 3 days after being confirmed. RIP Dave! 

Anyways, this past week was a rough one for the people we are working with. We gave lots of blessings. Time to re-motivate ourselves and hope and pray for a good week! 
We got done giving a blessing to one of the Sister's investigators, and while we were walking up the stairs, my comp's like, "wow, I'm feeling a breeze!" hahah

I'll be going on 3 (24 hour) exchanges this week, one with the ZL's, then with an ASL Elder and a Spanish Elder....I can barely freakin' speak English so they're always fun to learn some new things....or having no idea what's being said haha.

Love you all, sorry about a sadish email home. We are happy :]


Stay fresh yo! 

-Elder D. Hales


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 33 - We had a baptism! [Dave]

The week is done and we had a baptism! His name was Dave and he was baptized on Saturday and then confirmed the next day in church. Dave asked me to perform the baptism and then Elder Auva'a to confirm him. It was such an awesome baptism and the room was overflowed with people so it was incredible to see everyone come and support the two that were getting baptized. Dave's roughly 270 lbs, so we had my comp. dress up too and go in the font to ensure it went smoothly. There weren't any problems and there's nothing (the dude next to me just asked me who the first 4 Presidents were...) like seeing someone return to the dressing room with a huge smile on their face saying, "I'm feeling warm and good!" Man. Nothing compares. The confirmation also went well and Dave is rad. His wife wasn't able to make it, but hopefully Dave will be receiving the priesthood soon....we'll see!
The Sister's investigator who was also baptized.

This past week we did another "appointment with the Lord" to try and find someone who's ready for the Gospel. The impression was to head over to Kolb street and south to where we really haven't gone much. We got there when we had planned and just sat there for a few minutes waiting and deciding what to do...after sitting there on the side, Elder A. said "I think God forgot, should we say another prayer?" so we sat there for a little while longer. There was someone waiting for us, so we decided to head down and came across an older man who was getting groceries and accepted some assistance (classic approach). He led us inside to his son who had just moved there and kindly accepted a BOM and Plan of Salvation pamphlet and wanted us to come back! YES. Unfortunately, we found out that part of where we were goes to other missionaries, but we found someone who is ready, and that's what was asked for. God is good.
This is Solomon. We're teaching two people from Ethiopia, 1 from Germany, 1 African American, 1 from Africa, 1 Polish, and a couple white. It's pretty cool. Sometimes it's hard to understand them, but it just keeps things extra interesting.

There's bike lanes everywhere in Tucson, it's something they're trying to be known for. (They were apparently voted 'kindest city' or something like that....hmm.) I've had a couple thoughts of me getting hit by a car or side swiped, but figured it was just because I'm a worryer...worrier? Whatev. There was this big huge truck we passed earlier, then I could hear it coming up and it went by me and missed me by probably a couple was quite intense. He was clear on the comp. was like "wooooahhhh!" Man. Have to follow those impressions.
hahaha one of my good buddy's family sent me an AWESOME package. There was an old sock in it with a whole in it from all the games we played. hahah man, gooood times. Thank you Wolfley's! :]

A couple days ago a lady spoke to us in "tongues." She was Pentecostal and liked to rub in our face that they spoke in 'tongues'. We talked to her and told it says that in the bible and refers to it in the BOM as well. She got confused. I've come across a few Pentecostal people so far, they seem to be nice people, they just really don't like us...meh.
This lady who is a little fried from drugs...hahah oh man.

At a recent District Leader Training type deal, President said roughly '5% of those preparing for baptism get baptized on the first date that's extended. It's crazy how much Satan works.' Barbara wasn't able to come to church yesterday so we had to push her date back to Oct. 12, but she said it was from a bad headache from quitting coffee, smoking, and everything to be worthy. GO BARBARA. She's still solid, but man, there's a reason we like to Daily Nourish those people getting ready to be dunked!

I bought the ASL Elders ice cream today because we had a bet.

Last night we were bashed pretty hard....right off the bat he brought up all the typical anti-crap questions. So we just addressed them. "There's a lot of crap out there about us. We don't have multiple wives, blacks have been always accepted into the church, we don't worship Joseph Smith, and we drink soda." Those were all things he brought up. He just asked question and told us to simply rely on Jesus and nothing, good things I'm a missionary. I feel it's a lot easier to listen to people regardless of what they're saying, than if I wasn't a missionary. Oh man. His buddy came and pulled him back. Alwell. God knows these situations.
 I hate Walmart.

