Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 60 - "40 Day Fast"

Good ol' Sierra Vista #supervista

Remember a while back when we had a former JW come to church? Her baptism is set for April 11th and will be baptized by her husband! From day one, Bro. Ott told her that they would be married, have kids, and be sealed in the temple. She was very hesitant to it up until just a couple months ago. Now, she's almost through Mosiah and is ready to roll. She's one of those people you feel that you were sent to an area for. Cannot wait for that day.

Just getting to a dinner appointment a few days ago, they asked us to get some drinks, so we did! On our way out, a dude was chillin' outside yo. We talked to him through the window and he said we were the first people he had met down here and invited us back the next day! What a coincidence. NOT. Although he wasn't there the next day, you never know when he'll show up again. Keep searchin'....

This morning at the top of our hike! We could see Mexico...well, I guess we can always see Mexico haha.

Recently, my companion Elder Simpson and I started a "40 Day Fast" to help us become better missionaries. On it are multiple things that we are either sacrificing or starting to do in hopes of a good outcome. One of them is for me to stop staying "Freak" which if you know me, is like me jumping to the moon. But that along with the others, I can tell are making a difference. 

Not everyone came this morning, but it was still way fun

With families and our ward in general we're trying HARD to get everyone linked on the same page. One thing is sharing "the Lord's Game Plan" where the invitation for members is to pray for our investigators/members that are written down on a sheet of paper along with joining with us for our mission-wide 10pm prayer. We've seen a difference! Laney and Aaron came to church for the 2nd WEEK in a row!! One night while sharing a lesson with our recent convert, Loretta, Sis. Braun prayed for all of the people written down on the list, without looking. It was a cool experience to know that our members care about who we're trying to get them involved with. It makes a world of a difference.

Being picked for the ward chili cook off taste judges.

Our ward's "Spud Derby". Instructions? Get a potato, decorate it, put wheels on it, race it.

A few weeks back I was driving and had some time, so I pulled into a parking lot to try and contact this guy that was walking down the street. We got out and did a 10 second contact with this guy, Damian, who we are now teaching! We went over with our former WML (Bro. Gentry was just called as our new one!) and the lesson was awesome. Damian prayed and said how things have just been falling into place recently. Damian practices Buddhism, but he was very open to the Restoration and took it all in. TBA :D So cool. Hopefully we set a BD soon.

Brother Hawkins, our former WML right after teaching Damian. He has a lot of classic quotes.

As missionaries...we are asked many awkward questions. Let's just say we taught the Law of Chastity to a couple who used to be married, and it was very strange haha oh man. 

On Saturday's we like to drive around and offer help to anyone that's moving! So this one family was no different. We helped them move in and one of their kids, Joey, was apparently molested a little while back. I love being out and serving a mission, but it's sad what trials some people go through. More the reason to have the gospel in their life! 

Nothing crazy happened this past week, but, our Zone is doing great! President asked us what we're doing differently...just going to work and trying different things out! Our zone has parts of the mission by surprise, but man, there's been a lot of work gone into this area. From the start, it has been one of the coolest experiences of my mission to see what change can happen for the better. Almost 100% of our investigators with a BD were progressing! CRAZY! The Lord has blessed us insanely, and we can't afford to not turn back and thank our Heavenly Father.

Here's a scripture that hit me like.....a smart car to a brick wall...? 

"But call to remembrance the former days, in which, after ye were illuminated, ye endured a great fight of afflictions. Partly, whilst ye were made a gazingstock, both by reproaches and afflictions; and partly, whilst ye became companions of them that were so used. For ye had compassion of me in my bonds, and took joyfully the spoiling of your goods, knowing in yourselves that ye have in heaven a better and an enduring substance. Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God ye might receive the promise." It reminds me of my farewell talk - based upon D&C6:8-14. It hit me really hard as I read it over and over. The scriptures are TRUE and relatable to everyone.

