Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 47 - Midnight Mass

Christmas is over. It's almost 2014. Where the heck did 2013 go? Honestly. I look back to last year's New Years (PARTY!) and cannot believe that it's been a full year. It's insane. But, if you lose track of time, you must enjoy what you're doing!

Saw this and HAD to take a pic. We might be moving to these apartments.


At our full mission conference on 12/24, President was talking about wanting to give us gifts....and then he put a picture of Elder Holland, the boss that he is, on the projector screen....we just kept thinking about 'when are we getting our ipads?' but then President talked about how Elder Holland is coming to Phoenix, and not Tucson....then he said that, they are booting us up to Phoenix on buses to listen to him speak to all 6 of the AZ missions! HOLY AWESOME. It's going to be pretty crazy to be up in Phoenix, we're STOKED! That week is going to be nuts. Monday - volunteering at food bank with zone. Tuesday - temple trip.Wednesday - Zone Training with President and the AP's. Thursday - Face. Friday - Word. Saturday - PHOENIX. Pretty sweet. Hard to beat that Christmas present...even though all of the other missionaries in AZ will be chillin' on their ipads....
Trying to stay up for midnight mass...we enjoyed a little nativity show put on by some members. MERRY CHRISTMAS

This past week was quite awesome. Pres. allows us to go to a midnight mass Christmas Eve night, so we went with 6 or so other missionaries to a Catholic mass. It was actually pretty sweet regardless of us having no idea what was going on. Felt WEIRD to be out pass curfew. Christmas came and we went to a few members' home to share messages and enjoy spending time with them. Three or four members even bought us stockings and some presents. The members here are so awesome, and it's quite a privilege to serve with them.

Opening up a few presents from the Braun family. Coolest family ever. We skyped at their house the next day!

Christmas morning!

"Things are starting to come together." - Elder Smith
"I haven't felt like this for a while. The Lord blessed us today." - Elder Smith
Our zone has been on a slower level the past couple weeks, but Christmas tends to do that with everyone going out of town and being busy and all that shtuff. There's a lot of potential out here. Our area is starting to pick up as this next week should be a really good week. 

 Elder Alec Hansen! Our dad's work together. Even though he went to Davis High....he's a stud. He was one of our AP's for a while. Stud yo.

Sister Dente was in my MTC district and this was the FIRST time seeing her on our mission. haha.


Skyping home:
Me: "Have I changed much?"
Family: "Not really, but you seem more spiritually mature." (whaddup)
Ben: "Still seem like a total tard to me!"
Take it how you will.
About 4 days ago, I swear I got bronchitis or something. I've felt like crap and could barely talk. Yesterday wasn't much better, but we went to Ward Council, taught mission prep, and then Elder Smith and I spoke in Sacrament. My topic was "Relying on the Savior in member missionary work." Good stuff. It's crazy how much easier it is to get up and speak in front of people. It was hard to keep it at 10 mins! I felt this sickness was just a test of crazy as that may sound. But it helped me push along without taking time off to rest. The Lord is pushing us everywhere.
Update on the work out in our area:
We're working with a few people/families and should have even more this week too.
Melissa and Lilliana had a baptism date, but haven't been able to get ahold of them...which sucks. So their date dropped for now.
Jen and Jeff are people they were working with a month or so before I got out here. They are awesome people, but are just conflicted on things because of the lack of their luther-family support. Jeff feels like he's hit a block but wants to pursue further. One of the lessons we watched the good ol Restoration video and related Joseph Smith's experience to his in finding the truth. The next lesson was on 'fasting' and he really liked that. He said, "The message was strong today" in one of his prayers. To be continued yo...
DaVictor, his G, and her sister we've taught once and it went well and almost extended a BD, but time ran out. Bleh. Their landlord had "dream" that we were a cult and were going to do awful things to them or we'll be teaching them in another house :]
Lanney is a member who has a crappy situation with her ex, and then Aaron is the father of some of their kids who is awesome. A few days ago, he was smoking outside so we talked to him and intro'd the BoM. The next day they said they had read it and talked about it. YES! To be continued as well yo!..
Last night, we met with a member named Jacob who has been through a few sets of missionaries and has quite a few concerns. The concerns were on somewhat of an agnostic point of view, so he hoped there is a God, but can't understand why our church is heavily weighed on 'personal reveleation' along with a question of why we weren't given the knowledge that God has, or the knowledge we had in the pre-earth life. It was a cool lesson with no contention, so the spirit led Elder Smith and I as we bounced back and forth, testified, and taught doctrine of the Plan of Salvation. We talked about how Satan's plan was based upon having all the knowledge they could and skipping the earth phase where 'progression' would take place. Then we talked about how now is a temporary loss of the knowledge, and if we have room to learn, grow, and progress, there's more happiness that awaits us in the post-earth life when we attain all of that (full) knowledge back. Pretty cool. Got to love those lessons.
Well crap. Time's almost up.

