Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 101 - The "K" names are doing us great!!

Well, let's start off with the hot topic of the week. Kelly is still awesome!!! She came to church yesterday and loved it! Her baptism is set for the 24th of Jan. at 2pm. She's stoked as. In our couple lessons we had with her this past week, after she got home, she told us about her visit to a nice family ward in Houston while on her "vacay." She and her brother (non-member) went to church on fast Sunday....but didn't know what fast offerings was, nor why people were walking up to the pulpit (our bad). She went up to the Bishop afterwards where he explained it all...and she paid a large amount in fast offerings and then fasted her next two meals right then!!! hahah Elder Teichert and I couldn't help but laugh a little because of how willing Kelly is. She wants to do only what's best for her in the gospel. Kelly researches everything and already wants to go through the temple to take our her own endowments. We had some great lessons with her. She's one of the most sincere and giving people I've met on my mission, it's been a blessing to work with so many incredible people. The "K" names are doing us great!! 

Kelly, Kayla Ham (invest), and Jose (new invest) all came to church yesterday!! They loved it too! Classes at the UoA start this Wednesday, so the YSA's are coming back!! 

Kayla Beattie, incredible RC, finished Jesus the Christ in a week and half! She had some very deep questions that were great for testing our knowledge :] We might be going to do baptisms for the dead with Kayla this Friday since we'll be at the Gila Valley Temple at that time. Kayla is getting her P-blessing tomorrow!!!!
After a lesson with Kayla Beattie!
On Tuesday, we had a meeting with all of the new missionaries and their trainers. It went super well. Good feedback from the Passey's which we were grateful for. We trained on the Restoration and 1st vision. I've noticed my confidence grow in trainings and lessons. It's huge blessing. 
After an exchange with Elder Jacobs - the only Layton Lancer left! We found two new investigators who are SOLID. Our message of the Restoration went great. We biked in the rain for miles and miles in Tucson. Oh man, I miss biking. Elder Jacobs is a stud.

Yesterday we sat down with our mission President and did a conference call with all the ZL's about meetings with Stake Presidencies! It went great, President definitely knows how to work well with church leaders.

Elder Teichert was sick this past week, and I was sick the week before. It didn't stop any of the work, but man, it kicked our butt!! 

Something I am grateful for is the power of families and the 1st vision. Two of my favorite principles to teach. This past week, a recent convert came up to us and said "Guys, I'm quitting the church. Help me!!" We sat down, bore testimony again and again about God blessing our families when we put it in his hands. The blessings I have been fortunate to see on my mission from the 1st vision, and families (espeically for YSA's) has grown my testimony. I'm so grateful for the my Savior, the Prophet Joseph, and for our families. A good solid combination for happiness. 2Nephi5:28 
We always try to avoid making your companion having to get out and back haha
*45 minutes later after talking with Sister Passey! :]*

Well, it's about time to go. At Zone Meeting this past Wednesday we went to Sahuarita with Elders Obray & Gumundson. Their zone meeting was great! Elder Teichert and I did a brief training on dress and grooming. It was a fun one to train on haha. At the end of the zone meeting, they have "departing testimonies" for those that go home this transfer. I gave mine, which didn't feel real. But I truly know that Joseph saw a pillar of light that led to the Restoration. I'm grateful for my family. The support and love they always have. I love this gospel. 

This week we'll be in Sahuarita tomorrow to go to a lesson with a registered sex offender and see what we think, Wednesday we'll be in the Gila Valley, and Friday is our temple trip. Good week ahead of us. Baptisms on the 24th and 31st! 

Love you all.


-Elder Hales

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