The church is true. Jesus is the Christ. God is good. And life kicks trash. I'm grateful to serve, to be here, to be able to separate myself from the sins of the world and to focus upon things that will bless lives greatly. 


Love you all! :D

-Elder Dallin Hales

Monday, March 24, 2014


Last week:

Hey, here we are, what rhymes with Sierra Vista?
Well, nothing really, but the news that's from my Sista!
It's uncle time yo, and a new B-I-L.
Just out here in SV, savin' people from Satan's hell.
Every transfer is a test, but inspired of God.
If you didn't know, go check it on my blog!

Every so often there will be a week that just stupendously flies by....this past week was one of those. 

Pig face attempt #1

Pig face (failed) attempt #2

A few weeks ago I contacted really quickly a couple right before they left Great Clips on PDAY, and we got their phone # and they said they needed furniture. Fortunately enough, an investigator recently before told us he had a couch for us, and then a member said she had a desk for us. We went over to their house where we taught them and they went to church the next day! The missionaries are working with them daily and they are progressing and looking like they'll get baptized. "It's a testimony of why we must talk with everyone." - Their ward mission leader said at our Stake Ward Mission Leader meeting last night with a member of the Stake Presidency. That meeting went REALLY well and we talked a lot about the Ward Mission Process and implementing it within Ward Councils and all the members. We really hope it really gets things going.

Cleaning a members car right before they fed us. I miss cleaning cars.

Last week our zone had more progressing investigators (PI's) than we've ever seen. It was so cool. Sierra Vista over doubled PI's. Wow. This past week at Zone Conference where it was combined with 2 other zones, the focus was on Repentance. Zone Leader's trained on 1) Keeping commandments 2) Extending baptism dates, and then Elder Simpson and I trained on 3) Investigators Repenting Thru coming to Church. It went really well and good things came from it (as we can see in the #'s!) It was awesome doing calls last night.

Here's a little look at our training for zone conference - to kind of put things in better view

Elder Simpson went on an exchange to Bisbee last week. Cool things always happen on exchanges. Elder Schwantes (Brazil Visa waiter) came with us and we went out on foot for the morning. God literally led us to people. Cutting through random neighborhoods and talking with anyone and everyone we saw. In the end, we picked up 2 new investigators and a couple potentials. The previous day Elder Simpson and I walked in 3 areas, so a lot of miles haha. Talking with anyone and everyone like Elder Ballard has encouraged us to do. Talking to people is our favorite thing to do, and my companion use to sell security systems in the pre-earth (mission) life, so no one can escape!

After attending a funeral of a member in our ward, my companion and I headed out early to try and get some things done. While driving on a road, with no dinner appointment or time to eat and not in the most uplifting mood, we saw a homeless guy chillin' on the grass in the park. Sure enough, Elder Simpson turned around and we went and taught him the Restoration and almost set a baptism date with him! SO CLOSE. It was a very powerful 1st vision which is my favorite part of that lesson. Brings tears to my eyes time and time again. TALK WITH EVERYONE!

Another instance of talking with everyone. While waiting for some members to pick us up, and I was on the phone with an office missionary about cars in our zone, two random people drove up who then invited us to their home right off the bat! In our first lesson with them, Anthony and Ashley said as soon as they saw us, they said "I know they're good people." so they talked to us. Anthony is a former crystal-meth user and yet the nicest person out here. Will keep y'all updated :D

A car full of 3 high school girls invited us to a 'kickback'....uhm. Huh? Random haha. We invited them to church. :D

In our training at Zone Conference, we focused it on an analogy of something that randomly popped into my head one transfer with Elder Smith. It's the analogy of "Job Shadowing" someone in relation to an investigator going to church before their baptism. The person job shadowing learns what to do and is taught what their purpose is until one day they get a paycheck for doing the exact same thing they were doing before. The process until that payday is related to investigators coming to church before their baptism and learning how to repent, and learning the importance of the sacrament, until one day, they can renew their covenants with God, even though they aren't doing anything different at church. It was a sweet training. 