Thank you to everyone who sent me something for Christmas. Wow. After not really expecting anything at all, it was a blessing to have some things on Christmas!

Today we're going bowling with some members, the Whitney's! One of the COOLEST families around.

Although the Zone had a rougher week, it just means more room for progress to show the Lord what SV is capable of! Time to do lots of blitz', exchanges, and all that good stuff to see what's in store.

Thank you for all of the prayers. They are definitely felt!
Love your faces.
-Elder DJ Hales

Tuesday, December 24, 2013



We got approval to email at a member's home since places were closed today...since it's 2 days before Christmas...??

Well holy crap. It's insane to look back a year ago and see what was going on. Now I look at what's going on now and what has changed. It is crazy to see what has changed. It's pretty awesome. What an awesome opportunity to serve yo.

So to start out this past week, we taught seminary a couple days for like 20 mins. or so. We are having an event on Jan. 16 for everyone to invite people to bring their non-member friends with questions and what not. 1Nephi8:10-12 and Alma 29:10 is what was shared and focused on. Good stuff.

Teaching seminary!

So tomorrow our mission is having a FULL mission conference for all of the missionaries here. It should be SWEET! White elephant, tie exchanges, lots of cool things shared and it'll be good to see all of the mission buds. Sis. Killpack called and asked me to share the miracle of "Dave" - a recent convert who passed away 3 days after. So it should be a cool time to share miracles with all of the missionaries. Woot! We'll also be opening up any packages sent within the past week since they've been holding mail. Elder Smith and I bought the zone some little presents per companionship. It'll be fun to go back to Tucson!

Our so called "Aeropostale" photo shoot yo. haha

Other Christmas plans? President Killpack let's us go to a midnight mass! So sweet! The only day we can. So that should be pretty awesome. We'll be very tired haha. Meh.

On Wednesday we went down to a District Meeting down in the town of Bisbee. It's known to have a lot of 'homos'? But it's a really historic town so on our way back we took a few pics. The District meeting went well. Bisbee is a tiny town! There's not a whole lot there. I find myself often reflecting back to Deming, one of the most HUMBLING experiences in my life. Pres. said there's potential in this area, and no matter where you serve, there's people waiting!

Our quick visit to Bisbee. It seems like a place where there would be a lot of high people. Pretty cool place though.

Sooo....we got bashed pretty hard this past Wednesday as well. We met an investigator at the library who wasn't interested at all in the BoM or what WE believe, but wanted to talk about God, which is chill. Very different beliefs, especially with the Godhead. Then another random dude came up and asked if he could 'sit in'. Sweet! We thought we'd be getting a lesson with two investigators.....but the new guy had a different thought haha. He is a 'free mason' which are pretty sweet people! He has researched the Mormon faith down to the CORE. It was weird. The time while he unleashed his issues withus and what we believe, I kept saying a prayer in my heart that we would be able to answer his 'anti' questions. Something that really got us somewhat frustrated, was the fact that he knows everything we do in the temple. Literally. We did not elaborate off of the temple stuff, because we've never talked to someone talk about the temple so much in freakin' detail! It was really weird. Afterwards, I tried to remember something I here's a little paraphrasing :D :

"This book (BoM) has been attacked more than any other book. Out of all the people we come across, one of their biggest problems with it is the architectural and physical evidence, or lack of where everything took place. We can't prove you that, but if that's people's main concern, the Book of Mormon is doing a pretty good job considering people often don't have a problem with what's being taught in the Book of Mormon."

So that's a little bit of what the lesson was based on. It's SO easy to just unleash yourself on someone and try to prove them wrong. But we both felt the spirit in this one, and it wasn't about proving him wrong as much as it was testifying and proving what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doctrine is. Meh. Stupid satan. This man was really confused, and then after we stayed too long already, he told us we were wicked people because we had to go. Ever since we encountered Jehovah Witness missionaries and talked back and forth for like 30 mins. with my comp. Elder Dayley about the differences of our beliefs. Ever since then, I've learned to rely on my testimony and it feels more solid. I felt horrible after talking to those JW missionaries, and have definitely learned since.