Here's some stuff that's been going through my head this past week :D

Alma 26:27: "..bear with patience thine afflictions and I will give unto you success."
Alma 34:41: "but that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions."
D&C108:7-8 : "7) Therefore, strengthen your brethren in all your conversation, in all your prayers, in all your exhortations, and in all your doings.
8) And behold, and lo, I am with you to bless you and deliver you forever. Amen."

It's crazy how much crap there is out there about Mormons, even when all we do is simply offer help to someone. Christ was rejected, so his church would be too. 

It's been a good week and we're hoping this one will be even better! Thank you all for the support. The church is true! 

Grateful that our mission President and his wife and very awesome. Flat out.

Man I'm tired, time to go play sports! Lata ya'll! :]

-Elder Dallin Hales

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[Transfers] Week 32 - God always listens.

Transfer #6! Crazy.

Today is transfer day which means we waited Sunday night keeping the phone close to us. If we don't get a call it means nothing's changing...well we didn't get one haha. Getting a transfer call is like getting a mini mission call. 

Looks like another 600+ more miles to bike and some more people to teach over here in East Tucson! :D

Last week was a pretty good week. We had our mission wide 'finding day' where we did exchanges throughout the zone. I went with Elder Williamson. We started out the day going through a few 'formers' and were just walking since they were close...ish. Elder Simpson gave us a call asking if we wanted to meet somewhere to get some more BOMS. We walked back to our place to drop them off then decided to have lunch. After our lunch we went back over to hunt down the formers. One of them had moved but we talked to a few people who listened. Then it took us like 10 minutes to find the apartment we were looking for....-_- we FINALLY found it, and right then a lady drove up. Her name is 'Jane' and lives there...we don't know where our former lives anymore, but apparently Jane is a member! She hasn't been to church in over 10 years because of some unfortunate things that happened...she didn't feel welcomed and felt a little judged. It was no coincidence we found her just at the right time. We shared a message with her and are re-teaching her some things. Crazy how we are led to these people!
Elder Williamson. Was a siick exchange.

Sister Weaver is in our zone. I looked back and found the pic. from the MTC. Hurry and got a picture with her. 

One night we were headed home after an apt., when a member flagged us down to eat a hot dog with him! We had some time so we did! It was awesome of him to do that as we have been going on very little food and very few members signed up to feed us the past 2 weeks, so it was a blessing. While we were talking with him, he said "Be careful of what's around you." We didn't know what he was talking about. He pointed behind us where there's a flat out porn shot, then to behind him of the strip club, then across the street to another crazy joint hahah. Man. Yikes. Just more people to convert!
Our zone at pictures yesterday. Sorry about the blurriness. User errorrr.

Only 1 person out of our district and only 4 or 5 missionaries are getting transferred in our zone. So mostly the same! Our district rocks. They bought me some Dr. Pepper and sweetish fish as it was an inside joke between us haha. Awesome :]
The end of our Zone Exchanges - sharing some cool experiences we had.

Our district last transfer at our last district meeting. I bought starburst candy corn for everyone....don't buy them. Our district is seriously awesome.

On Sunday we were checking out a potential when a lady started walking up the stairs. We started chatting with her and she said she's looking for a church....SAWEET! She was very kind and accepted a BOM and committed to read and pray about it....last night she called and left a voice mail saying she doesn't want us visiting her again since she's talked with a friend. We'll call her back once she's off work. It's an awful feeling when someone so golden calls and drops you. Ugh.

Also on Sunday, we felt to visit a member who has been sick. He said, "I knew someone was coming, I wasn't sure who but was hoping it was you guys." WOAH. Crazy things happen on a mission. 
A package I received from CB! The first package had empty packets of oreos, fruit snacks, pringles, you name it. It was one of the most disappointing things so far hahah. They sent me some FULL goodness. YES! FTW. I'll still have to get them back...

Another pretty sweet miracle that we had on Sunday was we went out with a member to a couple lessons. Our first lesson was with Dave who is getting baptized this Saturday! He's one of the most solid people I've ever taught on my mission, it's so awesome. He's a big black dude who served in the Marines. Our second lesson was with Barbara who also has a BD but has also been struggling with some depression with her pills and what not. She loves the gospel though. We offered a blessing of healing, and she gladly accepted. She asked me to say it and so I did. She has a little dog in a cage who rocks but doesn't shut up. The dog was whining the whole time and I kept saying a prayer that God would be so kind to quiet the dog. At the beginning of the blessing, the dog was louder than ever and I could barely hear myself speak (pun! hah) but then soon as we started getting into it, the dog went silent. Those are some of the coolest answers to prayers I think. God always listens. She had tears in her eyes and it was inspired. Too cool.