Our zone at zone conference! Our Zone ROCKS.

I hate talking about transfers since it really is a distraction, but I've had a feeling that I'm leaving this next one. My comp. agrees. We shall see what happens. Elder Simpson and I met SOE this past week. It was really a great week where we were blessed.

Stolen camera.

Lanney (member) and Aaron (investigator) and their kids came to church yesterday for the first time that either of us have seen! They loved it too! They were so happy afterwards. Aaron drinks like 3 or 4 MONSTERS a day. I love going over there, regardless of my Monster fast. 

Yesterday was busy for us. Teaching mission prep., church, teaching Gospel Essentials, lessons throughout the day, then Stake WML meeting. After church we watched the Restoration video with an investigator, Kent, who wouldn't seem to agree or belief (or try to) anything we taught. It was frustrating as one of his biggest concerns was that he believed us missionaries got some sort of reward for having him at church. Regardless of our expectations we continued to try and set, it wouldn't go through. I brought up that we help people the same reason Christ did, but in the end....he was dropped.

We get close as missionaries.

Crap. Time's almost up.

Read these this morning:
2Timothy:2:15-16 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. 24) And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient."

Hailey - an investigator missionaries have been talking with for awhile...we were the first to teach her something haha. She moved to Texas, but said she'll read and pray about the things gone over with her., friends, pets, everyone. I know that God has a plan for you. Many of us are just blessed to have that knowledge at this time. Something I've promised myself I won't do is asking President to put me with someone specific or send me to some certain area because I know the Lord does have a plan, and I don't want my opinion to intervene with God's. The Gospel has blessed me, my family, and everyone we come across more than anything else. I know Christ suffered for our sins, it kills me to know that whenever I accidentally hurt someone, or my weaknesses get in the way, or if I have a pain of any kind, that it hurt Christ that much more. There wasn't any person that lived on the earth that hasn't experienced some sort of sorrow (President Monson) and I'm grateful for the chance to serve a mission. My testimony continues to grow. I love to hear from everyone and the incredible things that are happening to family and friends. Y'all are in my prayers all the time. What more we need yo? This church is true, and it's saved my life. En el nombre de JesucCristo. AMen.

Well. Time's 'bout up. That royally sucks. But we got things to do! 

Can't wait to hear from all y'all! hehe.

-Elder Dallin Hales

I love you.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 58 - Congrats Jolie on your engagement!


The Lord has been blessing us and it's been the coolest experience to see why, more and more, Elder Simpson and I are here in Sierra Vista to meet God's elect ready for us.

 Chillin' and waiting for office missionaries to come by.

Last Monday, the start of the week. A member had called us up from another ward and gave us a non-member referral! Whaa? It was for a co-worker who has cancer and wanted a Priesthood blessing because of the struggles he was going through. The member gave the blessing and it was pretty cool. The investigator's name is Jerico - one of the most humble and nicest guys out there. He was very accepting of what we taught him about the Book of Mormon and apparently has been reading it every single night last week! After the blessing, he jumped up and was so happy and said he feel a burden had been taken off his shoulders. We'll probably set a date with him tonight and see how he's going. He definitely seemed prepared. Too cool.

Another investigator of ours received a blessing this past week...Ashely! One lesson we taught about blessing along with her husband who has a very strong testimony and is being reactivated. It was so cool to give the blessing. My heart started pounded pretty hardcore before hand and then a blessing came to mind. I asked her about it and then she gets to choose who gives it since it's inspired of her who gives it. She told us to pick a number between 1 and 10...we looked at each other, and said "Okay! If that's how you feel it should be." Elder Simpson picked 7 which was the exact number I was thinking of, but then '3' came to mind right after he said 7, and 3 was the number Ashley picked. Wow. Inspired? Crazy. I was fortunate enough to give the blessing. The post-blessing silence is one of the coolest things to be apart of, especially with non-members. Ashley sat in her chair with tears coming down. Her husband came over and hugged her along with his tears. She said she felt peace and was calm. Ashley is definitely prepared. She understands the BOM better than anyone I've met their first time through. Saturday she accepted a date for MARCH 29TH! Two weeks and she was interviewed yesterday with no problems. It's crazy that she is a former JEHOVAH'S WITNESS. Our Bishop says, "They make great members." That they will.