While visiting a potential, oh look, a voodoo doll. Rather creepy.

After talking with some buds serving missions, apparently they are using their OWN account for Facebook. CRAZY. Soooo I'll be on FB in the oncoming future. That's going to explode my entire universe. We'll see what the restrictions will be.

Well holy cow, I can't believe it's Christmas. AND THERE'S NO SNOW! It's really weird...but really nice :D My comp. hates it haha since he's from Spokane.

Taking pics. for our awesome Christmas card.

 Chillin' and lookin' over our zone. SNOW in the mountains! Never thought we'd see that..

Not your everyday Santa Claus. heheh.

-You should never hold one's level to another, but you sure can help raise it!
-Sometimes, you're scared of your potential.
-The more you serve others, the more you understand God.

A year ago I was a's really changed. In a year from now, I'll be wrapping up my mission....tard style.

We got over and play for a few mins. with a member's kids to help her out. They are some entertaining kids!

Just want to especially thank everyone for the cards, and gifts. Even people I haven't met before, it is so awesome to have support from people back home. I love you all. Have a Merry Christmas.

Took this today at PDAY sports haha. Suuuper creepy.

The mission is flying by yo!
Luke Chapter 2

The members we're at right now are sword fighting with wrapping papers things. haha awesome. Awesome members down here.
Time's up!

Nos Vemos!
-Elder Dallin Hales

Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 45 - I'm grateful for this Christmas season.

Chillin' and waiting for calls last night.

Elder Smith: "What did the farmer say when he lost its tractor?
Elder Me: "No idea. What?"
Elder Smith: "...where's my tractor?"
hahahah. Stupid jokes.

Elder Smith chasing a crazy member's kid. hahah he's awesome.

Well here we are chillin' in a small town college campus here in Sierra Vista. I think there's slightly over 20,000 people here? Rough guess. I felt a bit of weight on my shoulders coming into the area, but this past week reaaally helped out and it's awesome to be out here.
We are trying to get a YSA branch formed down here, since there's enough YSA aged people. Tomorrow and Wednesday (before D-meet in Douglas) we're going to Seminary where one of our members are teaching. Hopefully something good will happen. Nothing a little fasting and praying can't handle.

Let's start off by going over our baptism we had on Thursday! It was for a 9 year old whose name is Jeffrey. They set a date with him the day before I got here, so it was sudden and was fun to jump into it. The baptism went well and he was confirmed right then and there. His baptism was the 2nd time I've met with him...but it went well and had a really good turn out. YES!

Jeffrey's baptism! It went smoothly and had no problems. 

I've learned that life isn't necessarily about being COMFORTABLE, but it's more focused on being COMFORTABLE with CHANGE. If you sit in your comfort zone, it's hard to learn since we learn by experience. But if we get thrown out of it (like being transferred) it teaches you more than staying in the same area for two years straight. Just a thought. 
Elder Smith had the mindset of getting a real Christmas tree this nonetheless, we have one! :D YES! We had just a few minutes to spare, so we quickly went and skimmed over a few trees, and then went up to the front where the display tree was bigger, nicer, and cheaper ($20) than any others. So what happened is, the worker bought us the little bow on top of the tree, and then while we were splitting it up between us, the same worker threw down $10 and said, "Merry Christmas!" and walked off. AWESOME. So we have a real 6-7' tree in our kitchen. 

Our Christmas tree. :D

From one of my buds who went home this past Wednesday (What's up Elder Banner!) gave me this tie. LANCER FOR LIFE.