After we gave Barbara a blessing, we walked over and our member suggested visiting a member. We did and then I randomly offered him a blessing..he said yes. We gave him one on his porch and afterwards, he asked, "How did you Elders know I wanted a blessing?" We said we didn't know. The spirit leads us if we do what we're supposed too.

These past few days have been well learned. Good things have happened. We must keep pushing on. We will often FEEL the most spiritually receptive at our weak points. There's a reason for that. 
hahaha last night Elder Auva'a grabbed the dog's tongue haha.

BMWS>AUDI'S. (Sorry Elder A.)

"Your blog is like my Facebook." hahaha Thanks Christy! 
Elder Christiansen. We played football with some investigators and he stiff armed me IN THE FACE hahah. I still ran him down and got him haha. I'm smiling with a fat lip...*tard alert* He's tight and is getting sent to a small town.

If you're having a down week, pray for something exciting or funny to happen. hahah. It works! The good man above has the best sense of humor hahaha. 

Congrats again to my dad and Laura for their Wedding...I haven't heard anything about it, but am sure it went great! 

Love ya'll! The letters and support is awesome. 

"If you aren't busy living, you're busy dying."

Word up.

-Elder D. Hales

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 31 - You never can judge ANYONE or else you'll miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Last week of the transfer, begin.

This last week was AWESOME. We worked out butts off and were able to reach the SOE. Quite a humbling experience. 

I went on an exchange with the ASL Elders, so I went over with Elder Van Noy to his area. It was crazy being in a deaf area. We planned out our day and started the day out by going to Taco Bell to try and get a couple deaf contacts by a couple girls who go there. The Taco Bell is near a deaf school so we had 'high hopes' (YEAH!) but....we just ate food then left. Lame. We then went to a deaf park. No one. So we pulled over and said a prayer. 

Elder Van Noy felt we should go (the manager here just asked if I could type any faster haha) to Sahuarita and I felt we should go to South which is where Sahuarita is. We headed down there and went through a list of potential deaf people and were constantly looking for deaf door bells which make the lights dim. We had some angry people contacts and then a couple potentials! One we felt to knock on didn't even have a deaf door bell, but we opened it up and the guy "Christian" signed that he was deaf, so I sat like a tard while my comp. did his thing. He wanted us to come back! YES! Elder Van Noy said he's never had that happen before on his mission. The Lord truly blessed us and we were able to find someone. Their appointment is later today, been praying that they pick up a new investigator.
On exchanges with the ASL Elder while he's teaching sign language. The other Elder while with my comp. almost passed out because of heat stroke. It takes some adjusting haha.
We had a member in our Ward just get called to the 'Arizona Tucson Mission' and enters the field next week!! It's so crazy. He's not even going to the MTC. I didn't believe it when they told us so we texted President and he said it's legit. Wow. How crazy. Glad I got out of Utah haha.
Eminem. The hat says "John 3:16" and was given to us by John
When we were first in town we came across a man named "John" whom we always saw walking around, suuper drunk with no shirt with his awesome dog. We always talked to him and went over to his house a couple times, but since he's in the Sister's area, we didn't teach him and handed him off to Sister's Sanchez and Wilkinson. John showed up to church one day when we had invited him earlier, awesome! He was somewhat drunk and cried the entire time and cheered during sacrament and all that stuff haha. Awesome.

I remember turning to my comp. one time after we talked to John and saying, "There's something about John...we should really stick with him." We then ran across John one day after an appointment and he was COMPLETELY changed. Sober as can be even though he was shaking pretty hardcore. He was so happy and talked about getting back to life and doing something with it. "If I don't commit to anything now, I never will." He came to church again last week since the Sister's have been ROCKING it teaching him, and he loved it. Wow.

Gospel Essentials class was very just awesome. John bore his testimony and a bunch of tears were shed. Wow. You never can judge ANYONE or else you'll miss out on a lot of opportunities. John has a baptism interview, so hopefully I can do the interview if I stay here another transfer but who knows. John is so happy and one of the nicest and most respectful people I've met. Been praying to be help to other missionaries, so grateful to be here. The church is TRUE.
This is John! This was the first day we saw him sober. He's a pretty awesome guy and has a very bright future ahead of him.
We also set a BD with an investigator last night! Her name is Barbara and didn't quite accept a date when we first invited her. But then she came to church and loved it and said she's coming back and then we taught her the "Gospel of Jesus Christ" and then extended a date again...she said "Yes, it's time." She wanted a blessing and I was asked to give it. It was such a good experience and she's ready. The CHURCH is true.