My comp. could do this a lot better than I could....but the pic. looks sweet! Awe yeah. My comp. was trying to power-clean other missionaries haha. This is all I did.

This Wednesday, Elder Simpson and I will be training at Zone Conference about church and repentance for investigators. We'll train 3 zones in a workshop thing with the AP's and someone else for the other workshop....not too sure. I'm stoked! I love being able to train.

 I told my companion my mom wanted more he always takes my camera and goes maddd with pictures haha. It's awesome.

This past week we've been really trying to use analogies more in lessons. In a lesson last night, we were teaching Aaron who should have come to church (for multiple weeks now) and Elder Simpson said, "You know, going to church is sort of like...welding! Elder Hales was talking about this the other day and has a great way how it applies to the Gospel!..." *looks at me* Yup. So it keeps things really fun and on your toes to do that haha. The lesson actually went well and we related it to being 'welded with your family and God while going to church'. It was pretty rad. I heard of a missionary using a shoe for the law of chastity...not too sure how he did it though. haha. Another time I used an iphone for an analogy and Elder Simpson laughed pretty hard about it after the lesson hahah. Got to love the mission life!

Teaching one of our recent converts with the ANALOGY of rugby. It went well!

While street contacted the few people that walk the streets of Sierra Vista, a guy named Kent just got off the bus and so we offered him if he needed help carrying his bag. My companion, being larger in stature, took the bag and we walked almost a mile. I would have died haha. Kent became a new investigator and has talked with missionaries before. Too cool. Afterwards, President and Sister Killpack drove by and we talked with for a few mins while walking around. They are so awesome and we truly are blessed to have them.

For some reason, kids love missionaries! I can't wait to be an uncle (whenever that may be........ahem) so I can chill with some lil ninos. 

As you can see in the picture, we taught Jefferey, a recent convert of December, the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the analogy of football..made up on the spot. It went pretty well too! 

Jeffrey - has a hard home life, but was baptized in December and loves the Gospel.

Other investigators we're working with are Maddi and Kendall, and now their mom too. We taught them the Plan of Salvation last week and it went reeeeeally well as they had lots of good questions. Maddi had answers that literally left Elder Simpson and myself speechless. She talked about how baptism will help you feel the spirit more because of the Holy Ghost you receive We haven't even gone over that with them yet. So, from that point, we were able to set a date with them for April. YES!! They fed us dinner, gave us ties, and are awesome people to be around. (Mom - Kendall still wears the 'CTR' bracelets you send me :D)

There's been a few disappointing moments on my mission with working with people. One morning after talking with some members we're working with, we walked into their room in the morning to go to the gym to find a 30 pack of beer empty on the table...and this was 1 day after the member had talked with the Stake President. It was awful. You get very connected and become friends with many people, so it's hard to see them make these decisions sometimes...

One night, my comp. woke me (and the missionaries living with us due to bed bugs) up because he yelled, "UGHH. THIS IS SO MISERABLE!!" Hmm..Hopefully it didn't have a relation to SV haha. 

The joys of missionaries in our zone getting bed bugs. #livingwithusnow

 ....just throwing the infested mattresses...NBD

A missionary in our zone gave us all animals. Elder Simpson is a black bear, and I am a jackrabbit. soo...that's what they're thinking haha. What the.

Last Monday at the Great clips haircut place, I talked with a lady who was waiting for her husband. They had just recently moved to Sierra Vista and had very little furniture. An invest. and member offered us a couch and desk if we wanted, so we arranged to go down and give it to the new people! I called the new family along with another lady who offered to give us something for them. We brought them a couch, desk, pots and pans, and $100 all given to us from people. They became new investigators for the missionaries down there after we taught them about the Book of Mormon and they came to church! YES! We MUST talk with everyone.