One of our finding ideas was tracting down houses with Christmas lights to tell them how we like their decorations and then make the transition to talking about Christmas resembling Christ and how we invite people to "come unto Christ." We picked up a couple potentials and will be seeing them this Tuesday. We had two Priests with us then, so we're glad they got to experience some of it.
They've been working with a couple investigators for a couple months now named Jen and Jeff. We have ALMOST gotten them to come to a couple activities, but things have gotten in the way. Bleh. Satan is not a stupid man and knows how to pull some strings. I think it was a picture I saw that showed two guys. One was a very evil man and only had 1 of Satan's workers with him trying to tempt him. The other man was righteous and had 10 or 12 of Satan's workers on him trying to tempt him to do evil. It's such a blessing that the Gospel (which freakin' rocks this world - literally.hah.) can overpower any of that. It's sad how the world isn't quite realizing what Christmas is about. Bleh. Whatevs. Just more stuff to work with! :D
Being a ZL now puts me where we deal with more things. So it may come down on our shoulders and what not. We had an incident with some missionaries this past week which some guy really over-reacted, but all was good after a call to President Killpack. More errands, calls, and lots of other things. It's a blessing to be more involved with the work out here which I love. It rocks. Even though sleep is as important anymore haha.
If I have your address, you'll probably be getting a Christmas card we're making today....keep your mail boxes ready..
After serving in Deming, I've learned that there is potential no matter where you serve. The harder the area, the more we must rely on the good man above to deliver. Plus the members out here and are SO awesome which truly has a huge impact on the work.
Our Sunday's are quite busy, and will get more busy next year. We teach mission prep. every Sunday morning before 9 o'clock church, then have meetings, scheduled appointments, and then calls later that night. It's pretty insane that if you stay busy how fast time flies. DANG. 

Yesterday we talked with some members who wanted us to come and see a friend of theirs. SICK. We went over and her friend didn't really know what was going on, but has been interested in the Mormon religion. We went over there amongst the chaotic ness of the little kids and were able to teach the Restoration which went well considering the conditions. The spirit was there. At the end, the prompting was there to invite her to be baptized, but the kids started talking and what not. Elder Smith turned to me and said, "Go for it and I'll follow." Alright! I started talking and then was able to invite her, and with no questions asked, she said "yes!" After that her apparently 11 year old daughter asked "Can I be baptized too??" hhooooold up there. Yes. It was awesome. We have appointments with them and will be teaching them both. It was a good week this past week, and it was all from God blessing us in our efforts. Hopefully we can keep it going out here.
A member gave to us to give to other missionaries as a referral. He had a lot of fun preparing this. haha. 

Well, time is almost up. I'm grateful for this Christmas season. Although it's quite weird to be somewhere where it's 60+ degrees and almost Christmas time (which is AWESOME) it's an incredible opportunity to help people improve the quality of their life by letting the Gospel do its thing. These scriptures have stood out this past week. D&C57:10 and Luke 1:79. There's so much darkness out there, it's stupid. But God loves all of His children, regardless if we feel that we deserve it or not. I love this Gospel so much! I miss a lot of people at home, but there's absolutely nothing better than serving.

I love you all.
Can't wait to Skype home!! :D (sorry friends)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[Transfers] Week 44 - Sierra Vista!

Yup. I got transferred.

Right after getting transfer calls. CRAZY.

Our District! One of the sickest district's out there. Going to miss them! The only tri-lingual district out there. Woot. Exchanges were fun :]

The past week in East Tucson has been awesome. (I've been told I say that a lot haha). It started out by doing a mission wide "the Day" which we focus on 1 thing to try and improve on the mission. This past one was "Finding and talking with everyone" and guess who I went on an exchange with? Elder Allred, one of my comp's in Deming. He's doing a lot better with things and seems more happy. Their area is really rough as it's the 'high class' of people out here and has a ton of rich homes with gates, guards, and security. We had faith! Suck it Satan. We planned and literally talked with EVERY single person we passed or saw. It was sweet. There's really only two places to street contact in their area, so we hit up those two places. After a lot of that, we decided on former investigators and while we finally found the GPS, headed over to one of the formers. On the way, there was a car that had it's flashing lights. Since we knew so much about cars. . . . . we decided to stop and see if they need help. In the end, we taught two of them about the BoM and got them an appointment with them. It was awesome. Then got appointments with two other people. Ah yeah. Was a good day. 

I am still called Eminem by random people.

The Sisters attacked we just put both of their bikes in the tree :]


Another DL in the zone Elder Natane. This kid is a STUD...and he's poly.

Check out It was put up by a member in our home to try and get some experiences shared!

 Elder/Brother Romero! This guy is a champ. His son is in our mission and is a stud. This man has been through more than I've ever heard, and still is active and relies on the Lord to deliver. 

Elder Roney - one of the funniest guys out there.

Elder Simpson - this Elder has been a good inspiration and he's been my ZL the whole time I've been in East. 