CONGRATS TO MY DAD AND LAURA FOR THEIR WEDDING THIS COMING SATURDAY! :D I'll probably be cleaning on of our investigator's mustang while they are getting married haha. So cool.

The comp. quotes continue hahah:
"Do they have Mountain Dew in Heaven, or maybe it's Celestial Dew..?"
"Will my voice be better than yours in heaven?" 
hahaha oh man.

Enos 1:27
-With principles being the reason of doctrine, the promise of a fulfilled ordinance is the result of obedience to that law.
D&C128:8:"..whatsoever you record on earth shall be recorded in heaven, and whatsoever you do not record on earth shall not be recorded in heaven.."
"Sacrifice bring the blessings of heaven." (Praise to the Man - sick song)

It's crazy to think that only 1 week left in the transfer. Who knows what will happen. Whatever does happen, you just have to take it and give it your best. We'll find out on Sunday night!

Love you all. The church is true and brings blessings in every aspect. Keep being dope. :]

-Elder D. Hales

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 30 - When we get iPads it is going to CHANGE mission work.

Whaaaaaat's going on ya'll!
We have some sweet rumors about the...ipads and FAcebook and all of our Zone Leader's this morning at a District Leader deal told us that one of his buddies in another mission already has an ipad...and he said that there's a good chance we can even use our FAMILY'S for lessons as "member present" lessons. HOLY CRAP. Who knows, but man, when we get ipads, it is going to CHANGE mission work. They don't want us tracting as much, but people are always on social media...twitter, Insta G, FB, all that junk, so we will be too :D Crazy.
Last week at our District meeting, one of our AP's Elder Hansen showed up. His dad works with my dad sometimes....small world. Our other AP is from Spanish Fork. GO UTARD.
We did another appointment with the Lord last week and felt prompted to go to a certain street. There we tracted like 2 houses. The first house were nice...but said no, then we felt to go to the house on the end... we found James, who is a die-hard UoA fan (but his bro is a huge ASU fan!) so we talked to him and he accepted talking to us. Guidance is a blessing.
One of our progressing investigators, a big black dude who's AWESOME came to church last week and in Elder quorum said, "Now I'm a latter-day Saint." BOSS! He also fed us lunch last week. He's so awesome and is ready to get dunked.
We contacted this guy by playing ball with him. He won hehe
One night after appointments fell through, we decided to talk to everyone. We talked to a lady who struggled and basically was mad at God...we introduced a brief 'Atonement' message and she seemed to feel better. She then went on about how her daughter sees "Shadow people" and will always say there's someone looking at her or something like that. SKETCH.  Didn't get a good feeling.
The YW 'heart attacked' our door. It was awesome.
More comp. quotes:
What if in the pre-mortal world, you were friends with Justin Bieber?"
There's a police helicopter always flying around our apartments.
The Elder sitting next to me had his bike stolen this morning.
Yesterday we went to the temple with our whole zone. It was awesome and we took the transfer van up there. YEAH!
So this past week was a great week. It was a humbling experience as well. I've been praying to find people to teach. We spent a good solid 3 days of a ton of finding type deals and we found 0 new investigators for our area...but we did find 5 or 6 referrals for other missionaries. It was a neat experience. One day we did an 'appointment with the Lord' so we went to the spot we felt we should...but there was NO one there...after sitting on our bikes for a good solid 10 mins..a member came up to us randomly and gave us two referrals......awesome. Then we biked crossed the parking lot where a Jamaican dude talked to us and wanted to know more, then we felt we should go inside the store, so we did and came across two girls (that were strippers) that basically said they just got out of rehab and wanted to bring God into their life. Just like that we contacted 4 people or so, it was awesome. The church is true!
Well I'm not sure how much time I have left, but it can't be much! I love you all and the church is true. Keep reaching out to others and serve people lots! If not....meh.
"It's now time to raise our vision even higher."
Mosiah7:33 - boss
D&C 50:22->Mosiah 18:22. When we receive some sort of spiritual inspiration, it's when our spirit becomes edified with the Holy Spirit.
Stay real.  :D
-Elder Hales