Out contacting anyone we can! 

Elder Wardell needed some service clothes...haha. Thanks Braun family!

"I be rockin' and rollin' on both sides of the veil.." - our ward mission leader haha. He's getting married 4/4/14 at 4pm. 

CONGRATS JOLIE ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! Who else wants to get married while I'm serving. :D

Philippians 3:13 "Bretheren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before."
3Nephi27:20-21 -  a big focus of our training this WEdnesday.

Well I love you all so much. We're going on the military post today for pday sports for capture the flag, and other sports. Good things are happening out here and every week we have more baptism dates than the previous. "Sierra Vista is changing." It's a blessing to be out here and I'm grateful to be here in Sierra Vista for 4 1/2 months and possibly even 6 months. I've learned so much and becoming (slowly because I'm stubborn) who Heavenly Father wants me to be, and for that I'm grateful. I often think of friends and family and hope they're doing alright. One of the coolest opportunities is to see how blessed and happy my family is at home. I love y'all. 

Wow my fingers are tired. Times up yo. 

#workhard #destroysatan

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 57 - What a coincidence. NOT.

Elder Simpson and I hate starting emails there's a start.

This past week was generally pretty swell yo. The first week of my 3rd transfer in Sierra Vista is over. Nothing drastic happened, but a lot of really awesome cool things. I could potentially have only 2 areas left in my mission. That just blows my mind. 

Our zone meeting setup yo.

This past Wednesday was our Zone Meeting where we focused upon Ward Council and members. It went really well as training about working with members always requires a lot of motivation because it requires work not just from missionaries. It went well and we ended with talking about the Atonement. My favorite moments is when you know you're teaching by the spirit when you teach yourself something new...from your own mouth. Word. We were talking about 'accessing the Atonement' and I said, "You can access the Atonement by going out and sharing the Gospel with others." It was cool and I had never really thought of that before. Woot. It went well and we hope our zone starts picking up with member-missionary work. Sister Tanner (a senior missionary in our zone) texted us this after zone meeting. "The mtg. today was wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work. Also, thanks for the kneeling prayer. It really toughed my heart.." Her son has been struggling and they still managed to come to Zone Meeting. Families are blessed incredibly from this service. 

Done helping out at a homeless shelter place where they fed a bunch of people. #chefmissionaries

The wife of one of President Killpack's counselors passed away this past week from cancer. It was sad to hear as she's been struggling the whole time we've been out. 

 A couple weeks ago we saw some people moving and they accepted us to help! It took like 30 mins of moving stuff out of moving truck and a few days ago we got to meet who lives there. Her name is Gale! She's so rad and has never been involved with many churches before. Although she was busy and couldn't come to church, she was so energetic with everything and we hope for the best. I love black people. 

One day, a member was with us one day while contacting people. I was driving and we decided to go do a little street contacting. There was a guy walking down the street so we parked and started walking his we come..The Mormon's are coming! The guy was on his way to an interview and gave us his apartment # and told us to come by! TBA...

Loretta was sustained in church yesterday. She is so awesome. I remember while teaching her the past few weeks that we promised her that her husband would notice a difference about her with everything after she was baptized. This past week we taught her the Restoration as part of the new member discussions, and she went on about how her husband is a lot more receptive to the spirit and everything. Although he's not really interested, Loretta says she's noticed a big difference of following the spirit. Loretta has a visiting teaching companion and is involved with activities, so she's good to go :D

One night we did a study with Laeke and Elijah, a couple YSA's looking to getting back into things. They rock and are entertaining to be around. One night we had a really intense talk about life and then they both pondered on getting a blessing.

We try to spend some time with the YSA down here to be involved as we try to get a branch going. One night they played suicide ball...probably the most intense game yet. haha.