One night we had appointments fall through, then had a prompting to visit this less-active family who's been struggling with disabilities. We went there with a member, and the dad was in really rough shape and asked for a blessing since he could hardly breathe. Our member ended up taking him to the hospital that night and I've heard that he's back and doing alright. Only 12% of his heart works, and yet he's still pushing through. Going to miss that family.

Right before teaching "Liz"

The 'finding' for this past week was awesome. The power of diligence and fasting work! It was really cool to see the correlation between everyone in the district and their numbers throughout the transfer. Most struggled at the first, but this last week was the best by far. We found 5 new invests. Every single one them was in a position that needs help.
-Molested and raped many times.
-Mentally challenged
-legally blind
-caught up in conspiracy's
-been involved with the ' human traffic' area, as they felt no where else to go.

There's so many people out there that need help. It is our DUTY to find them.

One of the new investigators has been through flat out hell. Her whole life has been revolved around 'human trafficing' and she struggles to know that God is there and loves her. She had very little to no knowledge about God, Christ, and the bible. So it was a starting from scratch kind of lesson. The lesson went well, and it's a comfort to know that this Gospel helps anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter what one may involved with, the blessings don't change.
The Barringers! He was the HPGL and was a HUGE support for us. Going to miss them dearly.

The Pinegar's! Another family that really really helped us out. Gooood times with them.

Sis. Sanchez! She use to be in my district, and she got sent out to a YSA ward.

In case you haven't guessed, I am no longer in East Tucson! I'm not even in Tucson. I am out in Sierra Vista! I was asked to be Zone Leader out here as well, so it's me and my new comp. Elder Smith who's probably one of the funniest Elders out there. He goes home in 3 transfers so things should be good! If you see a map of the Sierra Vista Zone, it cover much of the bottom part of AZ clear down to the border. 

Saying bye to Elder Hall to Elder Hall. This transfer has been awesome. 

Being here is a's very spread out. Buuut, we have a car! :D First time I've been in a full car area. President expressed some hopes for the area, and it's a blessing to feel his trust and the Lord's trust. This area should be good. It's been 10 months already, and I feel that the Lord can teach me more things in 'leadership positions'....probably because I'm stubborn. The Lord knows each of us. 

These members live in the same complex across from us. We always joke about staring at each other through the windows haha. John was baptized earlier this year and Melissa has been a member. They are working on going to the temple and are some of the coolest members out there!

 (10:25pm) *Knock Knock* - "what the?" It was John and Melissa! They brought me my Christmas present that night. They are so awesome.

I wrote down some things I've learned while serving in East Tucson:

1)The more patience you have for yourself, the more you realize what others are going through and your patience for them increases. (Romans 8:24-25)
2)Obedience simply brings revelation and inspiration. If Christ wasn't obedient, the Atonement would not have been fulfilled and there would be no point in living.
3)The Lord knows and calls you for who you are and not who you're trying to be, or act like.
4)God knows our exact situation and realizes our limitations.
5)Trials shape us for who God wants us to be.
6)Every answer to our prayers is a reflection of God's love.
7)At your weak points is when you have great counsel and advice.
8) There is 'wrong' in what's 'right', but there's no fault in truth.

Well, I really don't know anything about where I'm serving, other than it's big and a lot of change coming. Excited to be able to take this step forward and focus on what improvements should be made, within myself, and the work. 


I love you all. Mail should come later this week :] I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BEEN OVER 10 MONTHS.

The church is true and can bless anyone regardless what they're going through. 

Peace out.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 43 - The Lord leads us...even if it's to Walmart.

These weeks are flying by. Every week I seem to start out with some lame greeting and talking about how fast the mish is flying by. But seriously. Let's be honest. Week 6 of transfer? Begin.
Riding no hands. Taking pictures. What's up.

Last week started out by contacting a referral (one of the few) that we got. We went to the address and found was a gym. SWEET. The place is called 'Evolution Fitness' and the referral was for a guy named Danny who is the manager/owner/founder. He's sick. The place reminded me of Crossfit and I asked him if there was much relation, he said: "Yeah, but we don't like to kill ourselves." haha awesome. Elder Hall introduced the BoM to him quickly and we hope to see him this Friday. He wanted to know more so a member referred him to us. SICK. Free week trial anyone?
"Evolution Fitness" where we met a potential. He rocks and this place made me want to workout.

The blessings from Priesthood blessings continue. A member received a job offer just a few days after giving him a blessing and he's been looking since June or so. The Lord knows our Faith, and directs us accordingly.