Our mission cut 10% of miles, so we walk more! It's sweet. One day since our appointments fell through, we decided to walk to dinner where a member was meeting us. Before we headed out, we made sure we there was 3 copies of the Book of Mormon ready to place. While waking 4 military dudes were walking towards us. YES! They were awesome and it was there first time off post haha. One of them wouldn't really talk to us at all and walked away from us, but the other 3 all accepted the BoM's! "We talked to who God wanted us to talk to." - Elder Simpson. What a coincidence. NOT.

Out walking to meet some members. This is probably the biggest intersection in Sierra Vista. haha. Great stuff. There's somewhere around 46,000ish people here. About 500% to small in my opinion, but all is good. :D

One of our close to progressing investigators name is Ashley. She's a former Jehovah Witness but is seriously one of the most solid investigators I've taught. She reads the BOM and understands it very well, comes to church weekly, and is SO close to accepting a baptism date. AH! In our lesson last night, Elder Simpson and I were talking about the process of becoming ready for baptism and what she's looking for in an answer. It came out as, "Ashely I think what you're waiting for is the feeling that will come from your baptism." It was pretty cool. She could accept a date and be baptized within the same week, it's just a matter of when that happens. Nothing a little fasting and prayer can't handle.

Our Zone this past week did really well with finding! We have the most BD's we've seen yet, but our progressing is lacking. It's only a matter of time before things get going. You have to start somewhere. 

Another companionship in the zone has bed bugs.....the 2nd companionship that will be living with us within 2 months haha. Bed bugs are attacking the mission. If we get them, I will punch a brick.

This morning helping out cleaning out some bed bugs. Wee better not get bed bugs. 

Herr's some scrips. 
Galatians 2:20
Galatians 4:18

Here's a way that Satan uses truth to try and deceive us.
1Nephi16:38 - "STRANGE wilderness" - "he may deceive our eyes"
compared to:
Alma 13:23 - "STRANGE lands" - "highly favored of the Lord"

Well. The church is true folks. In Amos3:7 it talks about God revealing secrets to prophets. Since we are all God's children, God will reveal to us everything we need to know because they are not secrets. I'm so grateful to be serving here. This area has taught me so much about myself, being happy, compromising, and so many other things. The Gospel has blessed my family more than anything and I'm so grateful for that. The church is true. The BOM is too. Jesus suffered for our sins. 

Love you all. I miss so many things. But there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.

I'm getting a haircut today. We're going on the military post for sports today! :D #pdaysports

-Elder Hales

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

[Transfers] Week 56 - It's uncle time YO.

Transfers left? 7. Months left? 11. Holy cow. What in the world. 

John Wayne was here. 

We had a baptism on Saturday!! It was for Loretta Mehaffey and it went very smoothly. The morning of we were talking on the phone and she was saying that her day had been really rough so far, but luckily she still had her sights set on baptism. Apparently Loretta was a missionary for another church once upon a time. I was fortunate enough to baptize her and Elder Simpson confirmed her right after the baptism because of the temple dedication that was on Sunday. When our ward mission leader was about to go up and end the baptism, Loretta said, "Wait! Wait! I need to bare my testimony!" haha she's so rad. Suuper awesome. She had definitely been prepared from the hands above. Her Husband gave her a rough time apparently about the baptism and had hung up on us before and wasn't really receptive at all. But he came to the baptism (in his NEW BMW!) and loved the baptism! He was really happy and at the end he said, "You know, you guys are allright." SWEET. Loretta has been having a rough day today and said, "I knew trials would come after my baptism." It's ridiculous how hard satan HAS to work, because God is ALWAYS working harder. We should start teaching Loretta the new member discussions this week and all is good! She rocks. 

Loretta's baptism! It went AWESOME.

Last Monday night to Tuesday night we had the mission-wide "The Day" in which the focus was on extending as many invitations as possible to everyone about getting referrals. "Do you know of anyone.." Woot. I went into an area for "The Day" where the work has been generally slow for quite a while now. We had to go to Tucson for a doc. appointment too, but on our way back we went straight to teaching. The first was with a guy named Marian who was pretty receptive and also accepted a baptism date after teaching the Restoration! We kept working throughout the day and even went onto the Army-post where no open proselyting is aloud. Meh. Whatev. Our dinner was with a part-member family who were awesome. The dinner was great and we also taught them the Restoration and the non-member husband accepted a date flawlessly! BOOM. It was so cool, because he had been coming to church for a couple months now! It's time for baptism. Elder Wardell and I were able to set two BD's that day. It's a blessing to know that the mindset for an area has a huge effect on the progress. 

Exchange with Elder Wardell. We stopped and helped a guy change his tire...he was slightly drunk and told us not to call the cops...slightly awkward. But some members helped out and he accepted a mom and said he'd go to church. Hope he's alright!

I read an awesome scripture. Good thing I don't get trunky. 1COR9:24: "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain." I want a prize for running. I WANT TO RUN.

Our zone always texts each other using #hashtags haha. It's great. #awesome #pointlessonamission

SV #hashtag

Elder Dayley (past comp.) and Sister Hale (Halestorm!) Bringing back a little Deming flashback at MLC

Mosiah 3:7

This past Friday was our monthly Mission Leader Conference. It was so sweet. My favorite meeting no doubt. 

Two days ago was the temple dedication for the Gilbert temple! The dedication was awesome. They didn't really say much at all about the Tucson temple, other than the fact that it was announced.....ONE DAY!

At the Temple Cultural Celebration Saturday night with Laeke. He's been spending a good amount of time studying with us and going out with us as he is making some good changes in his life. You definitely get attached to so many people on your mission.

CONGRATS TO MY SISTER AND BRO-IN-LAW FOR MAKING ME A FUTURE UNCLE!! I was scared I'd be the first to have like 10 years. So awesome. :]

A package to "Uncle Dallin Hales" from CB....WOOTWOOT!! I looked at it and just thought a random package of random baby crap...but clicked!! So stoked for them! CONGRATS!

Yesterday as part of our annual end of the transfer lunch. We went to a haunted hotel in Bisbee to eat. They let us walk around. It was creepy as. One of the Sisters I overheard saying, "Elder Simpson and Elder Hales are the exact same person!" haha.

Going to miss this kid. Elder Mariluch. He's going to Tucson and is going to KILL it.

This is the Cunningham family that moved up to LAYTON, UTAH yesterday. They are like 10 minutes from my dad's house. Crazy. It was a tiny trailer for all the stuff that was needed.

Today is actually transfers, but Elder Simpson and I are staying for another one. Last night, the Braun and McCue family threw us a party because....we're staying haha. Elder Simpson and I have gotten really close recently because of how similar the things were that we went through growing up. Both of us sort of had some down time last transfer because so many things were brought back. Luckily we're there for support, and our main goal is to be as happy as possible. We're going to reach the BOM in 6 weeks this transfer, so 13 pages a day. Any spare time in the day we have, we'll read it. I felt that I should look for "What makes happiness." I've noticed a difference and am getting back to the way things were. Things are good out here in Sierra Vista!

Elder Simpson's bday! 20!

The song "I'm gonna pop some tags..."just came on in our main office at our apartment....ohh goshhh. 

The joys of eating with a Chilean family.

We also set a goal of no eating out unless with members. Tonight is our meeting with our Stake Presidency about our zone and then tomorrow is our Zone meeting where we'll intro the new zone and train on a few things regarding our areas. 

Sisters...being Sisters haha. Our Sisters rock. Only 1 is getting transferred.

Our zone minus two companionships. Our zone rocks face. Lots of friendships made.

God is Good. The mission rocks. The Gospel blesses lives like no body's business. I love this chance to serve and simply cannot believe how fast time is going by.

Love you all! I have a few letters to write to today. WOOT!

Don't be stupid. Be happy :D

-Elder DJ Hales