Elder Hall and I made a video of us teaching 'the 10 commandments' and it's quite entertaining. Hope to get it home soon! Awesome.
Played some kickball with some members for a short while before teaching John and Laura. Two thanksgiving meals within 2 hours! O_o Awesome.

Awesome is a missionary's favorite word. 

There's this family where one of them came and talked to us on the street and invited us over. Their names are Mike, Danny, and Mathew. Probably one of THE most humbling families I have met on my mission. They just got done being homeless for a MONTH but luckily the VA is taking enough care of them now. Mike only has 12% of his heart working, Danny is a diabetic who has averaged 300+ blood sugar recently, Mathew is now almost 2 years clean, and yet they are one of the happiest families. They are the people that will give anything to help anyone. Although it sucks to see themselves weak and limited, the Gospel has the same effect on them as it can on anyone else. They've been through the temple so their knowledge is good, but it's been a while since they've been. We shared a message with them regarding 'gratitude' for Thanksgiving. D&C78:17-19 and ended with Mosiah7:33. Such a humbling experience. Money sucks, but at least we have it. Trials suck, but at least we grow. Disability's are rough, but at least Heavenly Father knows. There's so many things we can be grateful for, and it's a humbling experience being on a mission. It doesn't matter what you have, the Gospel can bring happiness to anyone who opens their heart, no matter the circumstance.

The Gonzalez family. They have been going through a lot with CPS, but find such joy in the Gospel....along with 10 minute Foosball games. :D

This is at our 'Ward Correlation Meeting' with Bro. and "Mamma Moore!" They are seriously awesome. Bro. Moore is our awesome Ward Mission Leader and is ALWAYS working on mission stuff. He's a stud.

While going away from that family, we passed a man who was OUT at a bus stop. We talked to response....we moved his response....but his stomach was moving, so he WAS breathing thankfully. Then we looked over at the sirens coming our way, and firetruck came and woke him up hahah. While the firetruck was pulling up, they yelled over the intercom, "Wake up!!" and then "....What's up Elder?!" haha it was awesome. Got to love when people recognize you. He woke up. He was just stupendously wasted. Welcome to the streets of Tucson.
The drunk man.

A few weeks ago we ran into a man who I had just interviewed for his baptism. Apparently he was having a rough day and was having some 'temptation'. He said he saw us there, so things went back to normal. The Lord leads us....even if it's to Walmart (unfortunately). 

So here's for a very creepy experience I won't go into much detail for the sake of crappy feelings. While I was on an exchange on Saturday with Elder Jorge in his (Spanish) area, Elder Hall and Elder Roney were in our area. While talking to some potential investigators, a man yelled out, "Mormons??" and then waved them inside as he went inside. Elder Hall and Roney went inside and started talking with the two people about their life and what missionaries do. The man started to talk about how he feels Satan has really helped him out....and a lot of other things. Then all of a sudden, he seemed to be possessed and said, "Help me...." Suuuuuper creepy! Holy crap. Bad feelings crept in. So Elder Roney and Hall bowed their head and said a prayer using the Savior to bless the house. They committed them to come to church and then they were out of there. Unfortunately he didn't answer so I haven't met them, but feel that offering a blessing is something we can do, if prompted. Wow. The things that go on in this world are insane. Luckily our Savior's authority is here.
This is our "biker gang" - the Pima Ward missionaries

Bleh. Okay. Haha.So yesterday in Church, a recent convert who got baptized in Utah recently was getting confirmed in our ward. Awesome. We didn't get a text from the Sister missionaries, which would have helped. They flagged us over to help confirm...and then they let me stand behind her, then everyone bowed their heads and then put a mic. in front of my face.....hmmm....sure, I would love too! So I quickly asked for her full name and then confirmed her a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was awesome and a cool spiritual experience. Valerie is such a solid member. We later taught young men's as well. Sweet.

Well time is about up. Man. Email flies by too. Although investigators may not follow through with commitments, the Gospel is what helps them in every aspect of their life. It is just hard to realize sometimes in this world. I'm grateful for the bible: evidence of the Gospel. I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon: Evidence that the same Gospel has been restored. It's incredible to think that this week I turn 10 months. 

I love you all. No freakin' lie. Next week is transfers, so I may or may not get email time on Tuesday, if not, then Wednesday hopefully. Keep being awesome.

Pitch Perfect was playing at the gym today. Oh man. Dang Satan.haha.

Nos Vemos!
-Elder Dallin Hales